Change Your Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, Facebook Passwords Now!

FYI In case you haven't heard.

There has been some data breaches on the above. It is recommended you change your passwords now to protect yourself.


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    To change them all at one then use this link —>

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      Damn! That link isn't working for me.

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        Send me your credit card info (for verification only!) and I'll get it working for you.

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          You are too kind. I'll send my passport with it, just to be sure.

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          and then send me over $300 for 1 year, $500 for 2 years and $800 for lifetime

        • @iTzMilzy: Wonderful! The community spirit here is without equal.

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          Kindly for verification purpose help me with 3 step security answers: your mother's maiden name, what is your pet name, what was your first school?

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    The only thing they will see are heaps of pizza mogul emails.

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      A new report has found that Russia's criminal underworld is trading hundreds of millions of stolen usernames and passwords belonging to these accounts.

      I hope none of those comrades pays too much for my umpteen "123456" passworded accounts.

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    Reading the post it says

    They include the majority of users of, Russia's most popularemail service, and smaller fractions of Google, Yahoo and Microsoft email users.

    Yahoo Mail credentials numbered 40 million, or 15 percent of the 272 million unique IDs discovered.

    Meanwhile, 33 million, or 12 percent, were Microsoft Hotmail accounts and 9 percent, or nearly 24 million, were Gmail, according to Holden.

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    aha! but mine is ********* they will never work that out……….

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      we have the same password

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        but mine is different Its ********

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    My Yahoo email is so secure, I don't even know the password. :)

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      Perhaps this is your opportunity to buy your password back?

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      You're lucky. I just wish the hackers could track me down since I've forgotten the e-mail address itself.

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    Yeah considering all the logins were sold for 1 dollar by a Russian "hacker" (not a joke) and I've seen nothing about how legit these logins are it'll be no surprise to me at all when I find out this is another idiotic computer security story with no basis in fact at all.

    Like 90% 95% of all the other news stories on the internet.

    And of course even it were true the correct advice is not "change your passwords" it's "set up 2 factor authentication".

    If you are going to change your passwords the most secure thing to do is install a password manager and use it. This will ensure you both have proper passwords (as making them up yourself is insecure because you're hopeless at creating random numbers) and that every single password will be different.

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      but password managers/lockers to me prove a problem -w hen your out and about trying to login to items off your mobile (not your computer where the manager is installed) then what do you do?

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        Sync your encrypted database to a cloud service like Dropbox, and access it from that. I use 1password that has Web, ios and Android apps and it works fine…. +1 for the two factor authentication though - what I do reduces the risk of one or more accounts being compromised (as it's way simpler to ensure each account has a unique and complex password), but 2 factor authentication reduces that risk to virtually nil.

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      If you have a look at the font used on the site, and google a bit of the history of the Daily Mail and/or Paul Dacre, the editor in chief, you may come to the conclusion it has a lower reputation than the Australian or The Sun for veracity or accuracy. The "scoop" it would most love to print was portrayed once on Mock the Week as something similar to" Islamic terrorist gay whales carrying bird flu invade via the Thames lowering house prices."
      It's more common name is "the Daily Heil.

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        The Daily Fail.

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        Daily Mail is USA's most popular foreign newspaper.

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          Not wanting to cast nasturtiums but:

          "On other occasions, the Mail under Dacre has been criticised for its racist attitude towards the stories it chooses to cover. Nick Davies recounts an anecdote from a former senior news reporter who en route to a murder scene of a woman and her two children 300 miles away was told to return because the victims were black.[25] "
          BTW, it can't be foreign, it's British - You are.:-P

  • All my passwords are special, including and especially my Ozbargain account. Instead of typing letters and number, after clicking on the password box, I press (on the keyboard) and hold onto CTRL, then press F4.

    • Hmmm - if you really did this you woldnt have been able to post the trick here could you :)

      • Really Sherlock?

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      I prefer to use "rm -rf /" as a tribute to the best disk compression utility ever.

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    I am not stupid i aint gunna hold down CTRL then press F4 got ya there!

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      You should try Alt + F4 instead ;)

      • Alt + F4 is pretty glitchy, should press 'ALT + CTRL + DEL' twice quickly.

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      You want a gold sticker or somethin' ?

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      I am not stupid


      i aint gunna


  • Nah not that either thats an old one…

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    Anyone not using 2 factor authentication these days is a fool.

    • This.

    • Ain't nobody got time for that.

      But seriously, it's sooooo annoying to be blocked out of one's email when travelling due to having a foreign IP. Especially when your recovery e-mail is with the same company… And your 3 kb/s connection gets even slower and times out when using your Sydney based VPN. And who remembers the month or even year they created their email account.

      Or the time you realised OTP fails to work if you don't fix the time on your smart phone. Or your phone and wallet were stolen. And Citibank won't send an OTP to a new number. And all you have left in your life in some remote island is slow wi-fi from some tourists's phone but no way to get money from your accounts before you cancel them - which is difficult to do since payphones for reverse charge calls don't exist anymore, which your bank refuses to believe.

      And beyond my city of birth and mother's maiden name (both known by everyone in my family and a few outsiders) I have nothing individual about me it would seem. No favourite food or colour. Will I remember a made up one? And which was my first pet? I don't recall so I'll name one of three I had when I was 7. First car? Was it the one I first bought (which didn't exist when I created the account) or was it the one of the two I drove for 3 years owned by my parents? And did I enter the model name and/or series number?

    • Please explain. Also I use my smart phone and or tablets pretty much 24/7 now.

  • Hi.

    Just as an FYI I got an email from Gumtree last week that Gumtree had a security breach but no passwords were accessed……

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    The article you've linked doesn't mention a breach of security for Facebook but that's listed in your title. What's your source for that?

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      Most people use the same passwords for pretty much anything, it's a friendly reminder more than anything. Maybe I should had included PayPal/eBay as well.

  • ha, dailymail. let me guess, in other news, Britney Spears got a new haircut?

    • They should call it the Daily Kardashian really.

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    Is anyone having problems with Google this morning? I can't do any google searches and haven't been able to log into my gmail account for the past 1-2 hours. I've tried the suggestions to fix it but I keep getting this message.

    This site can’t be reached’s server DNS address could not be found.

    Try: Reloading the page
    Checking the proxy, firewall, and DNS configuration


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      Must be a glitch in the donkey

      • Yes it was a Donkey. A time travelling talking donkey that traveled 1111 years back in time to infect my PC with the Donkey 666 virus. Donkeys are planning to take over the world and to control our timeline. Their main objective is turning humans into slaves using their superior intelligence and forcing us to worship them as Donkey Gods. One day in the distant future, when they decide we aren't needed anymore. The Donkeys will make their final move to annihilate us all. These evil menacing Donkeys must be stopped at all costs or the human race will cease to exist. Donkeys also like eating babies, it was the donkey that ate the baby and not a Dingo. Everyone has been deceived thinking it was a Dingo that ate the baby. I fought the Donkey in a violent, unbelievable, never before seen Man vs Donkey Matrix-styled fight. This intense battle lasted for hours, causing incredible destruction and mayhem in the City of Cockburn, WA.

        I eventually gained the upper hand and knocked out the donkey with a powerful Chuck Norris roundhouse kick! I destroyed his time travelling device so it couldn't get back to its timeline and call for backup. I then created a Time portal and punched the donkey with the full force of my Asgardian strength and power, which sent the donkey flying thousands of years back into the future! It was sucked into a different timeline where it's the only donkey to exist! I celebrated my Victory by eating 5 packs of Tim Tams, sculling 5 cans of Victoria Bitter and buying more Eneloops. Unbeknownst to me, the Highly trained Elite squad of Donkey killers were watching my fight with the donkey. They were impressed with my fighting abilities and invited me to join their their team, which I accepted.

        Later that day, when I talked to one of my best buddies Steven Spielberg and told him what happened. He was inspired by my story and excitedly announced, he wants to make a Sci-Fi movie about Donkeys! He asked me suggestions for the title of the movie. Here's what I came up with:

        A Donkey lost in time!

        Adventures of a Time traveling Donkey!

        The Donkey ate your baby!

        Planet of the Donkeys!

        The Lord of the Donkeys: The Return of the Donkey!

        Teenage Mutant Ninja Donkeys!

        Donkey Wars: The Donkey strikes back!

        Donkey Wars: The Donkey Awakens!

        Donkey Wars: Attack of the Donkeys!

        Independence Day: The Donkey resurgence!

        Donkey Apocalypse!

        Freddy Krueger vs the Donkey!

        Marvel vs DC vs the Donkey!

        The Donkey inception: Neo vs the Donkey!

        Game of Donkeys: Jon Snow vs Hodor vs The Hound vs The Mountain vs The Donkey vs The White Walkers!

        For Azeroth and the Donkey Alliance!

        Release the Kraken and the Donkey!

        • Wow man you should write books or paint or code or something. That was truly amazing/impressive.

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    I keep my password simple: bosco

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      Hey it works! Wait what?

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