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Edit Biker Jacket $49, Cool Wool Suit Jacket $49, Trousers $25 in Black or Navy at Target


The Cool Wool Blend Suits deal is back! Same price as posted by altomic previously

Part of Target's Clearance Sale where there are lots of items under $20, and this Edit Biker Jacket for $49! Description:

Exude cool confidence in our Edit Biker Jacket. Super versatile, this jacket looks great styled with denim and lace-ups or pants and dress shoes.

  • Zip through front.
  • Turnover collar with stud detail.
  • Three front pockets with zip closure.
  • Zips on the sleeves.
  • Fully lined.
  • Internal pocket.

You know you need this to be part of OzBargain gang.

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  • +8

    The previous cool wool deal had order both the jacket and pants and the price drops to $35. That was the great part of that deal.
    Checked price now at checkout, $74 for jacket & pants :-(

    Pretty comfy gear for good price. Happy with these.

    • +5

      Wouldn't you prefer George Costanza's Gore-tex jacket instead?

      • +1

        You mean.. George Cant-stand-ya???

    • I got that deal and picked up the next day. The staff explained that that was a price error which head office picked up on and shut down, hence price going up the next day.

  • Are the pants slim fit or regular?

    • +3

      The pants are more 'regular' than slim.

      • +1

        Thanks mate

  • +5

    Wasn't Nick Xenophon photographed in GQ in these, over his Kmart undies?
    Is Nick an OzBargainer?
    Far too political pants for me ;-)

    • +4

      I've never seen JV and Nick in the same room…..hmmmm

      • Or the same kiddies car…

  • Just a suggestion as I purchased from the last deal. The slacks are a similar fit to other suits I have purchased in terms of sizing but the jacket I found rather large for the fit. If you are a 41 in shirts contemplate just the 40 jacket (ie: size at least 1 down).

  • +1

    Jacket is onyl available in the Small. Shame!

  • +3

    Perfect. I've been looking for something that says 'dad likes leather'!

    • +7

      You mean "leather daddy"?

      • +1

        Oh, is there such a thing?

  • +6

    Biker jacket's only avail in small - cool confidence isn't the only thing that would be exuding from this jacket if I shoehorned myself into it

  • one hundo percent leather?

  • I wouldn't buy this if you live in Queensland.


  • Edit: not a biker jacket.

  • +1

    Thanks so much OP!! Been waiting for this to happen…

    Really needed to buy a couple of suits (I don't own any, and have moved into some work roles where it's likely they'll be necessary in the not-so-distant future). So just grabbed two 100% Cool Wool suits, both with an extra pair of trousers, for a total sum of $200.

    What a bargain! :-)

  • +1

    You champion, last time I got the black suit and it's amazing, fits perfectly and it doesn't look like a cheap suit, got a navy suit now!

    • +1

      I found this out last year when suit shopping for my brothers wedding.

      Went to about 10 diff places in Chadstone and was willing to part with $500 for a suit. After test fittings I was extremely disappointed with the fit (not the finish) of the $500 offerings from Myers, David Jones, Tarocash, Bossini ect. My shoulders are broader than most people my height and as a result all the cookie cutter suits would have the shoulder pads end too early and then my deltoids and triceps would bulge out. So instead of a nice flat crisp edge (as a suit shold have), I looked lumpy.

      It was out of desperation that I went to Target. After spending 4+ hours with my grandmother helping me try on suits (she was footing the bill) it was kind of funny to both of us that it was almost a tailored fit off the shelf, and further alterations costed $30 which included moving the cuff buttons on the suit top.

      Since then I've bought 4 more of their suits. I just need an occasion to wear them, as it would be frowned upon to wear a suit in my field (creative media).

      • Yeh I've worn a $500 suit and really can't tell the difference with these target ones, haha you bought 4 suits and it's frowned about in your industry… that's what ozbargain does to you!

  • Super keen to get another one of these Target suits.. but since I only paid $35 for the last one I can't bring myself to pay anymore… Great deal though.

    • $35 was an insane deal that may never come around again, if you miss out on this one i'm sure you will kick yourself again

  • Leather jackets sold out online but I managed to get one on hold at my local b&m.

    Pretty excited to wear it around the house

    • +1

      Materials and Composition

      Polyurethane / Viscose
      Lining: Polyester

      The suits are where this deal should get a +1, not the pleather jacket at a standard pleather jacket price.

      I have nothing against pleather. My best jacket ever was pleather. It lasted 4 years before the pleather started to peel away from the fabric underneath (just a little on the outside of the elbows). I actually still have it as it looks awesome, fits right and has a few more uses left in it.

      • +1

        Yeah for $49 was pretty apparent it'd be PU.

        Won't stop me from putting on a white glove.

  • $5 even for click and collect. Is there a cheap item ~$5 to add?

    • +1

      just buy 2 and return 1 when you click and collect ….
      say you accidentally bought 2

      • +4

        A Broden type move - buying up stock to benefit you, but meaning others may miss out as stock is "sold out" online :(
        Just add something else no one wants & return that.

        • good point ..

        • @nosuchuser:
          No criticism of you.
          Just would have been pissed off if someone had done that causing me to miss out. (I missed out on jacket in deal last time.)

          But I got free delivery of a recent Target deal, by throwing in additional items - kept 2 & returned 1 ;-)

        • +2

          Alternatively you can buy anything from the 'Danni Minogues petites' range and get free delivery!
          Please don't abuse this 'loophole'

  • You know you need this to be part of OzBargain gang.

    @Op, does that mean you actually own one of these? Wouldn't have thought they were your style .

  • +1

    Redeemed 4K of my flybuys point and saved an extra $20 off. Suit and pants for $54. Sweet!

  • too bad these suits are up to 48 only =/.

    • oops just noticed 48 target size is like 4XL so all good!

  • You know you need this to be part of OzBargain gang.

    Along with the Official Ozbargain t-shirt as well.

  • bought 2 pants and a polo shirt. hope the pants are good, I've never had wool suit pants before keen to try them out

    • can confirm the suit pants are tops!

  • +3

    Pro tip don't actually wear this on a bike…

  • Great, thanks. I managed to get a pair of navy pants last time but no jacket - just ordered one in my size.

  • +2

    If your in store (don't appear to be available online), look out for Limited Edition Cool Wool Tailored Fit trousers RRP 59.95, marked down to 39.00 but they scan at 25.00. Awesome value for modern and comfortable trousers. Available in grey and black at Perth's city store.

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