No more Hungry Jacks vouchers

Vouchers are no longer available at which is a shame because there are some fairly good deals there in light of the normal prices at Hungry Jacks. The application normally doesn't give out any decent prizes, either. I have looked into the code of the app (which is in plain text) and basically there are very few decent prizes.

Any thoughts? Is this the end for OzBargainers and HJ?

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  • I think the last lot expired on 28th March, that's why there's none on the website at the moment.

    They come and go, there isn't always vouchers on offer from the HJ's site but you might be able to find deals elsewhere such as shop-a-docket etc.

  • The HJs in hurstville shut down, too bad I remember when it first opened in the 90s…

    • Really? Dang… end of an era.

      • Yeah sad to see it go, it closed maybe 2 weeks ago

  • Hmm interesting. If they're going to stop offering financial incentives to go there then I'll just stick with Macca's. Next to go will be the Stunner deals (or they'll get a decent price increase)

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    they also put a public holiday surcharge.

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      WTF really?

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        Yeah, till 4am the next day even

        • Thanks, I didn't know about the PH surcharge.

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      Yeah 10%. Turns customers away like the plague! I hate putting it through the till too!

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        What's the go with this? The day I discovered it, they had the sign at the window you collect food, not the menu board.

        As far as 10% goes, it's a small amount in my mind, so not too fussed. But annoyed they hid it till I got till the window. Does it sound like this store was doing a dodgy?

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          Yeah dodgy. You can't just add on 10% without letting you know it's there.
          We have ours on the speaker box and then again at the till window. Inside we have it at the front door x2 and at the till.

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          @Food: yep. What I thought. As I said, if they had it upfront, like your store, I wouldn't give two hoots about an extra 60c

        • @tomsco: I can see the point of the surcharge (we get a crap load extra pay on phs) but it turns so many people away. The amount of money they make really would outweigh the benefits of more customers.

  • Hungry Jack's store rep said that new vouchers will be out April 5

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      I like how there's almost a panic that HJ's are doing away with vouchers… that's the ozbb lyfe.

      • I was starting to panic about 30 minutes before this thread was created, I have a meeting in the city at 12:30pm today and was planning on getting some HJ's on the way for lunch, at least now I can probably settle for 2 Whopper Jnr's for $2.95 each, better than nothing :)

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          to be fair, they got rid of 2 for tuesdays which is really shit and the only value on the coupons in the $10-$12 combo meal where you're feeding two people or one ozbargainer…

        • @tonyjzx: The vouchers had two whoopers any time. Also think its better to eat without chips + drink if you visit regularly.

        • @tonyjzx: We have 1000000000s of people asking for the twosdays. No clue why they ended it, it's a shame as it would be a huge money maker for them!

    • Please be advised latest voucher deals scheduled for 5th April-16th May

      Chicken Crunch $2.95
      2 x Tendercrisp for $7.95

      No clue when they're out. They're on registers right now though. National except WA.

      • Have they changed the Tenderscrip chicken patty?

        It now taste so flat and like the normal chicken burger.

        • Dunno mate, I've never had one and don't work out the back!

        • @Food: Wow never! It used to be really good, I really feel they have changed it to a cheaper version now.

        • @Food: Hey man, any idea why they changed the fries?

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          @hotdog85: Quote "To ensure our customers are getting the highest quality product" lol.
          I'm torn on them tbh. I liked both varieties of fries.
          EDIT: You're not Mr H. Jack or R. McDonald are you? First comment for you :p

        • @Food: Thank you for clarifying. That sucks though! I enjoyed the other fries.
          Haha, I'm not either of those people :)

        • @hotdog85: I've heard the same (that other people dislike them) everyone's 50/50 I think!
          Good to know, welcome to OzB!

        • @Food: Whats changed? Are the fries more thicker? not thin?

        • @GameChanger: Probably inbetween KFC and Maccas for thickness and a new Seasoned Salt.

        • @Food: Ah think I tasted it, thought they gave me wrong fries by mistake. Tbh I don't mind the new fries, but seems to be less quantity given as their size is big but not filling.

      • I'm in WA and when I went through the drive thru yesterday I was given some new vouchers that expire on 16th May. They are far far better than anything else they have had recently.

        2x whopper jnr's and 2 small fries for $4.95
        2 whoppers or 2 bacon deluxe for $6.95 (prev 7.95)
        there's more but I forget

        on the back it raves on about how there's more than $100 worth of savings compared to normal prices

        I haven't got them here with me but I will scan them later if I remember

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    Uninstalled the shake and win app too after they stopped offering freebies.

    Kind of good to be liberated from the urge to shake phone at the sight of that red white and yellow sign. But I do miss my freebies.

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    Not good - about to go out shopping & always finish with " our meal out " 2 whoppers with cheese, large fries & 2 free cappuccinos on a seniors card ( sometimes it does pay to become older!) - for $11.85 - God knows what it will cost today, unless we can " wing it". Just have to have our every 2 or 3 weeks treat of luscious junk food. Watch this space for results !

  • Just use the old vouchers like I do. It's pretty much the same thing. No one really cares

  • Put away the pitchforks.. THE VOUCHERS ARE HERE!

  • Hurray!!!!!!!!!

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