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Denon AH-C260 Earphones or Monster Optical Cable - Free at Digital Cinema with Minimum $5 Charity Donation (Pickup Only - NSW)


Hi Guys

Similar to this deal posted a while back.

We have heaps of these units to give away with a small catch, to qualify to receive this free in-store, you must donate minimum $5 (you can give more if you want to) to any of these charities below:

Aussie Helpers

Guide Dogs

Indigenous Literacy Foundation

OR any charity of your choice

Bring in the donation receipt showing your payment to us and we will give you a free set of either of the ones below LIMIT OF ONE PER CUSTOMER

Denon AH-C260 Earphones All gone

Monster Optical Cable

Shop 15, 265 Parramatta Road, (Auburn Home Megamall) AUBURN NSW 2144

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Digital Cinema

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  • can we (from other states) email you a img of the receipt and pay for delivery of the product?

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      This is was asked per the last deal… I can do it please send a reply paid envelope to

      Bearded Blogger
      Shop 15
      265 Parramatta Rd
      Auburn NSW 2144

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        I don't think a standard sized envelope would fit an optical cable (it might fit earphones, but would exceed auspost's thickness requirements).

        What size envelope do you actually need?

        • the optical cable packaging is about the same size as the earphones
          13cm x 18cm x 3cm

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          @atish digitalcinema: OP - so would this fit within a standard sized envelope? Also would you do this for me (I'm from the other side of sydney)…Thanks! :)

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          "Letter post" max thickness is 2cm.

          Therefore you need "parcel post". Go buy a 500g satchel (22cm x 35cm). Which costs $8.25 regular / $10.55 express. I presume self address it, then put it in an envelope and send to the address above. Don't forget to organise with Atish to hold one.

          You're very lucky if Atish doesn't mind doing this. If I was him, I would have said no.

          Still a bargain at that price.

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          Actually large letter's max thickness is 20mm. You can get large letter boxes on ebay that would easily fit this size and you can easily put the optical cable inside.


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          20mm is 2cm

        • @Drew22:

          my bad. didn't read properly

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    What a cool retailer.
    Well done Digital Cinema.

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    Upvoted just for the cause you are doing. Great work!

  • Interesting
    Can probably claim tax on the donation too.
    How good are these earphones?

    • Ah yes you can (I think) because you only need to show the receipt - not give them money as the 'donation' so there was no exchange for product.

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    What a great idea! Thanks guys - will probably see you tomorrow (hoping stocks available!)

  • What an awesome deal - something for nothing, well they are giving away things for $0 to them….

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    I've tried selling like this on forums. It confuses the crap out of everyone, I don't know why. It's awesome and another 'well-done'.

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    I remember last time we had a few gronks complaining that it was not free and things of that nature. I was really getting sick of these low lives and losing faith in ozb. That afternoon a guy walked into claim a free set of earphones and presented his receipt of a $50 donation. Faith restored

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      fwiw maybe the key is in the wording? "make a $5 donation to registered charity and get a free ___________" rather than the way around you have it?

      "something free, but there is a catch" as you have seen dosnt go down too well with some people because of so many other dodgy businesses doing similar and catching people out. "donate and you get something free" may go down better.

      • +2

        See that's the thing about this one though. It's a donation that you're making straight to the charity. There's nothing shady about this and I think for that, they are excused from the standard shady marketing practices. It's pretty clear what's going on here.. I have no issue with their wording because it's clear this has nothing to do with deceiving people or making money.

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          while i completely agree its just a way to give the whiners less to whine about..

          but when people read "free" there is an expectation, specially on here, that its going to actually be zero cost and while in this case the money isnt going to the seller it is still technically not free because it costs people $5.

        • @nosdan: Technically but approach in dealing with this matters as well… could've just nicely messaged the OP and have them change the title to something like "_____ for minimum $5 donation"

          Instead they choose to flatly complain/whinge/argue so i totally get where OP is coming from. That's why we can't have nice things.

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          Technically but approach in dealing with this matters as well… could've just nicely messaged the OP and have them change the title to something like "_____ for minimum $5 donation"

          See sometimes we also get sick of changing store reps titles, adding the store name in etc… you know, basic shit? The stuff that's left up to Mods/Power Users to fix, over and over and over and over again. There should be no need to PM after a rep has posted this much, but apparently there is. Just look at the revision history, the original post was lacking basic details, details that have always had to be added to this rep's posts.

          Sometimes people just don't learn, and expect others to fix their mistakes. These people shit me. It's not a difficult task once you've posted a few deals, to know what is required. Instead they just start attacking members (statements that have since been deleted by mods, alleging someone will fake a receipt to get the item.)

    • +5

      We arent all monsters. They can be a tough lot ozbargainers.

      But well done to you guys for doing this. Dont let a few rotten apples spoil the whole bunch!

    • I believe what may have happened last time if memory serves me correct was that it was advertised as free with a donation but it sounded like stocks were limited and so by the time you rock up with the donation receipt you were not guaranteed of getting the free item… Or it was something like that which some people felt was more like a chance / lottery.

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    Mate good on you - legend of the people.

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    What an awesome way of encouraging to do a good deed. You are very cool OP

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    Why don't you sell them for $10 each (including postage) and donate the $$$ to charity orgs. You may end up donating more $$$$ this way….

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      I think making people to go through the process of donating to a charity is an experience of itself. Also chance of donating more if they chose to otherwise. I don't need these items and going to Auburn is a trek for me but upvoted this deal for such a cool concept.

    • +4

      Also, 'black box' syndrome. People don't know if their money was kept or donated.

      I suppose Atish could post the receipt. But then some people would argue against him saying he took the tax deductions etc..

      Personally I think Atish did it the right way!

  • Great bargain on the earphones, checked other places and they sell for 40 bucks and up, I would buy but I dont need them ;)

  • +3

    I would have bought 2 from the $10 I saved at KFC today…
    But since I'm not in Sydney & this is an awesome deal, I'm gonna donate the nugget money to a charity anyways.
    Thanks OP.

  • thanks OP - donation made…just sent you a PM…:)

  • Surprised the OP by rocking up at the store within the first hour since he posted the deal. Showed him the donation confirmation email on my cell phone and picked up Denon ear phones. Gracias OP.

    • Have you tried it yet? How is it?

      • +1

        illumination: I have them and I like them. Thanks OP and Digitalcinema! The sound quality is on par with my Xiaomi Piston 3 and Xiaomi Hybrid.
        I measured them using Vibro Veritas and StarTech ICUSBAUDIO2D with my own roughly compensated data.

        All my Xiaomi measurements closely match innerfidelity's raw measurements and audiobudgets.
        My measurement of Denon AH-C260
        Innerfidelity Piston 3 Audiobudget Piston 3
        Innerfidelity Xiaomi Hybrid Audiobudget Xiaomi Hybrid

        Denon AH-C260:
        +Bass is okay and not overbearing
        +Vocals sound good
        +Various ear tips and shirt clip
        +Packaging is very nice

        -Plastic build quality
        -Ear tips feel thin and wobbly unlike xiaomi's
        -Dust filter looks cheap unlike xiaomi's metal grills
        -Won't satisfy people who like bass eg. ATH-M50x and Sony owners.

    • No problem.. Have a safe flight… WS

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    Dear Op, can i please provide receipt and reserved a earphone to pickup ?thanks

  • +4

    A lot of people coming in with $10 donations =)

  • Very few headphones in stock left plenty of optical cables still here

  • All headphones finished.

    • Thanks for the update rep!

  • This was a great way to encourage donations to a worthy cause! I picked up a pair of headphones today and very happy. Thanks.

  • +2

    Ok so some guy just came in wanting a to claim a free optical cable, he pulls out a raffle ticket which he already went in the draw to win something with and then when I asked him when he purchased the raffle ticket, he replied last month. He wanted to benefit twice off a dodgy raffle ticket. Some people don't understand the meaning of charity.

  • Any optical cable left if I drop in tomorrow?

  • +1

    An ozbargain user just came in 2 mins ago with a $50 donation. He did not want his name mentioned.

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