Singapore Hotel - Novena Vs Katong Areas (Recommendation)

I've kind of narrowed down my hotel selection to 2 choices for a 3 night stay (2 full tourist days) , first time to Singapore. staying in early June.

just wondering if anyone can recommend which one will be a better choice, with my 1.5yo son + wife -

Oasia Hotel Novena

Pros -
Cool swimming pool (non-club lower pool)
Next to MRT Station 10 mins on train to downtown (guessing)
More central - should be easier to get around on a whim, but then again spore is probably small enough all round.
Newer Hotel - Think it opened in 2011

Cons -
Dunno if theres any

Village Hotel Katong

Pros -
Across the road from 328 Katong Laksa
I'm guessing more relaxed area ? (closer to beach maybe gives that vibe)
Lots of cheap foods places, (wife loves seafood)
Free airport hotel Shuttle and just 15 mins or so to airport.
older Singapore, so I guess more historic vibe.

Cons -
Have to catch bus (will have 3 day tourist travel card)
Not so good pool

Activities I would be doing planning to eating alot of food, and checking out the gardens by the bay and sentosa island (aquarium / Not sure about movie world).



    Oasia is better, why are you staying so little days? You won't have time to enjoy the hotel and perhaps a cheaper 4 star might be better?j

    Also If I'm not mistaken it's cheaper to travel by taxi when you have more than 2 people.


      Cheers. Both hotels are relatively reasonable in price compared to other options.

      Transiting through Spore, this is the first time that the wife has agreed to spend sometime in our stop over. Main purpose of trip is to see family and friends in Hong Kong & China.. This Spore stop over will be the last part of a 3 week holiday all together, so just a few days is okay.

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        Oh I see, personally I would go with Oasia.

        Given your short stay I would travel by Taxi as it's really cheap, though the MRT is very efficient if you wish to use it.

        Singapore is great all around, if you got any questions do ask.


          Thanks for the recommendation :)

          I was thinking of grabbing the 3 day tourist MRT pass, should be $6.66 SGD each day for each adult. Son if below 0.9 Metre should be for free. If he grows then taxi time perhaps. but yeah on the other hand have limited time so taxi will make things more efficient i guess


          MRT is really good, often faster than taxi


    Booked into the Oasia, just happened to catch the online booking system @ a too hard to refuse price.. :)

    Thanks for the help

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