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Me too! It's been a while since it's been on discount at Myer, and it's never in stock at other places.
11/07/2021 - 09:22
This, or the slightly cheaper R6 with Intel CPU?
28/06/2021 - 17:08
My order just got cancelled...
05/05/2021 - 09:47
For those who miss the arrow keys, what I did was change the function of the bottom right keys to be the arrow keys (i.e. permanent rather...
17/03/2021 - 22:46
I think it is working about, just got 1x$100 and then 1x$200 through
19/12/2020 - 11:59
Hiding large price increases behind the Hot & Spicy announcement! And no deal in NSW
14/07/2020 - 10:38
Not even close:
26/03/2020 - 14:27
Read the reviews on Officeworks, 1.2 star on average...
12/02/2020 - 13:50
The type cover still costs $150, essentially required to use the device productively
27/11/2019 - 11:24
You need to apply the coupon code PMYSTORE at checkout.
19/09/2019 - 10:39
Bought this a while ago, and is the set I’ve most enjoyed building, even compared to the creator expert and UCS MF I’ve built. At this...
12/09/2019 - 09:29
Actually, no, the person serving me at Thornleigh was very helpful. I asked him whether they price match, he took a screenshot of the GYC...
26/03/2019 - 16:37
I got Bunnings Thornleigh to price match + additional 10% discount
23/03/2019 - 12:24
Note this monitor is HDCP2.0, not HDCP 2.2. So you can’t watch Netflix 4K without a converter (not that cheap). Otherwise, I haven’t...
25/02/2019 - 08:54
Fairly sure that doesn't happen. The passes appear in your QFF account and you are free to use it or gift it to someone else, the bank is...
21/01/2019 - 14:01
Not really cheaper than 970 EVO 512MB which is $184
08/10/2018 - 18:06
The Momentum 2 wireless from last deal were on-ear, the current deal are over-ear. There is quite a big difference between the two. Not...
29/08/2018 - 21:38
Even better if you are going overseas soon, your GST rebate will be for the original price (i.e. before ebay discount and cashback) of $2149
07/08/2018 - 15:01
I got these bundled with Pixel 2. They are one of the worst IEM I've ever heard!
27/07/2018 - 16:46
I have this monitor, and the only issue is it is not HDCP 2.2 compliant. This means you won't be able to play 4k movies and Netflix titles,...
23/06/2018 - 10:46
First attempt was successful with Namrata.
27/02/2018 - 16:14
kwokask was awarded a badge.
06/01/2018 - 23:11
got my "order on its way" email!
21/12/2017 - 16:57
which seller? i'm looking to travel to, need an aussie stock for salary packaging
14/09/2017 - 11:53
Use ANNIVERSARY20 to bring it down to $299
13/06/2017 - 10:03
I have a Citibank Signature Visa - can I still apply for this?
30/05/2017 - 17:49
I got both city sets this morning from Macquarie Centre. There were plenty available at the time.
25/06/2016 - 20:00
Argh, only just say your reply, but the deal is now expired...
29/02/2016 - 01:20