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Xbox One 500GB Bundle (Refurbished) + Rise of the Tomb Raider - $279 @ ALDI


60 day satisfaction return warranty
Refurbished console with 1 year Microsoft warranty
Includes 1 wireless controller and headset

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    Perfect if the novelty wears off at day 59

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    Now THIS is tempting, and I haven't owned a console since the 360 which I bought on launch day.

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      come on, this COULDN'T be tempting when you could have gotten a brand new Xbox One AND a $50 voucher


      • Well spotted on that deal, must've missed that one.

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          Nonetheless, a good deal if it WEREN'T refurbished

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        @Bearosaurus: And a 1TB console and an extra game. This deal does not cut it.

      • Or the 1TB console with a few games chucked in from Target?


    • haven't owned a console since the NES :(

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    Any chance of posting the rest of the catelogue?

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    This deal is a lot better because we can try 59 days and return it to get full refund.

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      And the PS4 Neo is rumoured to be shown off in 2 months, so grab this, play all the MS exclusives for two months (i.e. Gears, Halo and Forza) then switch to the PS4 or a 1060/70 GTX based PC (once those chips are readily available in overclocked and better cooled versions).

      This actually seems a great plan!

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        It does seem like a good plan, but who can be bothered?

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          It does seem like a good plan, but who can be bothered?

          Only freefall101 has the time to do so.

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        Emphasis on "rumoured"… And what do we do for the next 12 to 18 months after we take our Xbox One back to Aldi while we are waiting for the Neo to eventually appear?

        Oh good idea, go out and buy a PC rig with a video card that alone will set you back at least 2 to 3 console purchases.

        Totally great plan you have, Sounds like a winner…

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          Hey you, don't be so negative.

        • -7

          You could buy a middle of the line PC for the cost of two current Xbones and it would still out-perform this or the next iteration of the consoles. Even if you step down the level of PC gaming standards all the way back to the base line of acceptable 60fps at native 1080p, consoles still can't even compete with that. If you already have a PC, then you can simply make a $320 upgrade for a RX 480 (4gig version) video card and that will see you able to play anything ever released at 1080p, with everything maxed even higher than ultra settings. It can even max out BF1 in beta at the moment at 1440p, at 70fps.

        • +3


          Interesting. but this more powerful PC cost twice the Xbox? I only have $300 to spend can you please recommend a $279 PC for me to game on please?
          If it's good I may get that over the Xbox

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    Aldi selling refurbs??? What's next, cats living with dogs…

    I wonder if ROTTR is a digital download like many bundles…that would make returns somewhat problematic?

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      maybe selling Dick Smith cables .. or bags ?

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      For Aldi, not you :)

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      Mass hysteria!

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    How many of these xbox ones have been sent back and been refurbished? So many that Aldi can put them in a catalogue as a special? What is it flawed? Is that why the S is already out? Or do they get them from overseas?

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      Trade-ins from people upgrading to 1TB/elite/s models?

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        Or switching to PS4 :p

        • Lol, touché! :)

        • lol at the 2 xbox fanbois that negged.

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    Pretty soon they'll be giving these boxes away. I feel sorry for the launch snobs

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      This literally applies to anything ever. Unless it's some limited item that appreciates on the second-hand market, everything - especially tech - gets cheaper through its life cycle. Do you never buy anything on day one?

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        This is simply not true. Most PC components become more expensive over time.

        • +1

          In what world? Unless you're talking about the price increase when they are long superseded, and have their manufacturing drastically cut, and therefore the cost to produce per unit increases and the cost is passed onto the consumer.

          Umart 4GB RAM prices (available):
          DDR4: $24
          DDR3: $29
          DDR2: $69

          So if you're talking about legacy PC components - then yes - but that would also be irrelevant.

          Components within a generation always become less expensive over their life cycle (unless there is a warehouse fire that wipes out half of the worlds production - e.g. RAM). When was the last time you saw the RRP of a GPU increase through it's life cycle? It doesn't. As you'll notice, the RRP of the 900 series has just dropped, thanks to the new 1000 series.

        • -1

          @johnno07: IN the world we live - and I have the proof. I recently tracked prices for RAM, CPU & Motherboards for a year from a number of stores and they all increased in price over time. Once the next generation of equipment came out, they all jumped up in price considerably. The only things that don't seem to increase are monitors, graphics cards and cases. RAM has only recently come down in price after going up for quite some time but that is an exception.

        • +4


          You have probably made the mistake of not taking into account the big fall in Aussie dollar over the past year. Which probably won't happen again for a while given its pretty low.

          If u tracked over a longer time horizon u would be dead wrong.

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          Wow, this is an utterly clueless claim.

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          @cloudy: The $A would have some effect but tracking over a longer time period then puts you in the space where there is a new generation of technology and the older stuff jumps in price as it is no longer being mass produced. Look at the 2600k chip & Ivy bridge. When Haswell came out, all the Ivy Bridge stuff skyrocketed in price as everyone wanted it. Try buy a Xeon 1265l chip for under $600 now everyone wants them for the Gen8s. There is obviously a lot of external factors that can affect price but in the timeframe I tracked, it steadily all went up.

          I naively assumed for years that the price of tech would drop over time within the same hardware generation but after actually tracking it on a month by month basis I was proven wrong. How many of you guys disputing my claims have done this? Easy to be a troll and say people are clueless when you have no facts to back up your claims.

        • @dogboy: Yes, I have tracked prices for a long time, due to buying them and advising others. You've picked two very specific examples as if that proves a general point, and if people are even half smart, they'll see through that in a flash.

        • @Mic Cullen: As have I - been builing PCs for people for 20 years+. Examples wouldn't be much use if they weren't specific. My point is that many factors affect the pricing but generally they go up over time. You have done nothing to prove me wrong other than throw out baseless insults. Fine if you want to be a troll but comeon .. try use something to back up your statements.

        • +1

          @dogboy: I would be interested in these so-called results, and to map them against the AUD and inflation.

          older stuff jumps in price as it is no longer being mass produced.

          This is literally what I said. Though saying this happens just as a new generation is released is ridiculous. What is more expensive right now? A GTX 970 or 1070? Has the 970 had a massive bump in price? No, it hasn't, it's had a DROP in RRP.

          The phenomenon you are talking about is called "legacy" - and it makes things expensive, for the reasons I have stated… and that you re-stated.

        • -1

          @dogboy: What's the point? You use ridiculous examples, and keep insisting that they prove that tech gets more expensive. You're like the anti-vaxxer of tech.

        • @dogboy:
          If we could see some links to 3xcamel price charts we can better see claims both sides are arguing here.

        • @Mic Cullen: Mate, you have no absolutely no idea. You don't know how to even have an adult discussion. All you have is baseless insults with no substance. How did you even graduate preschool?! Go back to playing your Pokemon Go and leave the educated discussions to the adults in the room. you are yet ot provide one point of proof or even any kind of counterpoint other than 'your are wrong, I am right'. Grow up little man and get a life.

        • @chyawala: Here is one example - https://au.pcpartpicker.com/trends/. Bit patchy over the different types of hardware though.

    • well yes, with the next xbox launching in august its time to clear out the inventory

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    Just to be clear under Australian consumer law you would be entitled to full return warranty (for faults) at Aldi for the period of at least one year.
    It may state "Microsoft Warranty" but Aldi also has a legal obligation to the consumer that neither the consumer nor Aldi can waive.
    (Just thinking that the 60 day satisfaction return warranty could be confusing without clarification).

    • +1

      Under the ACL you are entitled to an implied warranty - there is nothing that explicitly states that you would get "at least one year". And how does the ACL apply to refurbished (i.e. not new) goods?. Noting that second-hand goods are typically sold as is, and that a warranty of 60 days is more than enough time to establish any defects that were present at the time of purchase, but not visible without testing. Basically, if someone could clarify where refurbed goods stand, I'd be grateful :)

      • Refurbished/second hand goods are covered by Australian Consumer Law, but the consumer needs to take into account the age and condition of the goods, so if a new XBox One has a 1 year warranty, you'll expect to have less than that for a refurbished one, taking into account that it's possibly also an older model manufactured two years older than the new ones available now.

        Second-hand goods are only sold as is, if they are a once-off item, usually from a private sale or school fete etc..
        Because this is advertised widely, it shouldn't be considered 'once off'.

      • A refurbished video game system sold at $279 will have an implied warranty backed by Australian consumer law of at least one year.

        The guidance the ACCC uses is "a good (whether refurbished or not) should last an amount of time that a consumer would have reason to expect it to last at point of purchase".

        A factor they use is that is a good fails within a short time, would a typical consumer have consented to the purchase for the given price.

        The answer is no.

        Refurbished goods are not sold as is, as is the case with second hand goods. Refurbished implies that the product has been restored to as good as or at least very close to the level of performance of a new model, give or take some cosmetic defects.

        Incidentally you would also find if push came to shove (tested with the ACCC or a court of law) that the warranty on a new xbox one would be at least (yes there are those words again) two years despite any efforts of a retailer or Microsoft to claim otherwise.

        People do not buy video game consoles with the expectation they will have to replace them for faults every 24 months and so consumers are covered for at least this period under the law.

        You should note that Apple and many phone manufacturers have fallen foul of just such rulings in the past, as have Harvey Norman and especially in the case of Apple they could argue that their phones are carried on a daily basis and live much tougher lives than a stationary electronic device - it did't help them for reasons noted above.

        We should all be thankful that we live in a country with perhaps the strongest consumer protection laws in the world.

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    Still doesn't get close to the deals we have seen recently over the month

  • Great deal. If you haven't got one, this is the time. Rise of the tomb raider is also a fantastic game.

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    This seems like a fairly stupid amount of money for a second hand console.

    • +3


      • +5

        The 1TB version with better games brand new is only $70 more than this.

        • Can't fault that logic…

        • +1

          Wtf where did your neg go? I would've negged too but already put positive vote.

        • +1

          @Savas: LOL Wut? I got an automated inbox message stating "Your negative vote on this post has been revoked by the community as this comment of yours has received too many negative votes"…….. my comment is sitting at "+4 votes" and there's no neg votes listed against it?

          What on earth?

        • +1

          @infinite: It must have been because of this Lol

        • -1

          @Savas: Lol, people can downvote the truth all they want, doesn't stop it from still being the truth though.

        • @infinite: You clearly got downvoted there for your usual irrelevant PC master race trolling antics, why is that so difficult for you to understand.

  • +1

    Didn't expect Aldi to sell consoles.

    Anyway, the Target deal was much better a couple of weeks ago. I hope you guys jumped in back then.

    68 upvotes for a Refurb console $20 cheaper (or $30 more expensive if you went for ebay) than the deal with 2 games, 1TB, and brand new. Hard to believe.

    • Hard to believe.

      Eh, I find it easy to believe.

      It's the cheapest for an Xbox One console from a reputable store (almost) right now. Yes, the Target/Big W/ebay deals were better than this, but we don't have a time machine do we?

      • These are old second hand refurbished consoles though, not brand new consoles like the other stores are selling.

      • -1

        You had the opportunity a week ago. Why wouldn't you have jumped in then if you wanted one? And if you didn't want it then, you shouldn't want it now.

        If deals are going to be posted every time it's the cheapest currently, the front pages would be flooded with pricing that isn't all that remarkable. Especially for items that fluctuate in price frequently like SD cards. You'd be seeing deals even when the price goes up because it happens to momentarily be the cheapest.

        Anyway, this isn't even a valid comparison for being the cheapest Xbox One console right now, because it's refurbished. How do you put a value on new vs refurbished? Sure, it's the cheapest refurbished console right now, but it's the only refurbished console on OzB right now.

        • +1

          I'll tell you why i bought this one from Aldi

          it's simple really i wanted to TRY the console a little longer then what you are able to in a store.
          I wanted to try the controller the console the consoles operating system.

          So far in the last few hours im not impressed, the controller vibration makes a crap load of noise the console lags lots and the one game that came with it lags as well with lots of frame drops.

          Now if id bought a new one from say any of the deals like target or big w you cant return cause of change of mind it would come sealed and i wouldn't be able to return it.

          Now i can return it and i will be.

  • Aldi at North Strathfield (NSW) still appears to have stock of this item as of 3pm 2-Aug-2016 if anyone is interested.

    Here is a map reference

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