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Technivorm Moccamaster Coffee Maker + 2 Months Coffee - $380 Shipped @ ThreeThousandThieves.com


This is the deal of the century. 1 x Technivorm Moccamaster Classic for $410, plus free shipping anywhere in Australia (valued at $50), plus a complimentary 2 month Three Thousand Thieves coffee subscription (also valued at $50).

This is an amazing opportunity to make beautiful coffee at home using our favourite brewer, plus get some of Australia's best coffee delivered right to you door.

This is an exclusive promotion with Three Thousand Thieves, and only for a limited time. Make sure you get involved now to make sure you jump on the deal.

Technivorm Moccamaster coffee machines have been handmade in The Netherlands since 1964. While its styling is reminiscent of the drip coffee makers oft seen in American diners, it is in fact a top class semi-automatic filter coffee brewer which is accredited by the SCAA, SCAE and other coffee industry bodies.

We highly recommend the Moccamaster for home, office or cafe use.

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  • And here I thought you wanted to give me a $100 coffee maker for free… Put the price in the title.

  • This isn't going to end well.

  • +3 votes

    Just bought a aldi machine last night for $80, pods are cheaper and makes it pretty quickly.

    Just saying

  • +4 votes

    When did a coffee maker for $410 become a good deal? And how can someone be a member for 14 months and not know we need vendor and price in the title?

  • $400 for a dripolator? Is this a joke?
    The only place I've seen them lately is garage sales and swap meets. About $2.

    I think OP is advertising in the wrong country. The US and some other countries still use these, but… the price!

  • +3 votes

    sorry guys! still a newbie. They retail at $430, 3tt are offering 2 months free coffee too.

    these are handmade in the Netherlands, high quality drip coffee. Does not compare to the aldis or the other cheap models you're referring to.

  • +3 votes

    How many kg of coffee do you get for 2 months worth? (2kg per month?)

  • This is the deal of the century.

    Which century?

  • For the people who down voted, why?

    If the item is on special, has free shipping and free coffee. How is this not a bargain.

    Juts because you don't want it or think it's expensive, Does not make it a rip off or not a bargain.

    I would never buy this myself. I would love it as a gift if anything. But I would not buy the expensive alcohol display case on sale for $1k from David Jones last month either . But that was still a bargain and was not down voted.

    If you find this cheaper elsewhere then link it and down vote away.

    • Agree mate. You can report those as invalid down votes which I did. They should know better too. However, it's not a bargain as per my post below.

  • $380 here with free delivery - so the "bargain" would be a coffee subscription (which seems to be 500g) for $30 - sorry but no deal

    • ka-boom! we have a winner!

    • Great find - the other technivorm seems to rate higher in reviews. For my money, if you want to start your 'coffee experience' you cant beat the aeropress (yes yes, I know this is a different method etc)

    • -2 votes

      Almost! Coffee Supreme sell the filters separately ($15) whereas we're including the filters for free. Thus, the deal still remains! The coffee value is $50, 2 x 250g months, equalling $25 each.

      $410 for ours (with $65 value if you exclude the shipping) vs $379 + $15 filters + $36 coffee equivalent = $430 from Supreme

  • You're all correct! After a bit more searching, we've dropped the price to match Coffee Supreme, and still adding in the 2 months coffee subscription free!

    $380 total now - free shipping, 100 x filters, plus 2 x months Three Thousand Thieves subscription :)

    • After $380 for the machine and the initial 2 months, you propose we pay 10c per gram for monthly delivered coffee, thereby improving the deal of the century. In 14 months have you tried discovering what this website is about?