Outlander LS 2L $27,990 vs RAV4 GX 2L $31,990

Looking at these two base model SUVs, both tick the necessary boxes regarding size, boot space etc… Well aware there are plenty of better SUVs around, but really just want to know whether the RAV4 is worth the additional $4k? Plan to keep the car for 10 yrs.


  • Both boring as bat shit! Get the next model or 2 up, but a year old. Should be within budget that way. The mitsi has a 5yr warranty so if you buy a 1yo one you're still fine

    • haha, agree especially after test driving both, but the missus wants an suv and brand new, so trying narrowed it down to these two..

      • I just mean that in terms of features they're Barry-basic. No leather or GPS or something fun. So sure, it's new, but any excitement over the new car will go fast, and you're left driving 'the base model'. Plus resale hits base models the hardest as you're up against ex-rentals

        • understood, but the next model up is a fair hike price wise for both cars, will give it more consideration.

        • @JetLi:

          That's why I said 1yo ;)

          You were looking at ASX, why the jump to the next size up now?

        • @Spackbace:

          liked the additional size of the Outlander for not much more $$ due to the free auto EOFY promo

        • @JetLi:


          1) compare yearly servicing costs, up to and including 100,000km
          2) compare standard features
          3) compare size and practicality

          If the Rav doesn't justify the extra spend, don't bother. You won't get the $4k back again in resale or anything.

          Side note, jees Rav4 is priced out of the market!

        • @Spackbace:

          did look at those points listed and the outlander faired favourably which is why i'm struggling to justify the additinal $4k, not sure about mitsu reliability in long run.

        • @JetLi:

          It'll be fine, Toyota hasn't been bulletproof for a few years, they've had their issues

      • +2

        but the missus wants an suv and brand new

        a couple of years ago Mrs Altomic wanted a new 7 seater SUV. we liked the Outlander diesel Aspire (leather seats, etc, etc). Dealer prices were around $45,000+. Toowong mitsubishi (Bris) had an arrangement with a charity whereby the charity buys outlanders at "near cost" and then the dealer buys them back just below cost when they are 6 months old or have driven 15,000kms -which ever comes first. so they are still "new- ish"

        The outlander we looked at was 6 months old (still the latest model and had done 12,000kms) the price was around $32,000.

        Mrs Altomic was adamant about new.

        I explained that I had 13,000 reasons why this near new (almost demo status) top of the line Diesel Outlander was a good buy.

        there was sound logic in my reasoning and we bought it.

        • hopefully Mrs JetLi will come to her senses one day…

        • @JetLi: yep, good luck with that.

          this was our third car bought together. The previous ones had to be new (car 1 was when we returned to live in Aus and were having a child so we wanted to new + safe). Car 2 - hyundai Tuscon -great little car. only sold it to upgrade to a bigger car.

        • +1

          "there was sound logic in my reasoning and we bought it"
          They are now divorced…and she kept the car ;-(

    • But you don't get the 10 year driveline warranty being the 2nd owner. Buy the mitsu, Toyohashi aren't as good as they once were and only 3yr warranty

      • But you don't get the 10 year driveline warranty being the 2nd owner.

        Average length of ownership of a car is under 4yrs

        • Plan to keep the car for 10 yrs.
          Sounds like a 10year warranty would be worthwhile, especially as they are planning on a 10year turnaround for this vehicle. Might help to read the post before comment?
          Hate for him to buy a rave and need transmission repairs at 6 years, with Mitsubishi it'd be free.

        • @Spackbace: but you did mention average length of ownership was 4 years when the OP said the plan was to keep it for 10. Didn't imply you were for or against any brand but for peace of mind the mitsu would be the choice, whether it fits other requirements is for OP to decide.

  • Personally, I would go for the Toyota based on the vehicles we have and previously had at work (cars, vans, trucks), which have always been reliable and solid, as per Toyota's reputation. Also, in my experience they're not horrendously expensive to repair if something goes wrong

    • toyota's reliability and cheap parts is a big plus.

  • When we were looking a couple of years ago we ended up with Outlander. Do yourself a favour and shop around for prices. We ended up with a really good deal, saved around 7k

    It may have changed since we were looking, but the biggest thing that put us off the RAV4 was, you sit in the driver's seat, and there was a metal bar accross the seat, digging you in the back (small of the back.) I don't know how often they'd change their seat design between models, but check it out well.

    • Interesting, I didn't find the seats out of the ordinary during my test drive maybe they've improved the seats. How are you finding the Outlander?

      • We're very happy with it, no problems whatsoever. Our family is all fairly tall, and it has plenty of leg room. We do a fair bit of travelling and the fuel consumption has been great.

  • I don't know about the mitsi but my 2nd car is 10yr old RAV4 with 160k on the clock. Though I bought it second hand it still feels like a new car.

    • Agree Toyotas just keep going if regularly serviced

  • See if you can test drive both cars for a week end each.
    I've done it & found it useful.
    If you're keeping a car for years, a weekend test drive should bring to the front any features/problems that would be a deal breaker.
    Most dealers have demos that their sales staff use as their personal cars & a weekend evaluation/living with test usually isn't a problem.
    Price is what you pay, value is what you get.

    • Wise words

  • Here is my 2 cents. Given i am looking at roughly the same thing as well. Given both 2L have cvt.. I would say go for the mitsi with the longer warranty and it was only revised last year with an updated new gen cvt based on the reviews i have read. And based on whats been posted on whirlpool, an extra 1k gets you into the mid spec fwd xls. Mid spec rav4 is a fair few k extra. If you are looking at the 4wd model..it would be the rav4 hands down imo. Given that its a proper auto. Talking to my local mechanic.. Toyota all the way based on resale and ease of sale in the second hand market.. Regardless if its 3/5/10 years down the track.

    • The mitsu warranty does give a lot of peace of mind, definitely leaning that way.

  • Would a base model Xtrail ST 2WD be the best option of the 3 if I can get one for around $32k? Would it have better resale value?

    • I have the previous model Xtrail and won't be buying another as i have had to replace a few things at great expense.

      Have a look at the Mazda CX5 or even Hyundai Tucson, they are better value for money and you get a longer warranty with the Hyundai.

      • ok, thanks for the input.

      • And if you're looking purely on warranty..the kia sportage. Last friday in the heraldsun paper, local dealer was advertising the si model for $27.9k driveaway.

  • How about suzuki sx4 - big boot space or vitara - around $22k manual

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