Early Retirement

Thinking long term, with the savings from your astute buying (assuming you have the discipline not to buy the deals you don't need), do you think that this, and your general astuteness with money and/or frugality, will help you retire early?

Please clarify your response.

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    Yes - I've already retired early
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    Yes - I'm on my way to early retirement
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    Yes - I can retire early or will be able to, but enjoy what I'm doing at the moment
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    No - The savings help fund other things I enjoy such as holidays, etc.
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    No - It won't make much difference
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    I'm quite young and I have just purchased my first property with the intentions of buying a heap more in the coming years. I don't need to spend a heap of money to be happy, as long as I travel for at least a month out of every year. I'm quite good at saving money, like 66% of my wage kind of savings. I'm fairly confident that if I plan everything right and commit to the investments that I want I believe I'll be on my way to early retirement.

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      Good going! Sounds like you are on your way. Just remember the FFF rule and you will easily retire early. If it flies, floats or f—ks, rent it. If you violate the third f, then your plans for early retirement will also be f—ked.