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Asiatravel - Seminyak Townhouse Bali [USD $6/~AUD $7.8 Per Night + Taxes]


First time poster, long time lurker. Possible price error. This might be good for fellow OZB's who are planning a trip to Bali. Two bedroom villa in Seminyak, Bali. It is showing as USD$6 per night (plus taxes) for dates in June and November 2016. In comparison, rates in Agoda for the same hotel is ~$84 per night.

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Edit - use SAVE16 as promo code for travels from May 1, 2016

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  • thanks gonna book now :)

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    I'm worried this won't be honoured :\

    • I am worried about that too!

    • must be price error :(
      pricing shown was USD6 per night for whichever types of room throughout the year

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      There's zero chance this will be honoured.

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    i booked 2 nights next week, will see what happens i guess

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      Refused at the door, then need to sleep rough on the streets in Denpasar; what could possibly go wrong? ;)

      or maybe Bali has the hidden equivalent of Meghalaya, Bangladesh's 'Anti Tourism Day' and it's a trap!

      • Meghalaya is in India and not Bangladesh. And the hanging root bridges in Meghalaya are one of the most amazing things I've ever seen

      • I don't think you would be sleeping rough unless you didn't have money to pay for other accommodation.

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          It was all just a joke guys; chill.

  • yep got my confirmation :)

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    coudlnt find a valid coupon code hahaa

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      try SAVE16

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    Needed 1 night between flights in June, this is perfect!
    84,000IDR or ~A$8.24 including taxes + promo code

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    location is not that good(((

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      Who cares, jump in a cab for $2!

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    Booked for May, let's see how it goes.

    Becareful I think there will be similar situation on

    They offer u rate than they cancell it because it was tii cheap
    I booked a hotel though asia travel and prepaid it mind ya no refunds allowed but it was a very good rate and i prepaid now asia travel is saying it was a mistake and one week later they cancelled the reservation on me if i had to cancell one week later i would have lost my money since it was pre paid i do not think its fair that they are allowed to do this if they messed up its on them i will never use them again its a scam stay away from asia travel

  • either all the rooms are gone, or they caught up to it.
    it's showing not available in november 2016

  • I scored 2 nights in June. I expect there will be a problem so I wont cancel the nights at my cheaper hotel already booked. This will be a great upgrade if it works out. Terima kasih OP

  • Smells like a scam

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      In Bali, never.

      • Haha well said

  • Received a cancelation email 10mins after booking for Nov 10-15. Apparently no availability.

  • havnt received a cancellation email yet

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      Thanks OP - I booked for a week in November in conjunction with the ~$300 airasia flatbed flights booked a while back. Have booked with asiatravel many times before and they are legit so will be interesting to see if they honour this

      I haven't received a cancellation email either

  • Seems like a scam but i booked 3 nights for 25aud… got the confirmation but we'll see what happens

  • Any available dates left?
    Showing all booked out so far as I can see

  • I got not available as well. Smells fishy

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    i booked a "mistake: rate via asiatravel and it was honored. harris hotel in bali. Think it cost me like $18 a night.

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    C'mon… did anyone honestly think this would be honoured?

    I mean sure, go ahead and try give it a whirl - you never know. But don't carry on as if some great injustice has occurred when they inevitably cancel. You KNOW it's most likely an error and too good to be true. Show a bit of maturity.

    • Says a lot for this site when common sense gets negged, whilst those decrying the ruination of their holiday (becuase their $6/night Seminyak villa got cancelled) get upvoted.

      Be honest with yourselves - there is no way in hell any villa in Seminyak is going to be $6/night. $60, maybe. But not $6.


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      Now once a human actually looks at it and not a automatic script on a website just accept it may well get cancelled on you.. dont cry about it in a caps lock rage when it happens however.

      • lol that was copied and pasted verbatimly, sorry if i hurt your precious feelings :)

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          I accept your apology.

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    I booked for 8 nights in Oct. Got the confirmation email and no cancelation yet. I admit that it seems unrealistic but if this comes legit it would be fantastic. It would be good if people who have booked for earlier dates share their experience. I will secure a refundable booking and in case something goes wrong I still have my other booking. Still 10 AUD is a significant amount of money conpared to the exchange rate with IDR. Will update you of any news.

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    Hey guys!!

    I recently booked my hotel in Bali in March via Asia travel and I actually got an insane deal for May for 4 nights 4 rooms incl breakfast n ocean view suite at Sheraton Bali Kuta just for $300 in total for 4 night 4 rooms. I know its unbelievable I thought to be scam as well but truth is I have got thrice confirmed from hotel Sheraton and also I have got a email from Sheraton confirming my booking n rooms n everything. It's legit I have been looking to start my travel business n according to me they tie up with hotels n trying get some rooms at low rates so they can cover their min expenses. Don't forget IDR is weak against Aud n USD so it's still money for them. That's my opinion. But once I reach Bali I shall update you guys . Cheers

    • don't bring a body board

  • can confirm they've deducted $$ from my bank card.

    Anyone else got payment taken?

    • Mine is still pending.

  • Just got the cancelation email

  • Although a booking confirmation was sent to you earlier, we would like to inform you that we are unable to proceed with your booking.

    The rate of IDR 100,000.00/room/night was wrongly encoded by the hotel into our system and we have already rectified the mistake. We apologize that we are not able to honour your booking base on IDR 100,000.00 per room night. We seek for your understanding and hope you can understand that for a 2 Bedroom category at SEMINYAK TOWN HOUSE that is extremely low and are more than likely not possible.

    Please advise if you would like to accept our proposed special rate of IDR 550,000.00/room/ night nett while the actual selling rate for that night is around IDR 850,000.00 per room per night. We would appreciate if you could provide your acceptance on or before 20-April 2016. On the other hand, should you decline the offer or in case we do not hear anything from you with much regret we shall proceed to cancel your booking.

    The hotel will be providing free breakfast and free airport transfers should you accept the offer and choose to stay with them. This is a form of compensation and as an apology for their oversight.

  • Cancelled here too, with an offer instead of 550k IDR including airport transfers and breakfast.

    I guess it was to be expected.

    • Yep same here.

    • just curious, how many nights did you guys book?

  • +1

    Rotten crooks. Now I'm back to sleeping in a $18 hotel in Tuban

  • Same email arrived. I reckon with 55 AUD per night you can get a better place than a 3 star hotel. So Im gonna tell them go f… yourself

  • Even if you book for the new rate, what is stopping them from cancelling the booking again and saying the price was wrong?

    • +1

      Cant argue with that!!

    • Actually you could distinguish the website offer (well established as an invitation to treat CF: offer) to the formalised email offer (well established as a legal offer).

      So contact law would argue with that quite convincingly.

  • was worth a try


    (that was for dontpanic)

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