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Teclast X89 Kindow 7.5" Windows 10 + Android 4.4 Intel Z3735F 2GB RAM 32GB $94.39 at GeekBuying


Windows 10 + Android 4.4 Dual Boot:

The latest system with more excellent compatibility and running effect. It is marketed more as an eBook reader by the looks of the official site.

7.5 inch screen

It’s got a Samsung 1440 x 1080 screen with a decent 240 PPI resolution and 4:3 ratio display, makes a active reading experience. Click here to know more about The Priority of Teclast X89 Kindow's Screen.

CPU: Intel Bay-trail Z3735F Quad Core 1.33GHz (up to 1.83GHz)

Delivering plenty of power for multitasking and fueling casual games and movies will make you realize working and entertainments being enjoyable

RAM + ROM: 2GB + 32GB

Offers ultra-fast surfing online, video playing and 3D gaming experience enhanced with LPDDR3 memory which makes all applications faster and has lower power consumption saving, it will suit your all needs for work, study or play. Support TF card extension 128GB max.

Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 + HDMI output

Supports fast transmission of data, pictures and files. You also could use a HDMI cable to connect your tablet to output the tablet display onto TV screens, monitors or projectors, creating your personal home theater

Gravity sensing system:

Can fluently and sensitively run various applications

Portable and light weight

It’s 8.9 mm thin and weighs 318g with very small bezels

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  • Kindows Tpad. I'm sold

  • Found this one as well, Similar to this one but cherry trail and android 5.1 for $142

  • Haha pray tell, what is an "active reading experience"?

    • It automatically scrolls the screen, so you don't have to change the page. It slowly gets faster and faster, so it teaches you to read faster as well, which is a huge bonus. After 3 months of using this, you can read a 300 page novel in 20 minutes.

      • Haha that sounds more passive than active to me…

        "Active" would be putting on 3D VR glasses, then ninja kicking each page as they pop out from behind bushes or something…

      • It has an inbuilt program that activates the camera and checks the position of your pupils. It scrolls accordingly.

  • Gravity sensing system:
    Cracks the screen when it is dropped on the ground.

    • Apple has patented a system, that if the devices registers that it is in freefal, it will activate a small laminate over the screen to protect it. Similar to the eye lids.

      • +1 vote

        More like it makes a small fault so that the green has a higher chance of cracking. They are in the selling business.

  • I've been looking for a cheap 4:3 Windows tablet for forever, thanks OP.

  • You're going to get a lot of lag in Windows while using it. I own 2 Intel atom dual boots with 2GB RAM (one 8" with x8300 the other 10" with Z3736F). I think the RAM is not enough, also it's a mobile processor running a desktop OS.

    Windows is not as light as Android and iOS.

    The 10 bit 1080p videos that it handles fine in Android it skips frames in Windows.

    You get a lot of random lagging just doing ordinary things.

    Also, the 32GB on board storage is split across two OS, giving each one not enough space to work with.

    You can add an SD card for Windows, but make sure it's formatted FAT32 because the Android partition won't recognize eXFAT or NTFS. The Chinese OEMs don't pay royalties for eXFAT support like a Samsung would. That means you're limited to 4GB maximum file size. Unless you don't bother using the Android proportion and format it to eXFAT or NTFS and use it exclusively in Windows mode. But then that makes the dual boot redundant.

    • I always wonder why manufacturers are so stingy on memory when it has become so cheap. Min memory should be at least 4gb ram and 64gb rom

      • This processor support 2gb ram max. New z8300 supports 4gb ram max. 64 Gb rom tablet are expensive for some reason and only 32 gb ones sell.

      • These prices are possible because they're made as cheaply as possible. Intel SOCs are popular due to Intel heavily subsidizing them to get a foothold in mobile against ARM.

        • Its a terrible way to do business because anyone who tries these low spec tablets and experience problems will probably not buy their products for a long time!

        • @CandyMan: Maybe. But maybe they'll be cognizant of the price they paid for it. At under $100, you can't expect a Surface Pro quality device. You get what you paid for. If you pay a lot more, you can expect a lot more.

      • Its called arseholery. Look at phones that don't accept an SD card, how much extra dollars they dack you for to get the extra gigabytes 'model'.

        • True.

          Their marketers probably decided that they'd make more money by nickel and diming you on internal memory than providing an SD card slot where they can't make money off the SD cards you buy.

          I feel the same way about mobile games being free 2 play with in-app purchases. These IAP 'consumables' are very expensive, and I'd rather just pay for the game up front, but the developers realized long ago that they make much more money this way, and in the end, that's what it's all about: money.

    • How does the x8300 compare to the Z3736F. I am looking at a Pipo w1s with 4gb and 64gb rom, with 3g, but it's hard to find reviews of it.

      • I can't really notice any difference. They're about the same speed, with x8300 being a little bit more efficient due to smaller die size. You're not getting any real performance gains from it.

        Both have intermittent lags just using file explorer or watching videos in W10 mode via Media Player Classic (a very light media player).

        It's good for browsing the web and playing my visual novels on the go. I wouldn't use it as a media player unless it's in Android mode.

        I bought these cheap to play around with, but in the end I sprung for a Surface Pro 4 for a proper mobile W10 experience.

  • One of the good brand in Chinese Tablet Market. I bought a sub-100 Dual-OS one a few months ago and I am surprised at the high build quality. Run all basic stuff, browser, etc smoothly and excellent mini-hdmi out. Mainly use it in Win 10 mode and rarely boot it to Android. For Android, I just use my phone.

  • I understand x86 are much faster than ARM with the same clock speed - I've heard 5x faster… is that true for this Intel Bay-trail Z3735F ? Especially for android.

    But with great power come great battery cost… what's the battery life? Again, under android (It has 3500mAH according to http://www.devicespecifications.com/en/model/53223b25)

    • I don't know about the clock speed, since they aren't clocked at the same speed anyway so it's irrelevant. But the best Atom SOC is definitely not 5X better than the best ARM SOC. They might have an edge in performance per dollar in cost though. You're not going to see a Snap 820 or 810 tablet for this price, and this definitely outperforms a Snap 800.


    I need 4G and android. What's my cheapest option? Thanks.

  • I saw this in their email and thought it seemed a good deal? Mostly looking for a cheap tablet for the kids to play their Android games on. Only having 4.4.4 seems a bit crimped with Android 7 so close.

    Anyone had experiences with this specific tab pls?

  • The photo they use is very deceiving, the screen bezel isnt that small. Look up some reviews on youtube to see what it actually looks like.
    It took a while for reviews to come out for this. Its very standard for the chipset and specs. As above, you get what you paid for. It would be great for ebook reading and study.

  • I bought three of these last time there was a deal, and have been less than impressed. Not many good things to say about this tablet. Good things are the sceen, the price, the external Micro SD slot and it comes pre-rooted. Now on to the bad…

    The battery life is woeful. Lasts about 4 hours maximum, even with light web browsing. You might get three hours of YouTube if you're lucky, but that's with no other apps installed. If you have Facebook and a few other apps installed and running in the background, forget about it, it'll probably drain within 1 hour. I could only get more than 2 hours of battery life if I factory erased it and started with bare minimum apps. It worked fairly well for a few days, but after installing more things the battery life became woeful. This is under Android. Haven't done any testing booted into Windows. If you think it's my apps that were the problem, I have exactly the same apps installed on two other mobile phones and tablets, same version of Android, and consistently get a full day of on-off use out of them, sometimes two days. The X89 tablet will go from 85% battery to 0% if I just leave it unused on the table for a few hours, with no apps open. Probably a software problem, but never happens on any of my other Android devices. I can't update it as the updates are all on a Chinese website which needs mobile phone registration! OTA opdate always says some weird cryptic thing and tells me update unneeded.

    The single speaker, mounted on the back, is terrible. At top volume I can't hear most YouTube videos, or they are muffled or distorted.

    Headphone jack is crackly. Tried with three different headphones. Sometimes it thinks it's detected a press on the headset button, even when nothing has been touched, so it'll go into a pause/unpause/pause/unpause loop.

    It takes nearly two minutes to start up, you have to hold the button down for about 20 seconds before it turns on. Sometimes it looks like it's turned on, but then it only shows a battery logo then turns off, so you have to start again.

    NO CHARGER is included in the box, so you need to source your own. It's very picky about the charging cable you use. The tablet usually goes flat faster than it charges, which is terrible. If you get the 15% battery warning and plug it in, it'll just go flat a bit slower than if it wasn't plugged in. Maximum charge current I could get with the crappy 50cm long cable it was supplied with is about 900mA. Most standard Micro-USB cables will supply it with about 900mA. Only the Monster cables I bought from Harvey Norman will supply a higher 1.27mA which is the highest I've managed to detect. But the charge port is a bit woblly so sometimes it drops lower to 300mA or less when you move it, meaning it goes flat faster than it recharges.

    Be careful ordering accessories, as there are a few different models and sizes of the X89 tablet. Turns out there are older 8" and a 7.9" models. I bought some screen protectors that were the wrong size, despite being listed as "Teclast X89" on eBay.

    There is no support available. The website and forums are in Chinese. You can't even download a firmware restore image without signing up to some Chinese version of Facebook or Dropbox or something, which requires an app which wants every permission plus your firstborn child's soul. Apparently to download any support files you have to install an app, then have it SMS you a code (so you can't even do it on your tablet or desktop, you need a mobile phone) which you use the sign up to their servie, which then gives you access to the firmware and updates. I'm not willing to do this, so it's not happening. Might do it with a throwaway SIM one day, but it's not worth my time.

    I bought three for me and my family to use, but most of us have gone back to using our old ZTE V9 tablets which are slow and ancient but can play more than 8 hours of streaming YouTube, have fantastic sound, and charge really quickly.

    I'd avoid this one. Looks great, but it's been awful.

    • I bought three of these last time there was a deal, and have been less than impressed.

      Can I ask why you bought 3 in spite of that? Did you buy them all at once in hope they'd be good?

      • Yes, bought three for the family hoping they'd be good. Home support is much easier if everybody has the same hardware and software. I watched a number of 'unboxing' videos where they did very basic tests and found it to be pretty good, but unfortunately couldn't find any reviews from people who tried to live with the damn thing. They were cheap enough it wouldn't be the end of the world if they sucked. They'd be mostly used as book readers, I figured they couldn't really screw that up. With WiFi turned off the battery life isn't too bad, and the screen looks absolutely amazing, so they're not a total loss, and most of us only read an hour or two before bed so if it's plugged in all the time it works. It could be worse, I know people who bought a single $600 tablet then found out it was garbage. Name brands too.

        I fully charged my X89 tablet last night and turned it on at 9am this morning but was then called away before it finished booting. I just went back to it at midday and it won't turn on, battery is flat. Useless. Despite being plugged in all night and showing 100% battery it was still drawing 850mA from the charger. Something is very wrong.

        Android itself is horrible enough that trying to support three different brands of tablet with three different types of pre-installed crapware and interface customisations is a nightmare, so I usually try to minimise the problem by having multiples of the same thing. That way if I'm not around, somebody else in the house hopefully can help out if something goes wrong, as it's the same as their tablet. Also means I can keep one, and if I get a phone call to say something is broken, I have the same thing in front of me and can talk them through fixing it.

        • Do all 3 tablets go flat this fast or just yours? Something definitely sounds wrong, because a phone with the screen off doesn't die this quick. I get more than a day's usage out of mine, and it's constantly pinging the cell towers plus has things running in the background.

          I totally get your pain by being the one and only tech support in the extended family. It's so frustrating, especially when it's over the phone. And if I can't help them over the phone because I can't see what they see, I have to make the trip.

          This was the price I paid when I handed down my old hardware instead of binning it. Everyone needs me for something, and conversations over the phone can last hours when I'd rather be doing something else. Everyone is computer iliterate and even after you teach them how to resolve the issue, when it comes up again later they've forgotten it already and need you again.

        • @lostn: I forgot to also mention that the WiFi is unreliable, it regularly says it's connected but internet doesn't work. Sometimes it drops out while I'm in the middle of using it, despite being next to the access point. Turning WiFi off then on again fixes it temporarily. WiFi Fixer app helps a bit but doesn't always fix the issue. Already mentioned the terrible sound quality. There are no status or charging lights, so sometimes you leave it plugged in overnight only to find out the cable was a bit loose and it didn't charge at all. Horrible. The nice screen is about the only thing going for it.

          Dad said his X89 is the same, he usually turns it on to check his email for a short while in the morning in bed. He then puts it to sleep. If he forgets to plug it in, the battery is already flat by the time he gets into bed at night. He then has to wait 10 minutes while it charges enough to be able to turn on, and another couple of minutes for it to boot up before he can read a book. He still uses his old tablet while he's waiting for this one to start up. His old ZTE V9 tablet lasts at least a week with occasional use, and I usually get 2-3 weeks with irregular use from mine.

          Mum's given up on her X89 tablet and has gone back to using her Kindle to read books. It was making her too angry trying to get the thing to charge and start up, so she couldn't sleep.

          I've seen similar problems when friends bought junk $49 tablets at Kmart or Target, they go flat faster than they can charge, battery lasts only a few hours and goes flat within a day or two even if unused, the Wifi is unreliable, no software support, and few (if any) accessories such as cases or screen protectors available. I thought this one would be better, but was mistaken. I guess there's a reason why people still spend a few hundred dollars on name-brand tablets! Maybe the Atom processor isn't optimised for Android or something, I don't know.

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          Agree, my x89 overheats, crashes on Win, has heaps of chinese bloatware, no support in english, over charges making the screen "fog" or not work, headphone jack doesnt work very well, poor battery and wireless range is poor. Apart from that……..