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Free Beer - Carlton Draught Schooner Via Clipp Bar Tab App (Excludes QLD)


Free liquid lunch.

Only the first 3,125 to comply with the requirements will be able to claim this Offer.
This Offer must be redeemed on one Clipp. If you claim Offer and close your tab, you will not be able to claim this offer again on the next Clipp you open.
Limit applies of one (1) free schooner of Carlton Draught consumed per person per day.

Download Clipp Mobile Application (“App”) on their smartphone.
Create, register and connect a credit card to their Clipp account.
Be one of the first 3,125 users to open a tab at a Participating Venue during the Offer Promotional Period..
Provided the allocated 3,125 redemptions have not been exhausted, one (1) schooner (or similar) of Carlton Draught will appear on the User’s Clipp as a promotional line item at a Participating Venue with a value of $0.00. When Users claim the Offer, staff at the Participating Venue will ring up 1 x schooner to a total maximum value of $8.00 on the User’s Clipp and this expense will be offset against the total invoice.
You will receive a thank you email each time you redeem the Offer.

All venues in Queensland are excluded from this promotion

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  • +1

    Free Carlton Draught Schooner Via Clipp Bar Tab App (Excludes QLD)

    another reason to not live in QLD

    • but plenty sunshine over there.

    • perhaps they drink the place dry?

  • +4

    shame they don't give you a free beer instead

  • +3

    ah, lost interest after reading up to third lines. why make it so hard just give us a glass of beer.

    • I can imagine going through all that, showing the offer on your phone to the skimpy, and being met with confusion.

      • and the embarrassment at the end

  • I read that as Dratini and did a double take

  • I opened a tab at 12:30 in anticipation of using it tonight. The credit was available to me. However the tab has now been closed after 6 hours with no activity. Doh!

  • I tried opening a tab on another users device and the promo did not appear on the tab. Expired?

  • +1

    This promotion's well dodgy, and very unclear (shame on you Clipp!)

    The promo terms and conditions (which you can only access via a promo email, not within the app) state only 1,500 available. They also imply it's 'up to 570ml', so in theory a pint, not just a schooner.

    I tried to redeem last night, and it didn't work, the ad is still running though. The terms below are also very confusing. They say available 'anywhere with a Clipp' (except queensland) then list 'participating venues'.

    Expecting people to hunt down these terms from their fiddly minimalist app and process while in a busy bar is ridiculous - the page isn't even mobile optimised, so you can't even read it on a phone.

    Marketing amateurs. Most likely in breach of industry promotional guidelines as terms aren't even available in the app.

    Yes, it's only a free beer, but it's an indication of just how unnecessarily complex, and unconsumer friendly, businesses make things in Australia, through ignorance, or laziness to challenge compliance teams who have no idea how to write in a straightforward way.


    • Last night I popped open Clipp and saw a new icon for this promotion appearing against several venues in my vicinity. Given that the venue needs to have Carlton Draught on tap, and that not all venues do, it is necessary to restrict it to participating venues. The ones participating can now be found from within the App with the new icon.

  • +1

    Today I see a new icon for a free FatYak appearing. The Carlton Draught icon is not appearing.