28 Degrees MC: Pay Via The Online Service Centre, Safe?

So the new pay via the Online Service Centre at their website, is it safe to use? I mean they are getting access to your BSB and account number.

Kindly share your opinions.

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  • I'd say it is. They also have this information if you choose to setup a direct debit arrangement, and could you imagine the world of hurt they would get from governing bodies if they misused this information?

    • +5

      You already have trusted them is providing them all your personal details, employment details, address, and access to your credit report.

      Oh and your credit card number.

      I don't think a BSB and account number is really a concern.

  • Yeah it's safe. Just used it for the first time the other day.

  • Bought something and went to top up account, saw this -

    Your account is ineligible to use this feature.
    This could be due to the status of your account, or because you have recently used this feature in the last five days.

    Looks like I'm going to be hit with some fees this month…

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