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SanDisk Cruzer 32GB USB Drive for $9.99 @ Australia Post


Was in Austpost to pay a parking ticket :) and saw this deal with USB Cruzer Glider Flash drives 32GB for $9.99 pretty cheap. I saw 2 in the store Austpost south melbourne Victoria. Should be same offer on other stores, not sure.

My Phone camera is bad so couldn't take a clear picture. Couldnt find online so posting a cam pic.

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Australia Post

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  • Which one you think if I needed to choose?

    Toshiba 32GB Duo OTG Micro USB 3.0 Flash Drive $10.80 Delivered @ Futu Online eBay


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      This one is probably the best USB drive available from what I've seen.
      Problem is the availability of this offer.

  • I saw this as well. It is only usb 2 so is pretty worthless. The pack has usb 2/3 written on it but on the back it says that it is usb 2 but compatible with usb 3 ports. Pretty shonky advertising.

    • As Cruzer drives have a top read speed of up to 25Mb/sec, and write at up to 5MB/sec, a USB3 interface would be pointless. It won't come close to maxing out USB2.

      Even though it's slow, it's a cheap drive for its capacity, and will be useful for many here on OzB. Speed and price are a trade-off. The Sandisk Extreme USB drives are much faster, but you won't see them this cheap.

      I agree with you on the labelling, it should be clearer on the front.