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KFC - $5 Box (All Stores), 2 Sides for $5.95 (Xpress Stores Only)


A few deals on atm at KFC:

  1. Started yesterday is the $5 Tender Box. This is available until 4pm in stores but all the time in Xpress. Contains two Original Recipe Tenders, regular chips, potato and gravy, and a 250ml drink. Not available in Wollongong and Hobart regions.
  2. 12 for $12.95 (6 Pieces + 6 Tenders). This is available on Xpress everyday until COB Monday 13th. Expired
  3. 2 sides for $5.95. This is available on Xpress everyday.


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      Why is this guy neg'd though? People in, or travelling to, Bathurst reading this should find it useful.

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        Guess thats what you get for trying to help others out, especially when an influx of people come for the Bathurst 1000 races among all the other events we also have in the region… then they may get food poisoning!

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      • Why is this guy neg'd though?

        its safe to guess its because he also neged the deal

        Jase1 - 09/06/2016 - 11:05

  • 12 for $12.95 (6 Pieces + 6 Tenders) COB next Monday? That means it already was gone.

    • COB Monday 13th.

  • I can get free chips and drink via kfcfeedback when ordering in the store, so can I still get it via Xpress order? Thanks,

    • Yep. I've done it many times. Ordered a meal deal on the app, then when I pick up and pay for the order I give them the KFC Feedback receipt and they add that to the order.

      • Thanks

  • Tenders are rubbery and disgusting wish crispy strips returned. Why did they stop battering them? I know they were popular at my local store. I wish we could swap out the 3 tenders for 1 zinger fillet at least that has some crunch to it.

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      The tenders are hit and miss. When fresh, they're not bad, but if they've been sitting there a while, they're awful.

      And, yes, they do differ in size a lot. Sometimes they're quite tiny, whilst other times, they're almost as big as what the crispy strips were (which I miss too).

  • They could at least put a bit of hot & spicy coating/seasoning on the tenders. Only way they seem to be edible is if you put them with aioli (as intended with the pack) pity I (and many others) can't eat mayo! Sorry to sound like a bit of a whine but this is Kentucky Fail Chicken.

  • I'm a bit confused, do you have to order this tough express, or is it available everywhere?

    • $5 Tenders box is available through the counter or drive thru.

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