Been to an OzBargain meetup or would like to attend one?

If you have been to one, what was it like? Were you surprised by the people who turned up? Did you have much in common? Was it awkward?


Edit: If you haven't been to one but would like to, let us know what your dream meetup would be. We* might be able to make it come true :)

*we = the mods or whoever is willing to organise it.


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    wasn't the last meetup cancelled back in 2014?

    (Inspired dream)
    IT was amazing, it was almost like a dream, there were eneloop powered cars, all of those people who always commented on deals like, "hey this will be the new ozbargain uniform", they sure weren't lying

    • The one I was going to attend was cancelled. Not sure if you're referring to the same one.

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    If one ever happens I'll wear a jv name tag. That'll make it fun.

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      How about we all wear a JV nametag? Wouldn't that be hilarious? :)

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        We are legion, we are jv!

      • Yeah, a real riot, can't wait.

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    I've never been to one but I would consider going to it.

    Now that my children are school age it is slightly easier to get childminders so that we can go out occasionally.

    • Is your SO an ozbargainer too?

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        He is an ozbargainer in spirit. He is really good at getting great deals on big ticket items. I'm good at getting deals on the day to day items. He'd love all the science and tech discussion. I'd enjoy all the shelf clearing stories and other adventures in supermarket skill shopping.

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    Because I have a life outside OzBargain, sometimes I miss things, and am glad that I missed seeing "Can't Get Rid of Squatter" followed by "Most of OzBargain Are Relatively Priveleged, Filthy Capitalists - A Short Rant". I am concerned that any OzBargain meeting could become a riot followed by a lynching party. I sometimes suspect that the moderators enjoy the flaming. It could become a huge punchup broken up by fire hoses. The forums can become blood sports very quickly, the meetings could be worse. The Squatter forum was truly low life stuff, and the squatter was not the low life. It will remain a classic example of what should not happen. I would not attend a meeting with such people.

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      Know what you mean.
      I do find people write things in the anonymity of forums they would never say to a person face to face. Same with emails.
      Occasionally I get carried away and regret it afterwards.

      I believe a meeting could be quite good.
      People will be more respectful because it is face to face and those who really are not social tend not to come at all or keep quite because they can't hide.

      I would vote "yes" for a meeting if it is not too far.
      Something like 3-4 locations per major city so you don't have to travel for hours?

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      I agree with:

      The Squatter forum was truly low life stuff, and the squatter was not the low life.

      I wouldn't normally associate with people like that either. I would like to think it was a case of the mob phenomenon at play and that in real life, these "low lives" would be on their best behaviour.

      There are also some really good people on here, people I've bonded with or who have helped me in one way or another and I would love to meet them. Why deprive myself of that pleasure because of a few rotten eggs?

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      As I have said, anyone is welcome to give me their address and I will personally deliver him to you. I have yet to have any takers.

      • 1/3 Streeton Place, Lambton NSW.
        It's an abandoned property nearby where I live. Feel free

        • Bloody Novocastrians, cheeky buggers…

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      I thought you missed the squatter post, yet you seem to describe your feelings about it

    • @bambooculm, have you reported the post for being inappropriate?

      The one comment I've reported was unpublished within minutes. I've also just now reported the whole post because,IMHO, there is no more constructive, humane advice we can give OP.

      At best,the post has become voyeuristic; at worst, it is inciting violence against the homeless.

      If enough people complain, it will be closed.

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      It could become a huge punchup broken up by fire hoses.

      It wouldn't be much of a scuffle with this bunch of milquetoasts…more like a handbag swinging competition. ;)

    • "The squatter is not the low life."

      I would totally agree if he wasn't leaving syringes lying around the area.

    • It's ok if an OzBargain meet up ends in a punch up - as long as the attendees have purchased the numerous private health insurance deals that end up on here.

      • The conscious ones will be handing referral codes out to the Ambos! ;)

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        Actually, the Melbourne one ended with a competition to see who could get the highest score on that punch machine.

  • Well if there were ever one, I will wear my OzBargain shirt

    • So you did end up getting one.

      • Umm, no! 😉

        • Good.

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    I think the ideal meetup would involve a bargain and a fun activity.

    For example, someone could call up a bowling centre to negotiate a deal for 100+ Ozbargainers to have unlimited bowling for $7 for the night. And I figure it will still be a good deal for the bowling centre too. You could probably do a similar thing at a mini golf place.

    And I would nearly be inclined to come from interstate if I could get bargain flights.

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      Some ozbargainers would on broden their bowling passes for profit

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    Yeah I went to one…

    Wait, didn't everyone visit a Dick Smith store with their phone in hand, looking for a bargain when they closed? Lol

    • I dropped past the one near where I work a few times…picked up an Acer Switch 10e that I use more and more these days

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        I snagged GTA5 for XB1 for $20, still happy with that price :)

        • There were some good deals for those who checked…but at the end of the day it was kind of depressing. I hope the staff managed to find new work

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    I would not go because splitting the bill would be a nightmare with all you tight arses.

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      Split the bill???

      If it's in Melbourne it should be held at Southern Cross station on a weekday as this is when they hand out free samples. You can't pay at an ozbargain get together

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    I always thought there'd be an ozbargain fashion parade. I.e. how much did your entire ensemble cost? E.g. ozsale T-shirt -free, bestnless jeans $7, Lowes undies -free with voucher and free delivery, kmart sneakers shoes $4, etc etc.

    I'd go to one if held in Bris. I had to pull out of the last one in 2012(?) Due to personal reasons.

    • Nah. Wear a suit. Hallensteins/Moss Bros.. match with a CT/TM/Herringbone shirt.

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        Target $35 wool suit.

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    As long as it takes place at the local Harvey Norman and we have to wear our ozbargain t-shirts I'm in!

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    I dunno, sounds like an expensive exercise.

    • What if we could get Scotty to give away freebies? I wouldn't mind getting an ozbargain t-shirt;)

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        I dunno, sounds like an expensive exercise… to me, if I need to give away freebies.

        • How about coupon codes that bring the price down to $4? Those who forget to use the coupons get charged RRP. It will add a little excitement to the whole thing:)

        • @Jar Jar Binks:

          Everyone would bring a coupon making it just as bad for scotty (and if anyone didn't bring on they would be kicked out of the venue due to being an infiltrator on Ozbargain)

  • sure this isn't the procrastinator's club? They've never met yet , either.

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      They have. Found this on the ozbargain blog. I also remember seeing a pic from the Sydney meetup. Scotty was there too.

      Edit: Found it! Scotty's handing out tshirt!!!

      P.s: is that a young Ashton Kutcher holding an ozbargain t-shirt? O.O

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    I will come, I think it is great idea.
    Last one I was looking to attend got cancelled too

    We have a local club here in Melbourne Northern suburbs, basically all neighbours, we didn't know each other to begin with. started with walks and talks :) then play dates for kids and now the club is grown over 100 people. We all have lunch in local oval once a month and it is great to see people for all different walks of life and it has been a very positive experience

    • this sound like actual social networking

      • More like love thy neighbour!

    • the club has grown over 100 people

      I know a dozen or so ozbargainers IRL and regularly hang out with 4 of them. We even have a secret handshake :D

      The worst place to meet a fellow ozbargainer is at a job interview. I was one of the interviewer. When asked if he had anything to add at the end of the interview, he started talking about loving bargains and being an ozbargainer and gave me a knowing smile. It was so awkward:( He didn't get the job and I gained a new neg-stalker. Can't be entirely sure that those 2 events were related but…

      • Ooooooohh

        I don't get it.

        j/k yes I recall an awkward exchange where personal questions and meetups were involved. So that was someone you met maybe?

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      Wow that sounds great! I think I might be in your area, can I join?? I'll pm you.

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    Last Ozbargain meet up I went to was in Melbourne in February 2013. Pinball, pizzas and competitions. Was a great night.

  • I'll go to one in Melbourne if there's a free BBQ or pizza lol

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    I've been to many unofficial ozbargain meet ups at Smith's Dick. Wouldn't recommend it tbh ^^

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    I just came for the freebies

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      and for the Best Dressed award…

      Have you found other occasions to wear your outfit?

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        aha I'm surprised that you remember! I've worn it a couple of times, but then there were a lot of Delivery Hero deals after that and I became very fat.

  • Back when I was a Whirlpool tragic I had just moved to QLD and didn't know a soul. I went to a few Whirlpool meets and enjoyed meeting people and made some good friends, and actually ended up getting a great job out of it. An OzB meet would be fun but I'd likely have to hike it into Bris for the weekend

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      And upgrade your cushy IT job to role picking valuables out of dumpsters!

  • Also QLD, Gold Coast though, would be awesome… although Brisbane is not out of the question if it's worth my while.

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      I'm in, when and where

      • I have no freaking idea! LOL

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    When IRC first started the room i was in had a meetup. It was fun but it was a long time ago now and i wouldn't do it again. No point.

  • I dont suppose there would be one held in the backwaters of Adelaide? Reading all your comments is very interesting, it seems you all know each other. I have only put 1 post & I was worried about stuffing some up & as it was in I was told in my first reply I was meant to put a link…. I was curious about what VJ nametag means? Am prepared for " you thick or sumink"

    • There didn't seem to be much interest in an Adelaide meetup.

      • Fair enough, probably nothing open on a Saturday night, we roll up the footpaths at 6pm!

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    We aren't really event organisers and personally I much prefer

    • Someone else can help organising meet up events, or
    • Just some impromptu during-the-week lunch-time meetups. Bring your own takeaway, sandwich, bento box or whatever.

    For example, I am having a meeting in the Sydney CBD this Thursday between 11AM and 12PM, and my next meeting is at 5PM also in city north. Weather is fine according to BoM. Anyone wants to bring their lunch to chat at 12:30PM at Martin Place? I might bring some T-shirts to giveaway.

    • That sounds like a great idea, just a pitty I'm in Adelaide, otherwise I would like to have a bite to eat & a chat. I hope you have a great day with good company.
      All the best Scotty :)

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      Damn too busy with exams next Thursday, but the idea of impromptu meetups sounds awesome. Especially for introverted me who isn't the biggest fan of fanfare events.

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      @Scotty, are you one of those super outgoing people?

      P.s: Do you ever come to Melbourne?

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        Nope. Much prefer to stay at home. As of Melbourne — been there a few times.

    • I couldnt make that one….would love to attend a meet one day

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    Gosh, I'd love to attend one but, like scotty said there wasn't much interest for Adelaide

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      I guess we'll have to fly to Sydney to meet him

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        Just need a plane ticket to Sydney for free and I'll be off

        • At least you don't live in Braidwood…

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          Very funny

        • If I was in SA I'd fly you there :P

        • @Clear:


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    Would be great to attend one. Put faces to the names of all these OzBargainers.

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