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AKG K311 PLUM in-Ear Bud Headphones FREE $0 RRP $29.95 in Store Only [Min $5 Donation]


Hi Guys

We have 80 of these units to give away with a small catch


RRP is $29.95

There is only one condition, to qualify to receive this free in-store, you must donate minimum $5 (you can give more if you want to) to any of these charities below:






And simply bring in the donation receipt showing your payment to us and we will give you a free set of k311 earphones.

80 In stock
In Store pick up only
Interstate customers can send us a Self Addressed Reply Paid Satchel along with a copy of their donation receipt to us we will honour the same deal. Size of the satchel should be made to fit 15cm x 10cm x 3cm

AKG K311PL In-Ear Bud Headphones are all that music professionals demand from studio headphones – high sensitivity, a wide dynamic range and high sound-pressure levels – is also available in ultra light, ultra portable K311PL In-Ear Bud headphones.provides accurate high-output sound and an in-line volume control to conveniently keep it in check – even when your portable player is stored away in your backpack or seat pocket.

Realistic music reproduction demands clean, undistorted bass response, and the new K 311 headphones perform brilliantly, at any listening level. A virtually weightless semi-open design in three designer colors, Milk, Lime & Plum. K 311 extends the AKG professional tradition to ear buds you can take with you anywhere.

Improved bass response
Comfortable fit
Silicon fleece ear padsz
Silicon sleeves available in three sizes (S, M and L)
Carrying pouch included
Best for portable DVD, CD and MP3 players
iPhone® compatible
Closed-Back Design
iPhone compatible
New Supersoft ear pads for comfortable fit

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  • +13 votes

    too much effort. i am a lazy ozbargainer

  • good initiative! well done OP.

  • it's much convenient to buy online with minimum $5 and you guys donate the money received from these orders, therefore we can get free delivery at door… and don't need effort to get down charities.

    • +27 votes

      Hi Wayne,

      I know what yo are saying, but this way there is no suspicion of whether we are actually donating the money. Also if we use these charities names, they may ask us for too much information, such as how much are you guys going to donate, when, where blah blah blah.

      So this is keeping it simple on our end also.

    • You can tax deduct donations to charities !!!

      • Not if you receive something in return for your donations!

        • It's still tax deductable, I wouldn't think that the two transactions would be explicitly linked in the eyes of the tax department

        • Years ago I had a 'Free' health check. After a Donation ot the Red Cross ….. or similar …

        • A free health check isnt equivalent or convertable to cash, hence it wont affect your elligibility for a tax deduction.

          This is, however the ATO has better things to do than chase up $5.

  • -3 votes


    You missed the most vital part!

  • Hi Rep

    Can I reserve one to be picked up on this Sat please? Don't think I can go there till Sat. Just asking if possible.

  • good initiative OP!

  • Kudos to charity/bargain idea, but I'd rather give $5 to charity and email you proof and pay you another $5 to deliver it.
    That way you make a little cash and you allow people like me who cant come to your store due to fulltime work/study to jump on this deal.
    If you can arrange that I'm in.

    • "Interstate customers can send us a Self Addressed Reply Paid Satchel along with a copy of their donation receipt to us we will honour the same deal. Size of the satchel should be made to fit 15cm x 10cm x 3cm"

      Sorry mate, but this is the best I can do for now as we are extremely understaffed at the moment in the logistic side of the business.

      I hope you understand.

  • great initiative, let's show the giving side of ozbargain too!

    • Cheers digital cinema! got my pair, picked it up after lunch, so very happy :) say thanks to the boss, good bloke

  • Charity and OzBargain? Hah! Good one!

  • Silicon sleeves available in three sizes (S, M and L)

    Hi rep, the one I got seems very big. Do the earphones have different sizes or is it one size fits all?

  • How many left rep?

  • -3 votes

    Free, donate $5!? get out of here.
    Atleast reorder it to say "Donate $5 and get ___ free"

  • So we have no way of knowing if we can receive earphones before we donate?

  • So far only 3 people have claimed this offer, so its not running out the door. And to the people complaining about donating $5 and losing the chance to get one for free. Please GET A LIFE. God forbid you donate to charity and not get anything in return.

    Or perhaps Digital Cinema has setup an affiliate account with all these charities so for every $5 donation DC make $4 ….FFS if you are that afraid of losing $5 here is a solution. JUST DON'T DONATE.

    • Well I already donate monthly to specific charities (none of the ones listed above) as well as doing some charity work with my skill sets on a weekly basis. I dont really make the kind of money where i can just willy nilly donate to any charity. So I pick and select ones that i trust and i want to support. Take into account that the government uses our tax money to donate as well plus the flood levy, i think everyone is already donating at least some amounts to charities. Hence why people would like to know if there was a system in place to know that they are able to still get the earphones or not before donating.

      But seriously what astounds me the most is your response and tone…for someone who is a rep for a company and attempting to promote charity…your last post sure is a negative one and goes against everything you are trying to promote.

  • Great initiative. Will do. Can you donate via paypal for any of them?


    Seriously people, it's only $5. I've saved hundreds from OzB posted deals and in sure many have too. OzB should implement some kind of online charity giving system so people can give back.

  • No offence OP, except for the church i go to i stopped donating to any other charity organisations after finding out years ago one that used 90% of the money to upgrade their near new office furniture and fittings, spent hundreds of thousand dollars renovating their offices, bought tens of new luxury sedans and a $7k coffee machine.

  • Can you post here how many are left after today?

  • Just to share a bit of positive news after all the complaints about donating $5.00 and losing sleep not knowing if they were going to be able to claim headphones.

    One gentleman came in today showing his donation receipt to Salvation Army of $20.

  • Just picked up my set from digitalcinema. The owner/rep was friendly and I was in/out without hassles. They got some really good cinema and Audio stuff there too. Definitely would consider them for a Home Theater. Good cause digitalcinema! Thanks again.

  • Don't know why all the negativity, fully legit deal. Picked up one today.

  • Picked one up as well. No hassles at all. Good deal.

  • Got one the other day, the guy at the desk was surprisingly really nice. I felt bad for not buying anything afterwards, but I'm not sure what I could've bought.