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LEGO Creator Expert Ferrari F40 10248 $90.96 C&C @ Myer (+$9.95 for Delivery)


Pretty sure it wasn't included in this promo at first as it's exclusive to Myer in Australia. Great price for this set.

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  • This is already in my post


    Agree it's a bargain

    • Why do I get negged for stating a fact (it's in my post) and my opinion (agree it's a bargain)?

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        You got my up vote. ignore the neggers.

        • yeah …..the neggers are sometimes strange …… paulas choice was selling "serum" and I questioned serum as the dictionary defines it as an "amber-coloured, protein-rich liquid which separates out when blood coagulates" ….. I don't regard face cream as serum…. might have impacted the referers freebies.

        • Hey uncool man, that's their word. Only they can call themselves that.

        • I'd like to solve it. The answer is… neggers!

    • Not in title so not a Dupe

      • Fair enough. Thanks for explaining it. I was actually just saying it was in my post. It is a bargain and does deserve its own post

  • With the 30% in my post https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/256531 I got the Ferrari F40 for about $90. Not sure if it's in store only though.

  • Wait I'm confuse. So buy now 20% off but tomorrow will be 30%?

  • You're a basta…..I mean cheers lowest I've ever seen.


  • I think the 3 limit is so that people don't buy the lot of these exclusives for reselling on Ebay,

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      More than 30 sellers selling this item on ebay even before this bargain started. It won't make much difference.

  • Even cheaper now!

  • Please update price is lower now

  • Any other way we can get this cheaper? EBay Cashrewards or Amex connect Cashback?

  • So I bought yesterday - doh! Can I just get the difference refunded. I opted for click and collect…. (Pick up today anyway)

    • Buy another then return with first receipt

      • Pickup, ask for refund and resale due to updated price

        • Could be a method of the history soon.. Getting extremely difficult to do in many stores unless you are willing to risk losing the possession of the item for a while (up to 24 hours as I was told by 2 stores today) before being able to repurchase it again..

        • @feihong: Wow, interesting. I thought they'd rather have the sale (and service)

      • This will work but only if you are able to lay your hands on one in the first place (A Herculean task for many today)!!

  • Thanks Op and DG1977. I have been looking for this for a while and couldn't justify spending $130 plus another $30 delivery from Lego shop. I was tempted to get it last night at $103, but held off and got it for $90.96.

  • 4 left at Shellharbour Square as of an hour or so ago.

  • Got it using my amex for an extra $15 off. Bargain

  • Saw lots of people swarmed in and bought bazillion of Legos at tea tree plaza, was like lol, probably Ozbargainers…

  • I think this is out of stock, when I try to "add to bag" it says its out of stock

    edit: out of stock for online only?

  • Picked up the Ferrari and a Classics box.

  • I wanted the Mini Cooper for one of the boys but that's out of stock. Passing on the Ferrari but great price.

  • I don't even know why i want this….

  • Thanks OP! I LOVED Lego when I was young, even pulled out an old set late last year. But went and bought this one because it's my favourite car of all time.

    It was also a good chance to use my gift cards.

    It's been probably close to 20 years since I've had a new Lego set. Will probably be pulling out all the big sets I still have at my mums place after this. Childhood memories = )

  • I just hope it isn't like once when I ordered and paid for a Simpsons house through Myer and they rang and said they had no stock, so the order cancelled. I don't think their stock control is the best in the business.

    • I think they include what is in the stores as well in their stock. Seems like companies that have real world presence and online always has this issue. I had it with Dicks, MSY and Myer.

    • Just received a "shipped" notification. :)

  • Just tried to grab one online and it says out of stock :(

  • Had planned this to be a birthday present for myself, put my order in for click and collect early yesterday morning and sure enough after a few phone calls today I find out they will be cancelling the order since there is now no stock :(

    • Cancel or backorder? I received the status 'backordered' for those items that they can't allocate for the time being.. Obviously I am not holding my breathe that I will get them, but at least it's not cancelled and gives me some small hope!

  • Have people who bought these received their purchases yet? I haven't received anything since the order confirmation email on the 9th. Tried to call Myer today but gave up after spending 15 mins on hold.

    • Received mine on Wednesday 13/7/16

    • Particularly interested in orders in Melbourne.

    • I spoke to Myer on the weekend and they confirmed my order was on back order. They said it usually stays that way until they find the stock, and if after 2 weeks they don't have the stock, they will cancel the order and refund the money. I told them I would be pissed if they cancelled the order and they shouldn't have taken the order if they didn't have the stock.

      • They had plenty of stock in Myer Garden City WA. Maybe you should call again and ask if they can check the store and ship it from there?

        • Just had my order cancelled :(((
          You mentioned Garden City WA had plenty of stock. When was that? The product has been removed from the Myer site.

          EDIT: Just called them. They don't have any. They checked their system and no one anywhere has them.

        • @giu: I went on the Saturday afternoon of the deal and they had a lot in stock. Must have all sold out :(

    • Mine also now cancelled. In future will go to bricks and mortar store. Cynic in me thinks they draw people to their site with great deals they can't honour with hopes you'll pick up some other stuff at the same time.

  • Yep, I ordered this at 1am the morning it went on sale and I only just got an email saying they have cancelled it and there's nothing more they can do.

    Pretty piss poor.