This was posted 12 years 1 month 22 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free Glasses and Frame - Pay Shipping $15 - WA - EXPIRED Limit Reached


Today only - April 6th

Western Australia , discover the new and better way to buy eyeglasses. Order glasses online today and get them for $0. No strings attached, lenses are included.

Just use coupon code BLACKSWAN at checkout to redeem your free glasses today.

Check out our selection of designer frames by Gucci, Calvin Klein, Armani, Ltede, starting at only $48 for the entire month. Or, order today and get them absolutely FREE!

Promotion is valid on April 6th only. Offer limited to first 500 pairs of glasses, for Western Australia residents only. Some higher power prescriptions may not qualify for a free pair of lenses. While supplies last. Shipping not included. Limit one per household. Clearly Contacts reserves the right to cancel orders that do not fit these criteria.


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  • Argh!!! Limited to WA residents only… :(

  • last time when it was limited to melbourne i ordered (from sydney)
    i even called them to cancel as i read it was from meloourne only

    i still got the glasses lol

    cheap, included a case, lens cleaner and tool
    and orginal warrenty ( was oakley)

    great deal i must say!

    • i shall try! :)

  • Where do you put the coupon exactly?

  • usually where u place ur address
    on the bottom left

  • sigh .. WA is finally getting us back for all the "Sydney/Melbourne" only deals .. lol :P
    Sounds like a pretty awesome deal

    • Well yeah, but thats because sydney/melbourne have ALREADY had this deal, as has bris. It just goes around the country it seems so if you're not in WA, dont fear im sure there will be one for your state in a few weeks.

  • Waiting for adelaide one next time, might be…

    • Bring it on… give SA a go! :)

  • -1

    anyone knows what happens if you buy lets say, 10 pairs, under this promo? They charged and confirmed it as well! Anyways, I didnt see the "over $149 orders = free shipping" and put them thru individually

  • Is it included sunglasses?

    • +1

      i tried tinting the glasses.. which means i have to top $20.. but still a freaking good deal i think XD

  • only glasses

    also i dont think sydney got it
    but they still sent us the product if we were from sydney and used the brisbane or melbourne coupon lol

    • +1

      I just ordered with a Melbourne address and the coupon still went through. Let's see if i get my glasses…

  • ahhh what if i don't have my prescription?

    • You get it from your optometrist. Ring up and ask for the details u can get it over the phone in 5 mins.

      BUT, be aware that (if this promotion is same as usual) not all scripts will be provided with free lenses. If they are of certain strength you have to pay, i found that my prescription was not supported for free lenses, nonetheless i had the frames delivered with generic 0.00 lenses to my house for $12, which is still a pretty good deal.

      • how do you select 0.00 for all parameters?

        • nvm, just select NONE for the paremeters that don't give you 0.00

      • I was short $4 on my prepaid visa card so I ordered myself some 0.00 lenses too, otherwise I probably would have gotten glasses for my prescription.

  • How is this possible? How can they offer glasses for free?

    • trust me its real i have 2 in my house already. you also can search in this forum to check other 2 threads (melb and qld i think)

      just browse, and buy it. remember, just today.

  • Ok erwinsie I have put my faith in you. I ordered from melbourne though lol, I wonder if it will still work.

  • Just placed an order, came to $14.53 or something

    Great deal!

  • Im getting a "please select all parameters" error. The only one I have blank is the "add" for the left eye, which is blank on the script(right is +.75) Zero is not an option.

    • +1

      Do you have a left eyeball?


    • put it as NONE

      • No option for none or zero

  • Free only applies to the base index lenses. If you require a higher index lens then you will need to pay the upgrade cost.

    The "free" glasses will cost me a minimum of $76 (with the cheapest shipping).

    I bought my last glasses from Zenni for far less than that, with all the extras. I'll stick to getting them there.

    • ??? did you put the promo code ? it will make you pay ONLY the shipping (around AUD 14-17) depends how much is the glasses

      • Nah I found out the code only works for certain a certain range of prescriptions, luckily i fitted into this range.

        You could still get +0 lenses and just get a free frame to use later. Up to you.

        • Gah! SCUMBAGS! I posted this info way up there ^^ ! Read the bloody comments !! feels unappreciated

          • @Iggsy81: You said "certain strength". It appeared to be any strength over base (1.5), so I added the comment.

            And why get empty frames? It will end up costing more to get them filled locally than just buying a full set online.

            • @cheapsk8: Yes unless u get the frames and keep them until such a time as you actually lose/damage your current ones and need a new pair, which is my plan. Im a student so every dollar counts!

          • @Iggsy81: Calm down, I was re-posting your comment basically. I didn't mean to plagiarize, make you feel unappreciated or be a scumbag. When I said "nah i found out" that was thanks to you so your comment was very appreciated =D!

  • coupon code has reached its usage limit

  • After spending 10 minutes looking for the frame I wanted, the coupon has reached its limit :(

  • For those who managed to order, remember that you're entitled to one exchange. So if you receive it and it doesn't fit, call them to arrange an exchange and they'll oblige. You just have to pay for the postage for the old order to be sent back to Sydney.

    If you've put in a wrong prescription just to get in quick, then call them to get them to hold the order. Just ring them back as soon as you know the correct prescription.

  • Hi guys,
    Can anyone plz give me a good and reliable place to buy glasses.. I have been struggling a lot on this. I would appreciate if you can send me the links as well.
    Glasses are soo expensive in Australia, stores almost ripp us off…

  • Placed an order about 1 hour ago, hope they send to Melb. Thanks rewstar

  • damn missed it! :( i hope they come out with a really good contact lens one like they did just before christmas……am running low…..reps pls read this! :)

  • the voucher has been used up.. sorry for the latecomers :)

  • coupon has expired

  • aww too bad for the people who missed out, i ordered an Armani one for $12, hope i get it soon

  • invalid orders have been cancelled…

  • WA only!!! argh!!

    • yes but i think the last one was vic and i got a free pair shipped to NSW so this probably would have worked

      • Obviously this time they cancelled all invalid orders. You can check ur order with the order track function. My one was cancelled.

  • I live in VIC, bought two pairs, and just checked on my order after reading the comments.. They cancelled the more expensive Gucci ones (figures) and sent the cheaper Vera Wang one.

    I was hoping they would send both on account for my paying for high-index lenses! But not complaining, $75 for Vera Wang glasses are still awesome :)

  • love price 3 pairs gone through for an order ALL prescriptions were wrong (3 different pairs and strengths - same prescription) still trying to sort out

  • Bought one pair and it's been shipped out yesterday. Waiting now. Coupon ok, worked fine in NSW.

    • how come yours didnt get cancelled ?????

      • Mine was shipped out yesterday, I'm in NSW.
        Sounds like you got shafted man.

      • Lol, how many glasses does one need? I think I remember reading your comments in the other promotions. So perhaps they cancelled it cos you've made several orders?

  • mine has beencancelled (im in NSW)

    • Perhaps they gave preference to those who haven't used the offer before and those in WA.

      My order isn't cancelled but it hasn't arrive yet sadly (from VIC)

  • It's more than a week since shipped and not received yet.

  • +1

    Received it today! :)

  • I'm still waiting…called up cust serv and they said transition lenses take longer to make, plus they had to wait for delivery on them… not getting it till end of the month :( URGH.

    • It's not that bad. At least they aren't lost in the mail.

  • I received my glasses today, haven't even paid yet! Definately worth $15

    • What the, how does that work? I've paid but no glasses yet :(

      • don't know, was an option when i bought, so i picked that… still haven't paid.. waiting for a reminder of some sort! you got your glasses yet?

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