Car Damage to Body Work, Will It Ever Be The Same?

Hi OzBargainers,

I need some advice. My garderner has scrapped the front end of my car with his tools, so now I have to decide what to do.

I am worried that if the car is repaired it will never quite look the same. My friend had his body work repaired and he said you could always tell. I now have to decide if indeed I repair it and keep the car or just sell it.

It is a weekend car which I don't love anyway as it was a gift, so I am not too attached to it.

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  • its just scratches.. a good spray painter will be able to match the colours and blend it in. depends on how old the car is and its current paintwork but its not a big deal.

    • It also has dent, so I don't want it to be filled and then painted.

      I rang a couple of panel beaters but they don't want to do it.

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        Small dents can be shaped back without putty. If done proper you won't be able to tell much of difference but over time it may change in colour to the rest of the paint work.

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        That's why people opt to get a new bumper, but really how can anyone tell you the answer without knowing age, condition, other issues, etc. If it was a brand new Porsche, then yes replace the bumper and spray and it will be fine. If it's a 92 Astra, and you have a good gardener, give him a pat on the back, ask him not to do it again and take care around your other car

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    My garderner has scrapped the front end of my car with his tools, so now I have to decide what to do.

    Sigh, rich people problems…

    which I don't love anyway as it was a gift, so I am not too attached to it.

    Wow. If someone gave me a car I'd bloody love it…

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      first world problems

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        It's a 2014 maserati Ghibli…

        Nailed it… ;)

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          My garderner has scrapped the front end of my car with his tools,

          It's a 2014 maserati Ghibli,

          No wonder he scrapped it, will be better off as cans!!

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          It is a weekend car which I don't love anyway

          Has 100k luxury saloon sitting in the garage and he talks about it like my old 98' Excel.

  • Call local car dealerships, it's likely they'll have a mobile touch up guy, without having to completely go to a panel beaters

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    I don't understand what the problem is?

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    Is it on a removable panel? If you get the whole panel replaced (new or secondhand) you won't be able to tell unless they are a dodgy repairer

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    Of course it can be repaired, if done properly you won't be able to see it. If you have approached panel beaters and they say it can't be done it is possibly because you sound like you won't be happy with the finish, and they don't want that headache.

    Just sell the car. Sounds like you'll never be happy with the repair, and it's not a car you want to keep anyway.

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      Well that still leaves the gardener, who clearly must be punished. Any thoughts there?

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        What a terribly irritating little oik he is.

        Public flogging or at least put in the stocks until he learns his place.

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        walk of atonement through the neighbourhood

        • …naked and barefoot through the streets

  • No, he has been a loyal working for us for the last 15 years and so I will deal with it.

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      Is his name Alfred, Jose or Jesus?

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        He doesn't talk, he just gardens.

        • So it's Bernardo then.

        • @Jar Jar Binks: I can't believe that no one got the Zorro's reference. I'm not even that old!

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          @Jar Jar Binks:
          i was just too ashamed to admit i found it amusing :)

  • Bad news, just went to the dealer, they had a car with damage on the same panel a fee weeks ago. The panel needs to be replaced, however there is a 7 month wait for a new panel to be made and sent here.

    I think I'll just trade it in now.

    I have been researching SUV, none look that great and are slow. I am now not sure I really want an SUV, but the cars we have now will not be able to go off road because they have low clearance.

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      What car is this? Seems very odd

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        This entire story seems very odd…

        • Why?

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          @Jar Jar Binks: You can't seriously be asking that question at this point in time???

        • @Jar Jar Binks: Go off and have a little think about temporal sequencing, then get back to us…

        • @StewBalls: Does that mean I'm going to have to read the whole thread :( Just point me in the right direction. Please?

        • @Jar Jar Binks: That's pretty self-explanatory, now isn't it…

        • @StewBalls: Not when you're at a kids party.The noise is deafening. I feel like my head is going to explode. All I've had since 11 am, is a de-constructed coffee and some veggie chips :(

          Take pity on me, man! Just say it in plain English. I'm fast losing my will to live:(

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          @Jar Jar Binks: this is 11/10 a troll post. It's BS

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          @supnigs: Much like everything JJB posts on here…

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      Make Jose' pay for a new one! Make him work it off for another 15 years! He can keep the one he totalled!

      With an SUV, keep in mind you will not be able to seek financial restitution or sue the Fauna, Flora or National Parks if your car gets scratched when camping…

  • It's a 2014 maserati Ghibli, so they are all custom made panels and have to have their own mechanics come out and fit them.

    • How much do you want for it?

      • Just went to Porsche to check out their Cayenne Turbo S, the guy reckons my change over will be about 150. I was thinking more like 120, bit undecided. Maybe need to look at other options.

        • Did you look at the Porsche macan Turbo or the gts? We chose the macan over the Cayenne because it had more of a sport car design and feel to it.

        • Yeah I did look at those, they look nice but seem a little small on the inside that's why I was thinking the cayenne

        • @MW-AMPED:It's fine for a young family. My kids used to call it the Batmobil and were trying to convince us to go for a stealth matte black wrap.

          Not much leg room for adults in the back seat though.

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          Go a range rover

        • @chumlee:

          Not a fan of Range Rover, but Mercedes GLS 63 looks good - might book in for a test drive.

        • @MW-AMPED: I'm currently driving a BMW X5 and an Audi Q7 (recently sold my car and has been provided with a replacement car/s) . Don't like either: way too clunky for my taste but heaps of leg room for everyone.

        • @Jar Jar Binks:
          Ok, that's good to know, I wasn't all that excited by them anyway as there are so many of them on the road.

        • @MW-AMPED:

          but Mercedes GLS 63 looks good - might book in for a test drive.

          Sure, if you want your kids to be bullied and excluded for the rest of their lives!

          What about a Bentayga?

        • @Scrooge McDuck:

          Bentayga, worst looking car in the world.

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          @MW-AMPED: Jag f-pace s? Not my favourite but decent cabin size and huge boot which would come in handy if you're planning to go camping.

        • @Jar Jar Binks:

          Porsches are for bald men that still try to rock a pony tail

        • @MW-AMPED: If its dented get rid of it its no good anymore, trade the Maserati in for an Astra you may have to pay a small changeover but that will be a small price to pay for looking soooo successful.

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    I will trade you my Nissan Murano SUV. No damage on it. I will take your car as is.

    I would throw in the wife too but that may kill the deal I fear.

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      Deal, but you have to take my wife aswell, now I know that will kill the deal.

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        Is she hot?

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          Does it matter? She came with the Maserati. 😂

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          How is this an appropriate question?

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          Tongue in cheek remark :)

          Jokes aside wouldn't worry about a scratch. Any panel beater worth their salt will fix it in jiffy.

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          I may have over reacted a little.

          I'm going for a new car.

          To answer your question, it is hard for me to be objective. All I can say Victoria Secret thought she was ok when they used to use her as a model

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          Whatever drugs you're on, I want some!

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          she was ok when they used to use her as a model

          Interesting choice of verb… :/

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          @Scrooge McDuck:

          It's ok, her real name is Shazza, closest she's gotten to Victoria's Secret is using the catalogue when she ran out of toilet paper.

          And op doesn't have a Maserati, but in his eyes his VT Commodore may as well be a Maserati :)

        • @Spackbace:

          Perhaps he sold the maserati for an 8ball?

        • @Spackbace:

          If you had to choose between a porsche Macan Turbo and a Jag f-pace s, which one would you get?

        • @Spackbace: I doubt that the OP's wife's name is Shazza. Highly unlikely that a born-and-bred aussie father-in-law would buy a car for his SIL. However this is quite common in other cultures. My colleague ,for instance, married an Indian-Australian woman and he was gifted a car as part of her 'dowry' , although that word wasn't used. The FIL termed it as a "wedding present", which my colleague accepted :(

        • @Jar Jar Binks: I'd choose Darude Sandstorm over anything

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    From my experience, once those Maseratis get a little bit of scratch, they are worthless. In fact, you'll be paying someone to get rid of it if you keep it for long. I'm gonna help you get rid of it asap for free. PM me asap :)

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      Yup, Maseratis are basically the Italian Kia, so you're doing him a real solid taking it off his hands. You're a prince among men! :)

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    This thread and the OPs profile stats stink of troll.

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      Can't agree more
      Is OP taking ozbargainers on a free ride?

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    Your gardener scratched your car which was a free gift to you ???
    Did you beat your hired help ? You know, like with a cane. They need to know their place !
    Also, make sure to humiliate him. So that he never makes this mistake again.
    And, ensure you threaten to call immigration to deport him. Otherwise 'they' will never learn.
    Consider putting shackles on him while he works to restrict his movements so he can't go near your precious things.

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    You should make the gardener attempt to lick the scratch off. There's something deeper working here, he's trying to elevate to a higher social class and disestablish your power…you need to re pauperise him!…

    Or soon the gardener will be wearing your two tone Rolex date just, along with your best checkered golf pants and even popping your Viagra!

  • Unless you park your car in the lawn, I don't see this happening.

  • Didn't Buddha say "we are never the same as we were 5 minutes ago"?

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      Nope. That was Jessica Mauboy An easy mistake to make :P

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    I wish we were able to downvote these not-so humble brag posts that constitute borderline, if not outright, trolling.

    • pretty sure he's trolling ahah

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      "Hot discussion topics" are a joke.

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    Can we get a pic of the damage. There are some panel beaters on here that can tell you how bad it is from a picture.

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    Maserati Levant?

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    This is the most hilarious post/thread I have read in a long time!!!
    I feel like printing a copy once it's become a few days old.

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    There's someone on here making 360k per year household income who would no doubt like to buy your maserati then post a dilemma discussion about how expensive premium is what deals people can find for it.

    And new post ideas: what age did everyone make first million?

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      You mean after dad gave me a small loan of a million dollars?

      • +1

        Yup, by OzB standards that's starting from scratch… ;)

      • FIL

      • +2

        gee, thats pretty restrictive. When I turned 18 i asked for a house by the beach. instead parents only gifted me an apartment in the city close to uni…

        Looking back now though, its still okay of a present but not to my liking. I think i'll sell it this year maybe

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    This is the whingepost to end all whingeposts. Sooking about a servant scratching your free Maserati. Get off Ozbargain, and enjoy what you can of your very difficult life, mate.

  • It's just a car mate.

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    This is certainly a troll post.

    Photo or it didn't happen!

  • pictures or we have no idea….

  • I think you should buy a box of umbrellas

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    Rich people whinging about their petty little things in life and want some attention. What's next? A mosquito bite?

  • It will never be the same… Just get rid of it and get another one.. Once you hit a car and it is damaged you dont have the same feeling about it.. You dont like the car anyways.. So it is not a difficult choice..

  • Just wondering what you else you use Ozbargain for ?

  • Well this has been an interesting discussion.

    Firstly I would like to thank everyone who actually tried to give me advice on the topic.

    Secondly, how ironic is the situation with lots of you accusing me of trolling when actually you are trolling with the comments you are posting. I wonder what the responses would have been if I said my car was something old and cheap. I am not sure that there would have been such hostility.

    I do use ozbargain just like everyone else when I looking out for specials on things i need to buy. Therefore I saw there was an automotive forum and so I asked the question. I now realise that this was obviously not the website to ask this question and would have been more appropriate to ask this maybe on a Mazerati website.

    You should not judge a book by its cover, because you all have no idea what I do or not do. You don't know if what I do helps more people and saves more lives daily then any of you could achieve in your life. You don't know how I live my life and how I treat others.

    Maybe before you all decide to post more hostile responses, take a look in the mirror and ask yourself if what you write is a true reflection of your character. It is easy to hide behind a computer screen and type without having any consequences, therefore I really hope that none of you act like this normal society.

  • On that note we'll close the comments, thanks.

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