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Russell Hobbs Colour Control Blender $25 @ The Good Guys

  • 1.5 litre glass jug
  • Powerful 850W motor
  • Unique light ring indicate
  • 4 different speeds & functions
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • 2 year warranty

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The Good Guys

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    Cheers, need a new blender!

    • I don't, but I'm adding it to my pile of Russell Hobbs clearance items anyway.

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    Thank you! My old ones was broken last week!

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    Got one in one of the many specials that have been going on with this blender. Have blended a range of liquids and solids (including ice). Hasn't died or shown any signs of failing.

    - Jug feels quite solid and is glass.
    - Solid locking mechanism (I feel no one could accidentally unlock it).
    - LEDs! Obvious selling point.

    - Can't really detach glass jug from plastic base for cleaning in between.
    - Cleaning at the bottom of the jug is super difficult.
    - First few uses left a strange smell around the kitchen. I'd count that as wear in.
    - Suction caps aren't amazing (maybe it's just my bench top).
    - A bit noisy even on low speed.

    For $25 it does the job which is all I really need. It's just a pain to clean properly every time.

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      I also bought one in a recent sale. Your Pros are all legit, but I'm glad to report that I detach my jug from the base all the time, which makes it a breeze to clean. It is tight, which is great for keeping the liquids in, but just hold the glass handle really tight, then grip and turn the base clockwise (it'll give eventually). Each component is then really easy to clean.

      • I also have the same one, great value and yes mine you can remove the glass to clean it

      • Ah ok thanks for the info. To be clear, are you indicating you can actually separate the glass jug from everything else? Also, inside the jug below the actual blades, has a very narrow section which is difficult to clean.

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          100%. It separates into five components- the jug, the blade, a rubber seal, inner base and outer base. All easy to clean once separated.

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          @humphrey623: Sweet. Wish I knew sooner! Thank you very much.

      • I agree! But you know when you hold on to the bottom to turn, it feels like the plastic is gonna break really easily to me. Overall great blender for that price!

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    I have appliance raves with my Colour Control stick mixer, toaster, kettle and blender. You too could be this cool.

    I think the blender is the most durable of the lot to be honest. I also picked it up during a TGG click and collect eBay sale earlier in the year. I use it 5 days a week and it's still going strong.

  • Blender is cheap at this price. Definitely wouldn't pay the full RRP for it.
    The glass does feel solid and looks nice.
    As for blending, it only has 2 blades which sit pretty low and doesn't grip onto stuff that well. It just doesn't seem to blend stuff that great. I always have to poke a chopstick down to move stuff around so it loosens up a bit and then try blending again. I'm only blending a smoothie (frozen berries, banana, ice cream) which my old blender had no issues.

    • That would be annoying, at $25 it's okay, but its RRP is a joke.

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    From experience, you absolutely get what you pay for in a blender. Cheapies are usually fine for a few months or a even a year but then will die a horrible death, usually involving smoke and a metallic smell. The motors simply give up.

    • I have had similar experiences, not sure if Russell Hobbs appliances have got any better.

    • Yeah, also glass isn't necessarily the best, especially when it comes to temperature changes. Personally I'd suggest looking at the Sunbeam Cafe Series.

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    Bought one of these from GG on eBay, its a nice looking blender, 850W is suited to mist but dont fill with too much icy thingsm the blade is not the best.

    But at $25 is very good deal.

  • I've had this for about a year and still going well. I've been making fruit & veg smoothies on average 3x per week with mostly kale, frozen blueberries, carrots, spinach and banana. Still working fine but I have a second one just in case this one breaks.

  • I own this blender and it died after 1 year, it's not a bad blender for $25, not very powerful but for this price if Ur picking up then go for it.

    I paid much more so wasn't worth it.

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