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Overwatch Open Beta May 5–9


The Overwatch Open Beta will be available May 5–9 on PC, PlayStation® 4, and Xbox One! Players who have pre-purchased or pre-ordered Overwatch by April 29 will be eligible for early access starting May 3.

EARLY ACCESS: The early access portion of the Open Beta will begin on all supported platforms May 2 at 4:00 p.m. PDT (May 3 at 9am AEST). An early access key will be required to play—click here for details.

ALL ACCESS: The all access portion of the Open Beta will begin on all supported platforms May 4 at 4:00 p.m. PDT (May 5 at 9am AEST). All players will be able to play for FREE during this period; no sign-up or code required.

The Open Beta will conclude in all regions for all players on Monday, May 9 at 10:00 a.m. PDT (May 10 at 3am AEST).

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  • not really a bargain though

  • Got into the recent closed beta weekend and I have to say, it's a really refined multiplayer FPS.

    Similarities to TF2 sure, but with much more variety in play styles and considerably faster (closer to Quake). Plenty of depth as well, you really have to make decisions based on who you're up against in fights rather than just aiming for the head, although that does help.

    Was getting ~30 ping from Sydney on some games (although others were ~200 which I'm guessing is Singapore based), hopefully there will be plenty of room on Australian servers by release.

    • How were you checking your ping?

    • yea i thought it was good too,really enjoyed it.
      but didnt like how there is no support for 21:9

    • Agree with this. It's like a really fast version of TF2 with over the top weapons and power ups. It's a lot of fun. My only real issue is that everything can get lost in the mayhem. Two people going at each other with different cool weapons is fun but when everyone is gathered around the same objective it becomes like the old World of Warcraft giant battles where it's just a mess and you're just spamming fire into a pit of spewed up colour.

      • Pretty spot on, fun game but has a few issues. You should read the overwatch subreddit, they basically claim it's God's gift to gamers.

  • ozbargained

  • will this be worth the $40?

    • Betas and demos are different. In particular, Overwatch is a full game which is still in development in testing (beta phase). The servers need to be stress tested before launch, during the closed beta weekend there were many server issues with matchmaking which will likely be tweaked by launch based on that time. Demos however are simply stripped versions of the game for the purposes of marketing.

  • Son has preordered his copy on PC and is hanging out to play it

  • This or Battleborn, I'm torn.

    • After playing both I enjoy this one more but I think it comes down to preference. The competitive multiplayer is better in this but Battleborn has great Borderlands style coop with great humour.

    • Battleborn is in closed beta for preorder players, think the open Beta is soon. I am really keen to try it out as it really appeals to me having watched some YouTube footage. Hopefully they do open Beta on PC too as a few games lately have only had it on PS4/XB1. Anyone know when the public beta starts?

      • Battleborn was in open beta. The open beta finished 2 days ago.

        • Oh damn, just missed it :( I just googled it and the full release date is May 3, 2016 so 2 weeks from now. Hopefully they have a public test sometime before the launch so we can check it out.

        • @Agret: judging by comments from Gearbox staff over on the subreddit, there won't be another public beta before launch…

          The community is pushing for a free weekend pass so those who didn't get in to the betas can get a chance to check it out before purchasing. Remains to be seen whether Gearbox will do this though.

      • open beta was on the weekend, dont know if they will have it again though

  • I have been playing this quite awhile now as I got invited closed beta. The game has been very polished and I have non experienced any bugs playing. The only thing that has changed was the UI/Menus. At first it was annoying as hell to get AU servers because you have to choose America and cross your fingers that their was enough other AU players at the time you queued or you would end up on the USA. However in the past couple of weeks I find it easy to get an AU game in peak periods.

    My opinion of the game overall is very good. They have done a good job of balancing with such a huge variety of individual heroes. Without writing an essay about the game, it is just a fun game. A big contribution to which keeps it fun is that if you get stomped, the game is over quickly and you will have a different team for the next game.

    Blizz has stated that once you buy the game. New heroes and maps will be later for free, it will have some kind of cosmetic item store in future for their extra income. But currently you get a loot box when you level up which contains those kinds of items(skins etc).

  • Looks like ~30Gb download for the beta…depending on the usual Netflix tax & overall shittiness of my internet connection, it could conceivably take me two of the four days just to download the thing! :/

  • Does anyone else think that $90 for a pre-purchase of this style of game is a bit expensive now days?

    • Definitely, it's the Australia tax. It's only $40 USD in the USA for the standard edition. ($51AUD after conversion)

      Currently the price of the fancy deluxe edition in the USA is the same price we pay for the standard edition.

    • It is expensive and Australia is getting (profanity) over by Blizzard and their "Australia tax". $40 USD = $51.24 AUD - yet they are charging Australia $69.95. (profanity) ridiculous. Charging us 36.5% more for absolutely no reason.

    • Is there any way we can do the old VPN trick to get USA pricing?

      • I'd be interested in this too, but I think you set your location in account settings.

      • You probably can. I remember people setting their location to Brazil for some good currency conversions.

        • A key store might be a good way to go. G2A have it for $43.56USD - origins edition. It doesn't give you access to the beta though.

    • Yeah, especially for online only content (Evolved was a disappointment). Inflation for digital content is getting out of hand.

  • Played the closed beta recently, great game. As others have said, it's like TF2 but mixed with a moba (unique heroes with unique powers/play styles). Have pre-ordered the game after playing it.

    My only issue during the closed beta is that the servers were struggling with the added load of people, hopefully they sort it out for the open beta and when the game came out.

  • Been playing beta for a few months now, great game :)

  • I played the server stress test last weekend. It didn't really do anything for me; it's basically an updated, dumbed down TF2.

    • How is it dumbed down when theres more unique charactera with individual play styles? Is it less complicated because no hats?

  • Little bit sad it's not cross platform. Overwatch puts more emphasis on strategy than twitch shooter reactions so I don't see a huge advantage going to pc players as they claim.

    • +2 votes

      it's an fps, players on kb/m would obliterate players on controllers

    • Yeah I agree cross platform wouldn't work. All the offense heroes need fast movements and they can make or break the team