expired 5pcs Original Xiaomi USB LED Enhanced Version - White - US $14.95 (~AU $21.56) (~25% off) @ GeekBuying


Thanks to @Clear, I managed to get a coupon for original Xiaomi USB LED Light Enhanced Version (new version).

The coupon will bring down 5 nos Xiaomi USB LED Light from US$19.95 to US14.95 (~AU$4.21/pc).
You need to buy 5 pcs before you can use the coupon.

Price from other sites;
Banggood - Original Xiaomi LED AU$5.65/pcs
Banggood - Original Xiaomi LED Enhanced version AU$9.90/pcs
Gearbest - Original Xiaomi LED Enhanced version US$4.30(~AU$6.20)/pcs

You may even get a better price as the conversion rate above is from Paypal.

The Enhanced version Now comes with built in button you can long press to turn off and to adjust the brightness short press. Users can choose from five different brightness levels.
This new LED light is also more brighter when compared with its predecessor (about 50% more).

As this is my 1st post, hopefully it is up to OZB standard.

Don't forget 3.20% cashback at Cashrewards

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    Any idea of what to do with 5 of them? Apart from giving away… I feel fan instead of led is more useful, I can plug in into office pc usb ports at work during summer time.


    damn it, just bought the old one, power button makes it so much more useful….


      How bright is the light?


        Much brighter than you would expect, it is like a lamp, it is designed to brighten up an area with a short distance.
        If you don't have a backlit keyboard, this would be perfect.


    I bought a couple of these from aliexpress for US$0.75 each delivered. not Xiaomi and work fine. no powerbutton but they light up. yah!

    switch ones can be bought for ~US$1 delivered like this one


    How fast is shipping?

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    You can buy a combination of fans and lights and the discount worked for me. Thanks OP I have been meaning to order one of each for a upcoming trip, hope they arrive in time. Great extra for my many power banks. Now I can give one to my wife.


    Do you know if the fan are noiseless? I want to use in the office environment so need to be quiet, but still usefull ie cool the air.

    Found the link.
    Review says noiseless, but can only bend up and down not to any direction. Could be an issue when plug into desktop usb port?

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    I'm slowly become a Xiaomi fan. Someone help me.

    If you have a little multi USB hub, stick that behind your monitor, put a couple of these in there, and you have yourself some ambient lighting. Lighting that you can just unplug and put anywhere else you want, unlike the strips of LEDs you can get.

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