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RV77 Dual USB Charging Charger Docking Station Stand for PS4 Controller $4.66 @ Allidealhere eBay


●Brand new .designed based on PS4 handle charge needs
●Can charge to two PS4 handles simultaneously.
●You can see the light condition of PS4 handle charging light more intuitive according to the device slot in the bottom part.
●Simple installation and easy operations
●The device appearance is novel and lightweight, and operation is easy and convenient, which is essential to the PS4 handle players.
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  • I assume this doesn't have a power supply like the original Sony one does?

    • According to the Package Contents it is a USB charger, no power supply. So it might charge slower than normal if you have 2 controllers charging.

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        thanks, it also means you need to have the PS4 on to charge them.

        • You could probably still plug the USB into a powered USB port (like an iPhone charger or something)

  • I purchased an identical one of these off eBay (not from this seller) and it lasted less than a week before it stopped working. That was a waste of $5. I guess you get what you pay for. How it could have been manufactured and shipped (and still make money for the manufacturer, seller, eBay etc) at that price gives you an idea of what the build quality is like.

  • Also available in Kmart for $6.