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Samsung 55KU6000 55" UHD HDR TV - $1399 @ Costco (Membership Required)


Samsung 55" UHD/4k HDR TV - 2016 model.

Best price I have seen so far (even better than recent CLICK20 ebay special for TheGoodGuys). I recently bought this TV and have been extremely impressed. I doubt you will find a better TV for the price.

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  • I was planning on buying this and after comparing other TV's for someone reason the panel wasn't bright at all compared to either the Sony w800 or even the Samsung j6200.the colours were pretty blend as well.

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      This TV won't get 1000nits of brightness as required for HDR10 - for that you will need one of Samsung's premium models. Having set it up at home however, I was very impressed by the image quality, and not left wanting with the brightness. The setup in (muiltiple) store certainly didn't do it justice.

      I'm also looking at the Samsung 9 series or LG OLED for our main TV, however as I said - for a budget TV this certainly left me impressed.

      The Samsung J6200 is also a 1080 panel - now that I have gone 4k I can't consider anything else. Even upscaled 720/1080 looks significantly better than on a Full HD panel.

      • Did you do any calibration or straight out of the box???

        • No calibration yet. Used movie mode this evening. Would love to find some recommended settings but haven't come across them yet.

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          Thanks mate I ended up getting it and all I gotta say is WOW amazing to for the price. Was a bit hesitant first but got it home this afternoon n set it up and it's awesome.

        • @skirulz: Can I ask, where are you located. I just sined up at costco and bought one.

          The picture is so so on FTA, which is expected. Do you have any hints? So far ive just plugged it in and watched masterchef! no adjustments!

          Is the picture better if i watch via freeviewplus?

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    I read somewhere (a CNET review I think) that for HDR mode to work, you need to have the TV in "Dynamic" mode, which on traditional LCD/Plasma TV's is normally a terrible mode to have your TV on (way oversaturated colours) - can anyone with an HDR TV comment ?

    55" is too small for me - currently have Samsung 75" but would prefer better blacks so would consider dropping to 65-70" if the image quality was noticeably better, and the price not too bad.

    • I have no idea but given what I saw in JB yesterday that makes sense.

      They were running a 4K bluray on this tv in HDR mode and it looked horrible.

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        As I said earlier, when I got this TV home (after paying a slightly higher price), I was markedly impressed with the picture quality. The setup in JB-HiFi and GoodGuys that I went to check out the TVs before purchasing certainly didn't do it justice. Saying that, I'm not expecting or suggesting that this TV stands up to the current Series 8/9 Samsungs as it won't. I expect the premium models to still provide superior contrast, black levels and motion handling. 2016 Samsung series 8/9 TVs are however 2-4 times the price in the equivalent size.

        There are a number of reasons why in store demonstrations can be misleading and some which relate specifically to "UHD HDR demonstrations" in store:

        (1) UHD HDR/4k 4:4:4 requires an 18gbps HDMI feed to display properly. This can only be achieved through a short length high speed HDMI cable, or via very limited solutions over larger lengths (ie HDMI fibre-optic connection such as Celerity at http://www.celeritytek.com/product-DFO.html ). From my research and despite popular belief, none of the currently available CAT6 HDMI extension systems can achieve the full 18gbps required for UHD/4k HDR 4:4:4 (even single point to single point)

        (2) Most stores use a distribution system to send video signals to the vast majority of their TVs in store. You will notice that very few have dedicated UHD players and these will generally be restricted to their high end players (such as series 8 and 9 Samsung). There are no distribution systems that will achieve 18gbps as required for proper UHD/4k HDR signals simultaneously across dozens of TVs. This explains why the pictures in many TVs in store aren't as good as you might expect. It's always worth having a look at what the store has plugged into the back of the TV and don't be surprised if some of them are distributing via aerial/RF signal.

        (3) Very few in store TVs are optimised for image quality as we would generally want in our own home. You would also expect that more attention (from Company Reps, etc) is paid to the higher end models to make them more 'appealing'.

        I checked the manual and there is no reference to requiring "Dynamic" mode for HDR to work. At this stage I can only go by my personal visual perception because I have not played any HDR sources. I will check Netflix tonight and see how it goes. I personally do not use "dynamic" mode because it generally looks horrid. When I have the time I plan on going through some calibrations for this display.

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    Just bought this a week ago for $2000…

    Ah well, still an amazing tv.

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      That stings, have a consolation +.

    • Any idea how to utilize the free presto subscription on this TV? Seems impssible when you own a new samsung and only apple products…no mirroring or "airplay"

  • Wow, i payed $1287 for 2105 version last September. I would grab this.

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      back to the future ?

      • Antiques can be expensive

      • he got on his delorian.

  • For those like myself that do not know what HDR is. This is a pretty good info and easy to understand

  • Want to replace my multi monitor with a single big one.
    Would u recommend as a non-gaming pc monitor or is refresh rate and latency too bad? Thanks

  • There's a review here of a slightly higher model. It generally dismisses HDR on this TV, but the brightness does seem to be better than last years non HDR models, so it's better than nothing:


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    Although there are quite a number of true 120hz 4K TV on the market, just note that this 100hz refresh for this Samsung TV is marketing BS. It is likely 60hz only. So dont expect to use this with your beastly PCs and expect 100hz of smoothness.

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    Awsome TV.. Fast, clear and has all the features and apps you need with wifi. Highly recommended.

    • Any idea how to utilize the free presto subscription on this TV? Seems impssible when you own a new samsung and only apple products…no mirroring or "airplay"

  • Good deal timi2fly. As I don't have Costco membership (none are close to me), does anyone know if there anywhere I can get to price-match this?

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      I can confirm good guys and JB didnt want to price match, so I drove 60mins, paid an extra $60 and bought it at costco

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        Cheers for that mate..good commitment :)

        • JB Hifi are advertising it at $1999

          worth the drive!

  • is this something that will sell out quickly? or do they restock?

    I was about to pounce on a click20 similar LG but left it too late

  • Does this have apps like Netflix built into the TV? And can it playback files from my network? I'm not familiar with the features of modern Smart TVs?

    • Yep can do both, but still find myself using Chromecast for convenience. Navigating Netflix and file browsers are painful with a tv remote.

      • Any idea how to utilize the free presto subscription on this TV? Seems impssible when you own a new samsung and only apple products…no mirroring or "airplay"

    • As eediot mentioned it does both. I find Netflix works well, however the file browser is fairly simplistic. If you can utilise Plex in your setup you will find that much better for accessing networked media files. Plex is not released for the KU6000 yet, however from what I read it shouldn't be far off.

  • I'm planning to buy the X93D of SONY which is also on sale in Costco. :D

    • You remember the price on X93D and the size? Cheers

      • It's 4899.99 for the 65" size. Sorry I forgot the price of 55".

        • Thanks mate. Will check it out this weekend.

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    Pretty pissed off, as shown in the photo the instant rebate suppose to last till 1st of July. Went to Costco Ringwood just to find out from the sales person that "Head office decided to pull it down early on 15th June" wtf they won't honour that price anymore even after showing him the picture. Pretty pissed drove down for nothing

    Post should be edited to expired because of the retarded Costco head office pulling the deal off early so no one will waste their time going down there

    • i think deal would have now been replaced with $200 off Sony Bravia 55" led smart tv 100 hrz .
      just got new coupon in email starting 17th June

      • :( so sad, I wonder why they removed it early…. :/