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$50 iTunes Gift Card - $33.63 (32.74% off) @ Costco (Membership Required)


The $50 iTunes gift card is currently on sale at Costco for $33.63 (equivalent to 32.74% off). Membership is required. iTunes gift cards are rarely discounted more than 25%.

Reminder that this iTunes credit can be used for Netflix among other things, thanks easternculture.

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  • Thanks Corgi. Great deal.

  • +7

    That's 32.74% off netflix subscriptions via iTunes

  • Good deal. Softens the membership fee for some..

    • +1

      Is honestly worth it anyways, as youll eventually get good deals, even if youre not actively looking for it

  • Great deal. Can someone tell us when the deal expires?

    • +1

      Was only a paper sign up in moorabin costco - no end date on it. Wonder if one of the supermarkets are running a 30% off if you spend a certain amount soon.

  • Awesome Deal

  • Is this all Costco?

    • Given Corgi is located in Brisbane according to the profile & Im in Vic - Id say so.

      • Awesome! Thank you!

  • +6

    Great deal for student Apple Music!

  • Ahhh why???? I just bought $120 worth from Coles when they had the 25% off. Looks like I'm off to Costco for more.

    Great deal, thanks OP.

    • +4

      Yeah, I did this, but $180 worth.
      But at least I was smart and got 30% off because I price-matched at Officeworks.

      • Damnit!!!
        Why didnt i think of that….

    • Damn so did I, jumped the gun :(

  • That's a great price.

  • Excellent deal!

    First thing of interest from costco, for me.

    Just need to find friend/family who's a member.

    Even then, I'd be grabbing just for Netflix. Strannnge world we live in.

  • +1

    Damn you costco for beating coles, i got ripped :(

  • Thanks– another reason to go to Costco…

  • Does Officeworks price match Costco?

    • Nope because you won't see this advertised and probably something about joining fees etc.

    • +1

      usually not, they try the "it's a membership company and not open to the general public" but it's worth a try.

      it bring netflix 2 screen HD down to ~$8/mth, ~$1 cheaper then Netflix Canada subs.

  • Damn!!!!!!!!!.
    No Costco in the Illawarra.

    • +1

      Yeah sadly the nearest one i guess in Auburn :\

  • Wow that's a great deal!

  • For netflix it's better to pay using Google Play billing + Telstra prepaid. Can save 50% anytime, and 66%+ if you buy sims on a good deal.

    • or just use Kodi

    • will this work if your not with telstra at all and just use the packs to gain credit? and how would you apply these funds to your existing account?

      • Yep it'll work even if you're not with Telstra. Buy the sims, put in the telstra sim and restart, enable telstra billing, and pay with your credit. I haven't gotten around to setting up netflix yet, so not sure if you can pay without your payment being due. You may have to come back to this sim when your netflix is expiring, and pay then.

  • Thanks OP, I miss buying half priced iTunes cards at Harvey Norman.

  • This is going to be first time getting iTunes card.

  • -3

    An excuse for me to get Netflix and I can ask my friend for 'Netflix and chill' at my place.

  • Went to Docklands store and the clerk said the deal expired yesterday and is selling @$36.99.

  • can anyone confirm if this offer still available in costco Lidcombe (sydney)

    • Not available.
      Paid $36.99 yesterday. Only $3.36 more anyway.

  • -1

    $36.99 at Ringwood, which is pretty much just the standard 25% off, took out a Costco membership specially for this (although I know I can get it refunded), damn!

    • Looks like offer expired yesterday

      • Return your membership if it was only for this deal.

        iTunes cards are always discounted there anyway..

  • Anyone know if it's still available at Northlakes, QLD?

  • +1

    Nooooo, back to 25% off. One less item in my Costco shopping cart this weekend.
    Unfortunately, even though 25% is still good, you cannot price match this with OW (unlike the deal last week with Coles, where I successfully did so).

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