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50% off LEGO City Bulldozer $19.50, LEGO Friends Pop Star Show Stage $24.50, LEGO City Demolition Site $44.50 @ Big W - In Store


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    Saw a lady put at least 6 dozers in her trolley today. I know your face now broden…er…ette.😏

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      Did you ask what her eBay ID was?

  • Wow! With 384 pieces the bulldozer is worth it just for the parts :-D

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      Keep in mind, 84 of those pieces are the individual sections of the caterpillar tracks.

      • Yeah, and that's why I bought it :-)

        I need some cat tracks and can't be bothered with Bricklink

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          Worth it for just that track

  • Darn, bought the Lego Friends pop star set on the first day of the sale. Doubt they will let me return and repurchase.

    • Buy a new one then return the unopened unit with the old receipt.

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        Good idea, except that school holidays are on now and I don't get to go shopping on my own for the next 2 weeks.

        • LOL, thanks for the heads-up. I guess I have to make the crumbs left in my cupboard last twice as long now. As an ex-retail employee, I've avoided children and mothers for the last ten years >:D. Children and mothers are the worst people.

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          @BookerDeWitt: do you have enough food to feed your 10 cats?

        • @lkp: Yes. I have plenty of rare and endangered native Australian birds/wildlife that hang around the garden that should keep them fed and occupied. Thank you for asking.

  • Anyone find stock in nsw. I've tried a number of stores. No luck :(

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      The Big W website used to have a listing of which stores had stock but I can't find that feature any more. It's annoying having to go around to other stores and make phonecalls about stock.

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        The loss of that feature isn't that significant since in my experience, it never actually reflected the store stock level but I agree it is very annoying having to go around to other stores and make phone calls about stock

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          Agreed big pain in the ass. This deal isn't that good in my opinion but respect to Big W at least they are having sales. Target should follow suit

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          @PAOK11: at 50% how can it not be a good deal

        • This is a crappy line.

        • @PAOK11: so you just don't like it. Never the less it's still a good deal.

        • Cant make any money on the resell

  • Thats a cool bulldozer.

  • Guess I'm off to Big W tomorrow, first thing…Thanks for another great deal Trent 😀

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    I got both city sets this morning from Macquarie Centre. There were plenty available at the time.

  • Heaps in stock at Chullora Bigw, around 20 bulldozers at 9am and 6 of the demolition set left. But going fast.

  • I didn't count, but about 30 each of bulldozer & friends, & 15 of demo site at Tuggerah, 2259.

  • Quite a few of both bulldozer and demo site at Stafford City, Brisbane - in toy sale section near front of store. Even better both were still ticketed at original full price but scan at 50% off. A lot of other sets ~30% off as well.

  • One bulldozer left and no demoilition sites at Carindale Brisbane

  • Heaps at Runaway Bay and unlikely to sell as they are not marked 50% off, but they scan at the right price.

  • Plenty of stock at tweed city. Picked up several sets awesome pricing!! Nearly considered buying the lot and ebaying them.

    • Are you BRODEN?

  • Plenty in stock of both at Woden (ACT) but none at the Canberra Airport (ACT) store.

    • Plenty of all 3 of them in Tuggeranong.

  • About 10 bulldozers and 6 demolition sites at Mount Ommaney (Qld) at 10am.

  • Doesn't seem to be any left at Macquarie Centre (NSW)

    • Broden must have gotten to it.

  • Plenty stocks of Lego Friends in Waverley Garden Vic.
    The price is $55 on the label but you can see the discounted price when you scan the barcode.

  • Picked up last construction site at campsie. 3.5yo loved putting it together

  • Unfortunately none in the Perth stores I went to, pretty disappointed we could not get any

  • Around a half a dozen of each at Parabanks SA at lunchtime

  • Not a single thing in box hill or forest hill. Forest hill looked like a hurricane have just went past it. All cleaned out.

  • Got 2! Thanks OP

    • Where from??? Been looking for stores that stocked them in Sydney

      • This was NQ, plenty in stock @ Stocklands!

  • Thx op. Picked up a friends one at Belmont Big W in Perth. Hopefully it'll one lil girl happy at Christmas

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