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Chap Stick Strawberry (Buy One Get One Free Packs Only) 50c @ Kmart Nationwide


Kmart has a 'buy one get one free' pack of Chapstick (lipgloss) which scans at 50 cents at the register. This is a specially banded, 2 pack of the product. As far as I know, it's only in Strawberry flavour. The single pack scans at $3.50. They're just trying to get rid of the 2 pack.

But you've got to be lucky. A lot of stores may not have them in stock. It's ONLY if you can find them (in the health and beauty section). They may not be marked with a price on the shelf, but that's how much they are, just take them to a price check point and see.

If you do find them, that's how much they are in every store, nationwide.

Good luck!

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