expired Nikon D3300 Lens Kit - $402.39 (AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm F/3.5-5.6g VR II) @ Kogan eBay


Hi all, decent entry level DSLR.
Not as cheap as it's been, but a good price with standard vr ii lens.

Original 20% off deal here;
20% off Sitewide @ Kogan eBay

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    got one and cost $250 after cashback last time


    This is a great entry level Camera. However the kit lens is really crap.
    DXOMark rated it very low regarding sharpness, saying that you only get 7mpix quality photos from a 24mpix camera. (Ive tested it myself and i have to say it is a very poor picture quality lens)
    The Camera is great and works very well.
    I got sick of using the crappy lens and saved up for the Sigma 18-35 f1.8. And WOW, What an amazing boost in picture quality and sharpness.


      With the lens wide open, you can see some heavy light fall-off in the corners and along the frame edges. Stopping down helps, but you can just shoot f/8 and its fine.

      If it weren't for the visible vignetting as well, this lens would be amazing. (Capture users shooting NEF are fine.)

      Entry level. This gear is great for a transition from a point and shoot.
      Leaving everything on auto people will probably get better results.


    Also, Is this a chinese import?
    If so, im not sure if Nikon will offer a chshback ??


      No cash back on non-aussie online stores.

      Unsure where these one's are from, could be anywhere in Asia D: (Probably HK.)

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