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Win a Mazda3 SP25 Astina Car (Valued at $41,000) from Ninemsn (Daily Entry)



Closing Date 17/07/2016


Description 1 x Mazda3 SP25 Astina, 2.5L I4 Petrol, 6-speed Auto hatch in soul red+ Rego etc
No. of Prizes 1
Total Prize Pool $41,483.00

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit Once per day
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites n/a

ANSWER: Alfie Arcuri - Updated 11/07 (comment below if the question changes).

Enter once per day to increase your chances. See all daily entry comps

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    damn you actually have to watch the show to be able to answer the question

    • +4

      The answer is Claire Howell, it's in the OP (just googled it).

      • +1

        thanks hamza i must have missed that when i quickly scanned the info above … cheers !

        • +1

          No probs, I thought they would change the question but so far so good.

  • +17

    Which Team Jessie J Artist is originally from Fiji
    A: Ilisavani Cava

  • +13

    What is the name of the trio on Team Jessie J?

    A: The Koi Boys

  • Anyone knows the answer to the last question?

    Who was the final artist to join Team Jessie J?
    Jasmin Jade Nasser
    Nada-Leigh Nasser
    Ellen Reed

  • +13

    Who was the final artist to join Team Jessie J?

    Answer: Ellen Reed

  • +9

    This weeks answer is

    Mikaela Dean & Maddison McNamara

  • +6

    Where is Jessie J from?

    A: UK

  • +8

    Q: Who are the Live Finalists on Team Jessie J?

    A: Brianna, Ellen, Jack & Mikaela

  • +9

    Who are the top 3 Artists left in team Jessie J?

    A: Jack Pellow, Mikaela Dean & Ellen Reed

  • +6

    Who are the top 2 Artists left in team Jessie J?

    A: Jack Pellow & Ellen Reed

  • +3

    ninemsn.com changed itself to nine.com now, so the link to the competition is changed to https://campaign.nine.com.au/2016/theVoice/index.html#home

    • Thanks, updated.

  • +6

    Q: Who is the final Artist left in team Jessie J?
    A: Ellen Reed

  • +7

    Who won The Voice Australia 2016?

    A: Alfie Arcuri

  • Oh wow, I just entered and got a bonus entry as well - the odds of me winning just doubled!!

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