Best/Cheapest Place for Passport Photos

Hi, I'm in the process of renewing my passport and would like to know what the cheapest place to get a passport photo taken is.

I am unwilling to do it myself as I don't want the risk of having wasted my time if it gets rejected.

I understand Australia Post post offices will do it for around $17.

Anyone know any good alternatives? Thanks!


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    If you don't want to do it yourself, I think most place do it for around the same price, so you might save a few dollars for a lot of work trying to hunt down a place that is cheaper.

    You should really give this a go.

    I found it to be really good as they have gridlines and other information help you make sure your photo is compliant. After you upload a photo, you can move or enlarge/shrink your head to fit in the passport photo guidelines.

    Head down to a photo printing station at BigW/Kmart/Target and get your passport photos done for $0.20?

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      I used this site too (or one like it) along with 20c prints at officeworks.
      I have heard of Aus Post rejecting pics from chemists, camera shops etc. so the the only way to be sure is to get them to do it for the exorbitant cost.

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        Yea.. can't take credit for this. Someone else posted this site when I asked the same question in OzB forums trying to take passport photos. :)

        The things you learn in the forums.. Lol. Also, I get my keys cut at Bunnings now after another tip in the forums.

      • Yes idphoto4you works really well, step by step is really clear in this video

    • Thank you! I might try it myself after all!

    • This DIY option is great, I've used a similar one numerous times.

      It's especially good if you're travelling to places that use different passport photo sizes (for visa or other purposes), you can cheaply take extra copies with you.

      Plus, if you can use photoshop, make the background of your photo white to make it more accepted internationally.

    • I need to print photo 2x2 inches (2 copies) and i can see above website has that format. I am not sure what to select in print size though, I've not used digital printing services at the retailer. Can you pls advise how should i go about this. I can use the above website to create the photo….and then how do i print this at officeworks for example….will they have 2x2 specific size or I'll have to use 6x4 standard size…if 6x4 how will it fit…


      • I think you can select 2x2 in photo size, then select 4x6 as the print size. I think the website will just generate multiple copies of the same 2x2 photo onto a 4x6 print.

        If you are printing passport photos, it is best to select the country, as they also have other biometric mask over your photo to help you make sure your photo is compliant.

        • thanks. The way I understand this website will produce me the .jpg file for me to print @ retail centre. I don't have printer at home.

          What i am trying to understand is once i create the photo as per right standards and produce the .jpg file…i'll take it to retail center but will they have option for me to print it in right size….if I take 2x2 photo on 6x4 print will it work….

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    If you have costco membership, I can recommend them. They let you see the picture to see if it's any good/you like it, unlike Aus Post that just takes the one photo.

    • Australia post lets you see the photo?

      • No, they don't. They just take the photo and give you the print out. At costco, they show you the digital image and only print the one you like.

        • Better do it by yourself if you have money and the quality control is yours..check this video to do it from editing till ready to print

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    Australia Post tried to reject my daughter's passport photo. Where was it taken? Australia Post. Said nothing after they were told that.

    • This happened to a friend! She was in the Bourke St store, got the photo taken at one counter and walked to the other side for the interview - was with her to verify the pic. The guy doing the passport interview wouldn't accept it! So she went back to the first counter to get another photo taken, then they wanted to charge her! Idiots.

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    • Yep, Officeworks were good. They showed me the photo, it was yuck, so we did it again. They were good even though passport photos suck these days since you have to look so gloomy. Surprisingly enough, the best (ie. the most flattering) passport photo I ever got was at Kmart, but they don't do them anymore apparently.

  • I got my photo done at officeworks. It took about 5 mins to que, photo and print. Cost $15. It comes with a second 6x4 print to show the photo meets all the required parameters. Don't worry too much about the photo cost, passports themselves are a far greater cost ($254)

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    RE getting Australia Post's photo - for a couple of dollars more they'll email you a digital copy of the photo.

  • just got mine done at officworks $14.95 for 4 little pics. She didn't show me the pic but took a couple as the first few had bad lighting. They always end up looking ugly anyway :(

  • /gif passport photos

  • I took one myself, uploaded it onto a website to get it cut to passport size, then printed it off at officeworks for 10cents on the kodak machines.

  • I'm applying for Australian passports for myself and daughter soon I had photos taken recently well just over 6 months ago. Which I only needed the one photo for myself and daughter.
    So have 5 each left daughter's one expired 1 month ago and mine 2 months ago.
    I had planned on using these for passport but I'm hearing as more than 6 months it's an issue?

    How do they know how old photos are as you cut them up for application anyway.
    I was told you sign a declaration to say they are less than 6 months old and need to prove how old they are.
    Personally did not really want to spend another 2 x $16.95 for these whenvi have 5 photos each of us already.
    Anyone had issues with this before or used photos just over 6 months old?

  • This is an old thread but I stumbled on it via search and can report back that I
    - took the photos with my basic DLSR,
    - cropped them using linked to by @geek001, then
    - printed them at office works for 10c, and
    - it was accepted by Australia Post no probe.


    It's not rocket science. And its only saving about $15. But most of us have the technology to do this without having to resort to paying Australia Post to do it for us. And it feels kind of good to be resourceful enough to do it yourself.

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      I need to get passport photos done for 3 children and husband - when its a difference between roughly $1 worth of photo printing, and $60 worth (assuming they are $15 each).. it makes a difference! That is $59 more spending money for the trip!

    • How did you get white background in photo (unless the wall behind was white)?

      • Check this video for changing the background color and for creating a ready to print photo. It only cost 30 cents to print at officeworks.

  • How old can your photos be? I renewed my firearms license back in January and got the other 3 photos back from the post office. Hoping I can just use those ones.

    • I did this, even to the extent that my original photos were for my firearms license too! I think mine were about 18-24 months old and I used them for my passport renewal, no problem. I don't change my appearance, and I had my hair tied back in my photo, so I look exactly the same.. No-one asked any questions on the age of the photo.

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    Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to the people mentioning that idphoto4you website - you saved me money! Needed to do photos for my daughter's companion card, and that website was perfect for what I needed.

  • Anyone did this recently? Got a call from immigration office says the photo has horizontal lines across, cant be used. It was home taken then print from officeworks.

    • Did it have horizontal lines across?
      If you print it yourself, you still need to meet the pretty exacting requirements.

      • i cant tell..but thats what the office said. I have to resend the photo. I wonder if I go officeworks and print it again would it have the same problem…

        • I did by using this video, and I got my chinese visa granted 2 weeks ago..editing photo for 3 of us really save money..instead of paying $60, I only pay 30cents for printing 😃.

  • hi..
    can someone tell me what do I ask when I go to officeworks for printing passport photos after editing in the website

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