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Star Wars 3D Metallic X-wing Fighter US$3.55 (~AUD$4.59) Delivered @ Everbuying


Calling all Star Wars Fans:

Becky from Everbuying https://www.ozbargain.com.au/user/121684 and I have teamed up for two more puzzle/random product deals over the coming days:

Deal 1: Ironman/Captain America Puzzles
http://www.everbuying.net/product1106763.html Ironman
http://www.everbuying.net/product1106764.html Captain America

Deal 2: Amazing Revolution Magnetic Suspension Desk accessory

Deal 3: X-Wing Metallic Jigsaw

Add code: rawm-xwing for discount.

Usually AUD$5.61

I DO NOT benefit from this deal

https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/247405 Win a $50, $25 or $15 Everbuying Coupon - US $ Every Purchase is Eligible to enter Competition thanks to monty https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/248289#comment-3699111

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    I DO NOT benefit from this deal

    You must be getting wealthy in kudos ;-)

  • do they have any mass effect normandy models

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    Here is the new X-Wing from Force Awakens if anyone interested:

  • -1

    took them like a week to ship my spiderman order… bat man order still waiting….

    • strange, ive already received my batman order, but my spiderman one just got shipped out today.

    • Took them a month to get the headphones to me, but they did come.

    • Still waiting for my order for the previous deals.

  • +9

    A word of caution: these things are a giant PITA if you're at all impatient or clumsy. It took me an entire day to put my x-wing together and I nearly threw it out the 2nd story window a dozen times in the process. Plus mine ended up slightly wonky and with missing parts because I broke several tabs… and then my wife dropped a book on it -_-

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      I bought a couple as presents, so the frustration can sit with others LOL

      • +1

        Well I suppose I DID get it as a gift. I guess he just wanted to watch me suffer

    • Yeah, they aren't trivial to put together.

      But there is a small irony in that you purchased something with the words "puzzle" "DIY" "Assembly" "Building" and "Miniature" in the title (and many more in the description) - none of which screams, "perfect for impatient and clumsy people!" :)

      X-wing Fighter Jigsaw Puzzle DIY Assembly Building Miniature Model

    • these things are a giant PITA

      Sounds like great kris kringle for that colleague you dislike. Stock up for Christmas!

    • +1

      I maxed out on schadenfreude when the book dropped.

  • Seems pretty cool for under $5

    • +8

      Usually AUD$5.61

      So there is savings of $1.02.
      If you think, savings is not enough, just ignore. Not a valid reason to neg.

      • I'm negging on the spam aspect. This is not a conduit for everbuying to push cheap product as they have over 34 'deals' active and all posted in the past 40 days. If ever their was a puppet made of socks then rawm has certainly stitched it up.

        You folks do the sums. And give my neg vote back thanks.

        • I fully agree. A saving of $1.10, whatever the percentage of an original price is hardly of a front page deal. This is a really cool item and worth the five dollars, but this is blatant sock-puppetting.

        • +3

          You guys may want to look up what sockpuppeting actually is.

          rawm joined OzBargain in 2008, and has posted many deals for many different organisations, along with thousands of votes and comments. So if rawm was just a sockpuppet account for Everbuying then this is one of the most masterful, long-term set-ups in the history of the internet. (Well played rawm :)

          Also, there's no dollar limit on what makes a good OzBargain deal. There have been plenty of deals with far less savings, both percentage and dollar wise.

        • +1

          @surethang: Thanks a million surethang for the support. If hinee, cornbeef or any of these users who love casting dispersions actually checked out my account details they would see with a bit of sleuthing:

          1) I've been on OzBargain for almost 10 years (since Dec 2008)
          2) I've made 145 posts, which is almost 100 more posts than Hinee and cornbeef combined
          3) I have a solid relationship with the mods and other respectable OzBargainers inc. TA, EC and monty.melb, also winning a couple of competitions along the way!
          4) I have not profited/benefited from ANY deal I've posted

          I'm getting a little tired of people who take keyboard warrior potshots without actually doing their research. If anyone has a problem, by all means communicate with the mods. This particular deal is ~18% off - not an insane bargain, but an offer nonetheless.

        • -1

          Gentlemen - ozbargain is not a pissing competition and my comments have nothing to do with casting aspersions.
          I am commenting on the fact that everbuying deals shown here are becoming a daily affair and the OP is effectively acting like a referrer for this 'Becky' (hence my sockpuppet comment) who cuts these deals with rawm. It surprises me that the mods aren't requesting the posts be combined given that they seem to be 'a bargain' for 31 days before expiry.
          Good on you for making your posts rawm but lets not confuse a bargain with an ongoing relationship.

        • @cornbeef:

          I have no problem with anyone making a well-intentioned, valid criticism, it's just that yours isn't.

          "A sockpuppet is an online identity used for purposes of deception" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sockpuppet_%28Internet%29) And the OzBargain page you linked to says "it's posting a deal or commenting on a deal without declaring affiliation"

          rawm has stated up front that he/she has "teamed up". Just because rawm has gone to Becky to organise deals for OzBargainers does not make this sockpuppetting. Neither rawm nor Becky are hiding the connection. Unless you have some as yet unstated evidence of a deeper connection, there is no deception or misrepresentation, and you very much are casting unproven aspersions. Given this is not the only criticism you've raised, it would be easier to argue that you are trolling than rawm is sockpuppetting.

          lets not confuse a bargain with an ongoing relationship

          What is the confusion? They're two distinct things. Even if it was Becky posting the deals herself without rawm's involvement, they'd still be considered deals on which the OzBargain community could vote.

        • @surethang: My point of view is quite valid thanks, even if you didn't quite grasp it. Clearly we have different points of view surethang so think we'll leave it at that.

    • +2

      its a 22% discount. Why the neg?

  • sister gave me a few of these - they are very hard to put together, super fiddly.. you better have a lot of patience, steady hands, and the right tools.
    Good price, but I'd rather have them pre-built :)

  • I got one of these for Christmas, knocked couple of tiny pieces on the floor which vanished into the carped never to be seen again. Gave up and have a half built Kylo Ren shuttle on my desk.

  • Ram, do you think you can get them to add the millennium falcon model onto that deal?
    Would love to have a model of those!

  • +1

    I changed the currency to AUD but when I go to checkout, PayPal keeps changing it back to USD and using its crappy conversion to charge me $5.06 AUD. Is there any way I can preserve the $4.59 AUD on the site?

    • Only way I know is by not logging in and using the direct pay by credit card option in Paypal. It's annoying I know.

      • It still charges me in USD. Not a huge issue if I'm paying with 28 Degrees, but it feels like $4.59 AUD on their site is the better conversion rate.

        • We all enjoy the rush and pleasure from getting the lowest price possible but sometimes you got to stop and say to yourself, "How much of my time is this 7c worth?"

          If you just want to figure out conversion rate then the price you get on the site is sort of like estimate. Since they receive USD from paypal, it is up to paypal to decide the actual conversion rate used.

        • +1

          @mjin03: Yeah it's not a huge deal, but it is worrying why they can display one price on a site but charge you another elsewhere (via different conversation calculations). And frankly, it's not about the nominal cost, it's more the ratio. Being charged 50c more on a $4.50 item is like an 11% increase in the expected price. If you tried to buy something for $1000, would you be willing to pay another $110 for it?

        • @divineiniquity: Yea, I definitely agree with you on that one.

      • That way doesn't work either as I just tried!

  • +1

    FYI, the new(ish) Bandai range of snap-tight models is amazing.


    I have built the 1/72 and 1/48 and the quality of the fit is out of this world. Absolutely zero gaps and the fidelity of the detail is great.

    They just released a mini 144 so I will be building and painting that this weekend.


  • My Millennium Falcon still sits 3/4 built after a few years due to the hell that is making these things. They look great (if done right) and some may not find the process that painful, but just be aware you may lose a lot more time than you expect for such a small figure. Also, this really is just a saving of $1.10…

  • +1

    Can I just get one pre-made? Ain't nobody got time for dat!

    • Its all about the journey, not the destination ;)

  • +2

    AU$3.10 on AliExpress

    Price for this deal is actually above the usual rate these little torture devices sell for.

  • anything 1:1 with working controls?

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