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Xbox One S Console 2TB $549 + The Division Free (Valued at $69) @ JB Hi-Fi


Not a bad price from a local store - better than EB Games' ($549 with no games).

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JB Hi-Fi
JB Hi-Fi

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  • I can't believe that M$ aren't just letting you put your own HDD in. It's the one consumer friendly thing Sony do. I'd forgive them if they got rid of the arbitrary 250gb minimum external HDD size so I could use the 120gb SSD I have in my drawer. Big enough to copy over whatever 2 games I'm currently playing

    • What?!? You can connect any USB 3.0 portable drive to the Xbox One to expand storage. You can even connect two of them at the same time; storage just expands seamlessly. It's far better than PS4 in this regard.

      No need to open it up, or have to match "compatible" drives… just plug it in and it works. Plus you still have the original internal drive to use.

    • I'd rather have my external 2tb on the inside is all I'm saying.

    • M$? The simplicity of plug and play means 99% of consumers will have an easier time with the xbox model of adding hard drive space than the sony model. Not sure if Sony's system is 'consumer friendly' or just preferable to a minority of people.

    • Both implementations have their benefits. Ideally MS would allow both an internal swap and external storage. That said, of the two players I think MS's is by far and away the better end of the stick in terms of trade off. Being limited to internal storage is far more restrictive on the PS, and that 120GB SSD would be all but useless in a console with mandatory installs (that can be over 60GB in size and the system itself needs to reserve some space) if external storage isn't allowed. Typically an external 3.5" is going to be cheaper than an equivalent 2.5" drive, and you can get far higher capacities.

    • The other things that Sony did that was consumer friendly was
      - Didn't lock a game to a console so you can sell/trade/bring it to a friends house to play.
      - Didn't require always online to play games.

  • No disrespect to the OP or the site for allowing it, but does this really qualify as a bargain?

  • I Just called EB Games i pre-ordered the console from and they said they would match - so now i get a free game


    • Which EB Games is this at? My local EB flat out refused me this morning :(

    • I called my eb and they said they wouldn't.. what the.

    • I thought they were strict on saying that no price match on bundle?

      • Pretty much what mine said sadly, but if we get some proof of sorts of another EB doing it I'm marching right back into mine :P $47 or not for the game I want freebies…also didn't realise I could cancel the preorder so that's handly knowledge in the future, thanks :D

        • Ill upload receipt if all goes well, i am heading to the store after work to pick it up

        • @ne0x:


        • @MBix: So I did get the division (pre-owned) he confirmed with the guy a spoke with in the morning - he said he would honor it die to saying he would on the phone but I think they were no supposed to - they took the price off of the console instead of making the game free

    • You're welcome. :)

  • oh no…I didn't relaize this was posted already. :(
    I am late by 50 mins.

  • Unrelated I guess, but if you already have a Xbone but no 4K tv, is there any point trading up besides it being shiny?

    • and smaller ,,,but theres NO POINT to upgrading.. it would however make for a good 4k UHD bluray player in the future if you ever wanted to grab a 4k TV]

      The hardware inside the new xbox is no better then the old one.. :) the updated xbox scorpio one comes out end of next year along with the new ps4.5

    • I'd say no. There might be with their Scorpio console in the works.

      The three things with this are:
      -smaller size (not really worth upgrading for)
      -HDR (not applicable as you need high end TV for that, which are mostly 4K anyway, so assume your tv doesn't have HDR)
      -4K blu ray (not applicable as no 4K tv)

    • Yeah, I'm gonna get Skorpio when it comes out. Will trade up current tv for 1080p OLED before 4K. Not made of money.

  • deleted was meant as reply

  • If this applies to the Gears bundle I might upvote, but pre ordering to get a bonus game that was just at EB for $47? Nah…

  • Sweet, picking mine up this afternoon. Now to find a good deal on a HDR TV!

  • The removal of the power brick has resulted in a more prominent fan noise on the top of the unit.I have noticed this with mine but could vary console to console. Just a heads up if you don't like the noise level of consoles.

    • You have the console already? Aside from the noise, are you enjoying it so far?

      • Yeah was able to score it late last month from big w by mistake. It performs as it should. The form factor is really nice, smaller then the white ps4 I have. The fan is the only issue I have with it and its pretty minor.

  • Any guesses on the Scorpio's eventual price? The lack of a price is what's stopping me from buying anything at all.

    If it's expensive, I'd just buy an S, but if it's cheap I'll wait.

    Not knowing means I wait, and it could be for nothing. If it turns out to be expensive, I'd rather have bought the S this year than wait a year for no reason.

    • Get a 360 and wait for Skorpio

      • Already have one. There's nothing new to play on it.

        I'll wait for at least pricing. But they aren't announcing it yet, and aren't even announcing when they'll be announcing it.

  • EB Games wouldn't match it (don't match bundles) so I cancelled my pre-order and went to JB. It had to be The Division as the game. They were offering $30 trade in for the game though, could be worth putting it towards another one - or you can trade it in to EB Games for $23 (plus your EB World level + preorder bonus of 30%).

    Haven't looked at Gumtree prices yet for The Division, might be easier to trade it in.

    Time to sell the old one!

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