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Zotac GeForce GTX 980ti AMP! Omega Edition £337.09 (~AU $589) Delivered @ Overclockers UK


Hi All,

Hopefully this qualifies as a decent deal. I was looking for a 1070 but then stumbled across this.

Reviews suggest that it can overclock much further than it's already higher than normal clock, so would outpace the currently more expensive 1070 without much issue. Figured that ~$589 is a pretty good deal for that, so I pulled the trigger. Plus that cooler is utterly insane, make sure you check out the dimensions of the card (particularly the thickness) before buying.

Remember that VAT is removed at checkout. So it drops to £299.99 plus £37.10 delivery.

For you Asus Strix fans, there's also this 980ti for exactly the same price. However, it's not overclocked as extensively out of the box.

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  • Zotac
    Price : very nice
    3 slots : hmm thats fine.
    328.22m card length : nope never mind, wont fit. :( Sdd cage in the way

    Guess i'll get the asus strix one then.

    • Try looking at the Asus Strix that I linked at the bottom. Slightly lower clocks but same price and smaller dimensions :)

      • Yea i noticed.
        On second thought, my windowed case has enough LEDs already
        I'll wait around

  • Yeah good price, but then you could overclock the 1070…
    If I was upgrading now I'd wait for the 1070 custom cards. But yeah, if you need a card right now, this is a good option.

  • once the GTX 1070 gets to RRP and not high demand pricing it will be THIS PRICE! and the better purchase :) GTX 980ti is shocking in DX12 titles.. with the GTX 1070 they added a Software async compute driver to emulate hardware async compute to improve DX12 performance a large amount.

    They could have done this same thing with GTX 970, GTX980 GTX 980ti, Titan but then again its Nvidia and they want you to spend the money upgrading to their new products! WHY would they make their new product look worse by boosting performance in DX12 on older stock! :) … I sometimes find it funny when Nvidia Fanboys support this VERY TACTIC! as good for them!!

  • For anyone who is interested, here are DX11/12 gaming benchmark comparisons of overclocked 1080, 1070 and 980ti cards.

  • Such a good price… considering I got my GTX980 for about $550 a year ago


    Zotac…when Zoidberg eats Tic Tac.