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Onkyo TX-SR252 5.1 Channel AV Receiver $298 @ JB Hi-Fi (Was $599)


5.1 - 100 Watts per channel
4 x HDMI input
Supports 4K @ 60hz, Dolby TrueHD & DTS-HD Master Audio


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  • No FLAC Playback?

  • HDMI Pass through?


      i linked the datahsheet .. says it does HDMI passthrough

  • Good price for a basic unit. It annoys me a bit though how you need to get into the pricer models with 7.2 to start getting more than 4 hdmi ports. A lot of people can fill that straight up.

    I only could find two 5.1 receivers with more than four hdmis. Yamaha rx-v479 and pioneer vx830.

    • Agreed. It's no longer on their website, but my local JB has a Onkyo TX-NR646 which has 7.2, DTS:X, Dolby Atmos, and 8 x HDMI IN. It's a clearance model, but they're still asking something like $1,200 for it. I can find one on eBay for $920 delivered. I'd prefer to get it locally, but JB wont price-match it. :( I'm waiting for something like a "20% of all AV Receivers" type of sale.

      • Jb currently has 40% receivers. I got the new 1070 for $797 the other day. 40% off + 5% coupon.

        I also got the pioneer vx830 for $494 from kogan ebay store with the 20% off. I needed a 5.1 and a 7.1 for new house, so worked out well. The Sony is a good price if you're looking to buy.

      • Also, jb has sold the nr646 50% off a couple of times. Chances are they'll do it again soon especially of a clearance item. From memory there are a couple of expired ozbargain posts showing this.

    • Denon AVR-X520BT also has more than 4 (5)

  • I currently play files on TV via HDMI from a Kaiser Baas Media Hub. If instead I connect the Hub by HDMI to this Onkyo, and connect this Onkyo by HDMI to my TV, will I get sound from stereo speakers connected to this receiver? Would someone please confirm whether or not I would? Thank you.

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      you should do.. you should also get audio from the TV's TV Tuner back through the Onkyo using the Audio Return Channel (same HDMI cable).

    • yes plug the kaiser media hub into the onkyo and then output hdmi to the tv

    • Well not all devices work, I have a Yamaha receiver and it wouldn't work with my MXQ media player using HDMI

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      Yep, that's exactly what an AV Receiver like this is designed to do.
      You plug all your HDMI stuff into it, and it takes care of the sound and works as an HDMI switch for your display.

  • Thank you for the replies. The Kaiser Baas plays FLAC files, but would this receiver give me silence from my stereo speakers or just a reduced bitrate like mp3 320kbps?

    • HDMI can carry lossless digital audio, so once your media player has decoded the FLAC stream, it will just pass the digital result directly to the Receiver - there's no other lossy compression going on.

      • Is that certain even though members PW and snoo agree this Onkyo lacks FLAC playback? Are they referring only to USB playback? Thanks for your replies.

        • It's no longer FLAC by the time it gets to the Onkyo - it's just a standard digital audio stream cos your Media Player has already decoded it.
          They're saying the Onkyo can't play FLAC files directly - via USB etc. - you're using a decoder/player in between the FLAC file and the Onkyo..

        • @Nom: Thanks again for your reply. So either movies or FLAC files would definitely feed my stereo speakers in this scenario. I remain reluctant to replace my old Harmon Kardon amplifier, but I suppose I must one day.

  • Question for any htpc people.
    I have a windows pc with an ati 5450 connected over single hdmi to my tv.
    Previously i tried plugging it into a Panasonic sound plate over hdmi like this ati5450 > tv hdmi in > tv hdmi arc out > sound plate

    It played audio fine however the sound plate never reported outputting any Dolby or Dts from mkv files played.

    Is this possible with a sound bar? Can a htpc output Dolby or Dts ?

    I no longer have the sound plate but am interested in some better audio.


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      A lot of ARC(audio return channel) HDMI ports don't support much over 2 channel audio.

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      Buy an AV Receiver like the one in this deal, and you can plug your HTPC and everything else directly into it.
      The reason you lost Dolby and DTS support with the soundbar is that you had the TV in the way - most sets won't pass through surround audio.
      Note that you'll need to buy some speakers for the Receiver too…

  • Perfect timing since my Sherwood receiver has been acting up. Keeps turning off and tripping.

    Granted it's been 7 years now.

    I got the last one at chatswood yesterday before deal expired today.