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$12 off $25 Spend @ Delivery Hero (All Customers, Via Desktop, Starts 5pm AEDT)


Excited to say I negotiated this deal directly with Delivery Hero. Offer valid today only from 5pm AEDT. Enjoy :)

This offer is valid between 5PM and 10PM AEDST Thursday 31.3.2016 ONLY. Minimum order value is $25. Voucher can ONLY be used once per household. Only for participating restaurants that accept online payment. Pre-order is NOT possible. The discount is available to users on orders placed through Delivery Hero Australia www.deliveryhero.com.au iPhone/Android apps ONLY. The remaining balance must be paid by Paypal, credit or debit card (the offer does not apply for cash payments). Voucher quantity is limited, and the discount will not be available once the voucher is exhausted. Standard T&Cs of Delivery Hero Pty Ltd apply. Full T&Cs here

Please Note: This was initially set up as an app-only offer, but an issue has been identified where the DH app does not open when clicking through the CR mobile website. On this occasion, Delivery Hero has confirmed this coupon will work via desktop. T&Cs have been updated. Cashback will NOT be paid if shopping via the DH App.

Don't forget a further 5% cashback via Cashrewards (desktop only)

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  • Thanks a lot TA! That's a real deal, almost as it used to be with DH before! :)

  • +3

    Can it be combined with this deal?

    • +1

      No. Delivery Hero does not allow you to enter more than more coupon code.

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    THANK YOU. I am alone tonight, and I was planning to get KFC. XD

    • Same here!

      • +3

        Why not both?

        • +4

          Why not Zoidberg?

        • +4

          you mean both cdna and ra go together for a KFC dinner date?

        • @eisniwre:

          …But he told me it was an official OzBargain meetup.

      • Why not together? ;)

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    Just a quick question… Can you still get cashback when placing the order on the Delivery Hero mobile phone app?

    • +2

      See updated post :)

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    Hi TA how do we get cashrewards cashback for app orders?

    • +3

      See updated post :)

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    A bonus 5% cashback from cashrewards would be great, however, how to you click through cashrewards when you must go through the app?

    • exactly what i was going to ask.

    • +1

      See updated post :)

  • +2

    does it include delivery?

    for example if delivery is $10 and no minimum order can i order $15 of stuff and then get the $12 off?

    • Won't work as I tried that- need $25 worth of stuff to apply coupon.

    • $20 +$5 delivery works for me.

  • +2

    Noooooooooooo ! Why you ruin my diet, whyyyyy! :((

    • Order a salad. When I get tempted, I just get a really nice salad with meat or do a special order

      • +1

        Ive looked at the salads in my area, even with discount i don't think they are worth it. I usually try and order take out or dine in foods I can't cook at home, like indian curries, thai or gourmet pizzas. Ill break the diet this once. Or twice since I did DH last night as well!

        • +1

          Don't do it, I had my local yiros place give me 2x the meat instead of the vegetables and bread.

          Kind regards, ozbargain health conciousness guru speaking.

        • @aerona:

          Good guy yiros

  • Excited to say I negotiated this deal directly with Delivery Hero

    If that's really the case, CashRewards may have went up a notch in my book.

  • Brilliant as always TA

  • damn, so many choices for dinner!
    - dominos pizza mogul 40% off + free garlicbread
    - indian up the road using this
    - chinese using this

    hard decision

    • I had a second free pizza mogul code sent to me! aarrrgh!

  • +1

    Damn, still have left overs from yesterdays DH deal. They need to spread out the days.

    • +1

      Perfect example of a first world problem right there.

  • -1

    Thank goodness the 'ARSE' code is not in use here, as it would've made for a dirty or sexy dinner

  • +1

    I wish some places would reduce the minimum spend.

  • Good thing i can't obese.

    • +1

      I o bese heaps. Especially after he paid last time.

  • Not sure how this "buying market share" method might work. Not sure about you but I will never use delivery hero unless it is really on offer.

    Thanks op though.

  • +1

    Ordered. Thanks TA

    Btw can someone enlighten me as to why the shops would like to do deals with cashback websites? To have them as a portal to increase traffic? But if they are going to shop they are going to do it , why go thru the outside portals? Thanks

  • +4

    Remember cashback is at 5.4% for those with founders rates at Pricepal :)

    • +2

      Hi. Just be careful as DH may not pay commission to other cashback sites that use this coupon, as it's exclusive to CR :)

    • not worth taking the risk for 0.4% mate

  • +1

    Hi TA, What's if the voucher use it used up before 5pm WA time for example?

    • Yes a bit of a flawed system if other timezones miss out!

    • +1

      You can preorder if the place allows.

      I just applied the coupon at a place in WA for 5pm

      • Doesn't it say 'Pre-order is NOT possible' at the top?

        • Huh? The discount applied fine on the pre order.

  • Would have had me if minimum order was $20 instead of $25

  • Anywhere in Sydney inner west? Having trouble finding first order discounts

  • Tightarse delivers with another great deal!!!
    You will make me fat a broke but at least I will be happy

  • +1

    We always make two orders when these deals come up, with two different accounts to the same address lol double up ! Is great getting $24 off dinner and having enough left for lunches the next day too

    • Double the delivery fee…

      • +1

        I'm lucky, my area has quite a few options that are min $20-$25 order with no delivery fee.

      • +1

        GameChanger if free delivery though!

        • Yeah didn't know places offered this, but I would assume the min spend would be quite high?

  • +3

    Anyone got it the coupon to work successfully? It shows the discount on the checkout page but once it goes to paypal, it wants the full amount.

    • -2

      -$12.00 Rebate for me. You have to enter the coupon code, then click out of the box for it to be applied.
      Sorry for the misleading info! I've tried numerous times and although the discount applied to cart, PayPal didn't acknowledge the discount, nether did CC (VISA).

      • In-Cognito mode in Chrome applies the full discount.

        1. Open incognito window in Chrome, go to Cashrewards etc (for full 5% discount).
        2. Apply CASHREWARDS12 to the Coupon Code Section, Tick T&C and wait for the -$10.00 rebate to load
        3. Use CC or PayPal to make Payment (Double Check the discount works).
    • Thanks OP. -$12 Worked for me as well. Used desktop. After entering the coupon, as soon as pressed 'tab' it automatically applied the discount.

    • -2

      Works only in Chrome. Prices kept reverting back in IE on the Paypal page.

    • +1

      Same issue here - won't work on any browser (IE/Chrome/FF)

    • +1

      can someone fix this please I'm hungry!

    • Yes worked for me. Used CR, turned off AdBlock and was using Chrome.

    • Use the app guys, worked for me :)

    • I had the same problem, with Chrome on PC. I took rawm's advice and used incognito mode and it worked. The webpage seems quite broken, after ordering I can't close a window wanting me to enter details to win an ipad :S

  • This coupon code has been redeemed already.


    • Yikes that's fast. Lucky ordered mine at 5.02 :D

    • +1

      just worked for me

  • +1

    This helps so much when you're a poor uni student! =P

  • Cheers Mr TA, finally found a place to use it at!

  • dinner tonight - sorted :)

  • +2

    ProTip: In-cognito mode in Chrome In-cognito mode worked for me! I got to PayPal payment Gateway and it acknowledged the discount. Try this. and reply in comments.

    • +1

      Via straight credit card I had no issues.

    • +1

      Could not make it work, FU Delivery Hero, Hello Deliveroo from the other deal :), Edit,: those clowns don't deliver into my area, back to the chat with DH, arrgh, Edit 2 Chat not opening for 15 minutes, giving up and doing some good old cooking!

  • if the desktop site doesn't work, Use the mobile app guys, worked for me :)

    THANKS OP :) :) Dinner sorted !

  • Worked for me VIA desktop. THANKS A LOT OP!!!! FOOD SETTLED FOR TWO DAYS!

  • Awesome work TA. How did you waggle $12. Much better than the Winesday offer Delivery Hero are currently offeting!

    Ordered- takeaways much easier to cook ;)

  • Worked got $12 back.. Thanks TA…

    Also CR approved my Dec camera order cashback $35..
    Awesome.. My CR page looks great now… :)

  • Cheers TA! Dinner is sorted

  • +1

    yesterday's code for 20-50% still works which may work out cheaper for some

    • Thanks mate you just saved me some money.

  • Thanks TA! Time for some Indian.
    ..and possible puns.

  • I dunno about you guys but I'm having a super friggin frustating time with Delivery Hero memorising my comments and then hiding them. I get a confirmation "Deliver ASAP" then when it's late I see in the comments "Please deliver at 9pm" at the bottom which confuses the restaurant and delays my order.

    I'm seriously getting sick of their **** interface screwing me all the time.

  • +3

    worst site I ever used. If you chose a payment method and then decided to change, then the offer transaction is taken as completed. All further transactions, though shows with -$12, becomes full price when you are about to reach the payment gateway.

    Just spent 30 minutes to order and will never prefer to use it again ….

    • I find the site a little anti-intuitive myself, thats why I only use it when there are decent dollars to be saved.

  • Was just about to use this but the store i was going to use on had 40% off today which worked out better :D

  • I grabbed some indian for 50% off first time discount instead, but thanks for sending me that way - is delicious :)

  • yeah i did the same, worked out cheaper with 50% on two pizza's. thx for the effort on this one tho!

  • +1

    Please don't do what i did, which is get the code > copy the code > forget to put in the code > paid full price.

    • I did that once, but called them up to rectify it. The guy was happy to refund me the difference!

  • Thanks TA, too lazy to cook dinner, 2 x BBQ Chicken Pizzas (so much better than the mass produced dominos) for $21 Delivered. Bargain.

  • +1

    I wonder who pays the cost for the discount?

    Does anyone know?

    • As far as the $10,$12,$15 off discounts, it's always been thought around OzB that Delivery Hero absorbs the cost and the restaurants get all their usual money. As for the 10% 20% etc discounts, it's not clear seeing as it varies for different restaurants and some don't participate at all. Seemingly that is because they are taking some sort of financial hit because of it?

      TA will know

    • I would consider it good advertising money, there are quite a few restaurants and services I would not normally have tried before, that I now regularly eat from because of newcomer discounts and such.

    • -1

      I wonder who pays the cost for the discount?

      Who cares…just enjoy your food 🍝

      • +2

        Its about supporting small business.

        Whilst I love a discount, if the business keeps absorbing it it really isn't fair.

        I do wonder if DH charge a fee to list or they take a cut of sales.

  • +1

    coupon applied .. $12 removed and then added back on the payment page ?

    • yes, unfortunately this is a common problem this time

      • Tried with the app.. And that worked ok

  • Thank you - gave me a reason to try a Mexican/Indian hybrid restaurant.

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