Whats The Best Fully Automatic Coffee or Cappuccino Maker?

Hey Guys

Im looking to buy a fully automatic coffee maker, I prefer almost just pressing one button and get what I should get but if its going to have some semi-automatic actions its fine.

Budget is about $2000 please let me know what do you think is best! thanks


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    Do yourself a favour and buy a pod machine, the coffee is better (especially if you buy fresh coffee pods). Automatic machines are overpriced and make the worst coffee, imo.

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      I beleive the oposite.
      Pods are handy but the coffee is no way better.

    • Any recommendations? Machine / pods?

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    Not a Bosch
    I got one and it makes ave coffee and has broken down twice in the first year

    • I have heard that about bosch as well.

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    I had a gaggia for 10 years, made great coffee and worked well. finally died (I think power surge with lightning storm).
    I would have bought gaggia again but found it impossible to find in stores (I like to see/touch the device).

    i ended up with a delonghi ($1899 on sale $1300) due to gift vouchers I had - machine works a treat, and can adjust a lot of things that some machines dont, water temp, milk temp, water hardness, built in water filter. 2 year warranty (others 1 year). no way would I pay full price though.
    another brand is Jura but I didnt buy as the store I had vouchers didnt have that brand.

    why automatic? probably the same reason I did, I like the fresh grind of whatever beans I buy, and I am lazy - the machine is on in the morning and I press a button and coffee is made, no ground coffee, no pod to deal with.

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    Damn that's a lot pennies for coffee.

    Buy a Breville Oracle.
    I don't know if it's automatic, but the machine has a lot of positive reviews and youtube videos from coffee snobs like yourself who praise it.

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    If you want a truly automatic espresso coffee maker, look at the Jura machines, Jura ENA Micro 1 Automatic Coffee Center for black coffee only and you can have a separate milk frother, or the Jura IMPRESSA XF50 Classic which can do cafe latte and cappuccino coffees etc. as well. The fully automatic coffee machines produce a better coffee than pods. Coffee snobs hate coffee pods because they copy each other mindlessly, but the best selling coffee in Italy for more than a few years now is Nespresso. The real foodies are professional chefs, and most have a Nespresso machine at home because the coffee is always fresh, and some very expensive restaurants serve Nespresso coffee. Now the 5 star hotels are putting coffee pod machines in hotel rooms, either the Nespresso or the Expressi. There is a range of Nespresso machines, look at their website. Sometimes when I am in a hurry at home, I will just microwave milk in a cup, and place the cup under my Breville 860 brew head, and have the espresso pour into the cup of hot milk. You have to decide according to your lifestyle and budget. I am the only one who drinks coffee in a house full of tea drinkers, so my problem is the coffee becoming stale. I should be using a pod machine. The Nespresso Roma is a good coffee IMO. The Intercontinental Hotel in Sydney has Expressi machines in the rooms, and some hotels have Nespresso machines now. Sunbeam now offer a multi compatible pod machine, and there are some very good stand alone milk frothers now. If you see the Breville Oracle for a good price, grab one, as it is one the best machines out there. It is all up to you and your lifestyle. If everybody at your house drinks coffee with milk, get the Breville Oracle and learn to use it, or look at the Jura machines, or the better pod machines and a stand alone milk frother.

  • At home, I use the Nespresso Inissia. Requirements for coffee I have the same as a lot of people - click on the button and do not bother. I found this coffee machine on http://jonsguide.org/best-home-espresso-machine-reviews/ and very pleased with her work. Nespresso Inissia 20 seconds is enough coffee!

  • Wait for the breville oracle to go on sale, usually drops to around $2000.
    Probably the best value for money.

    I'm looking at the manual dual boiler version myself

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