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My Monopoly A8595 $10 @ Target


My Monopoly A8595 $10 @ Target

Product Features

Ages: 8+ years
Players: 2 - 4
Includes 1x gameboard, 4x tokens, 30x blank tiles, 4x sticker sheets (30 stickers per sheet), 28x title deed cards, 16x Chance cards, 16x Community Chest cards, 32x green houses, 12x red hotels, 2x dice, 1x money pack, and 1x game guide
Customise My Monopoly your way!
The free My Monopoly app lets you print out stickers (printer not included) to customise tokens, streets, Chance cards and Community Chest cards
Classic fast-trading property game

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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  • +1

    It looks like their normal price based on your link.

    • $10 in Red color, if the dollar price in Black then its regular price and all red color prices are clearance.

      • Don't they usually put a strike through price if it's been reduced?

        • +3

          I am not really sure about that jv, I fount this while I was looking through toys Sale Items.

        • -2


          If they're now using colour coding to show reduced prices, they would be discriminating against visually impaired people who use screen readers.

          Shame on Target !!!

        • @jv: what about The Good Guys?

    • I too believe it's normal price, haven't seen this item in other prices since late last year when I bought one for my nephew.

  • +2

    I believe this is $5 in store at Big W

    • I Just search Monopoly on Big W Website they don't stock this one

      • They do but the price isn't showing for some reason. A friend was able to pick one up for me at that price at Big W recently. A previous post shows that they were indeed at that price before.

          We're sorry, this product is currently unavailable.

        • @Utopian: It is on clearance for $5 in stores, the online store is owned by a different company so I believe that is the reason why that message is coming up

        • @moneybaby: First point: Cool, will look. Got eCards at discount, to use. Second Point: Really? That sounds like it's asking for trouble. Will be on the look-out for more info.

        • @Utopian: I think the online store is managed by EziBuy, you can read about them there

  • +1

    Was $7 until 20th May based on pricehipster

    • Because all clearance stock was 30% off. That's finished now and I don't think they plan on bringing it back for a while.

  • I got this about a year ago from Big W for that price, Gave it away as a Christmas present. Was the same time when Big W had all those $3 console games.

  • Can't go wrong at this price. I'm in!

    • It's half that price at Big W….

      • +1

        I'm now aware of that (points to timestamps).

        Maybe I need to hand-in my card, though… 'cos I wouldn't mess-around over $5 difference.

  • Lol printer not included.

    • Players not included.

  • I want a customisable monopoly game but after reading reviews on amazon and such, this seems like a terrible option which is really quite sad.
    Even just using the site to upload photos to test out stuff I had issues. Apparently printing is difficult too.

  • Thanks OP, bought one.

  • I bought one awhile ago . Im going to put all our houses (old and new) and families houses on it. I haven't opened it yet but it looks good. We all love monopoly- although watching my youngest play so ruthlessly makes me worry about his future tenants.

  • This sounds like a great way to bond with the family - until you start playing the actual game…

  • what the hell is "A8595"? What happened to the good ol' original version?

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