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JBL Synchros S700 Premium Powered Over-Ear Stereo Headphones, Black - USD $133.99 (~AUD $182.77) Shipped from Amazon


First post here. I bought these a year ago and paid $289. Great headphones in my opinion.
Under $200 they are a good buy.
Hopefully you'll like them.
Premium design features die-cast aluminum frame and luxurious leather ear cushions
Premium 50mm driver for professional audio sound with PureBass performance
PureBass sound delivers a balanced audio experience with amazing clarity, and deep powerful bass
Proprietary LiveStage signal processing technology delivers the most realistic headphone sound experience possible
Detachable cable design with iOS3 button and universal remote/microphone cable included

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  • Is the headphone port on the ear-cup a standard 2.5mm or 3.5mm one?

  • It's on the left cup and its small 2.5mm which I believe is not standard
    Other end is the 3.5mm
    Its perhaps the only negative part of those cans

  • is this better or Beats?

  • Lack of (serious) reviews/impressions on this headphone are disconcerting…one guy compares them favourably to the M100, but that's in active LiveStage mode, which most other reviewers almost universally rubbish, so I would take that with a grain of salt.

    Some people seem to think these are fantastic, but others think they are no better than M50s. One person seems to think this is the best bass headphone in existence…

    Enough to make me mildly intrigued in this headphone, but not enough to bite at this price.

  • I can confirm these are very solid in the base department. Not boomy or sloppy,
    Being closed back there is very little leakage.
    Active live stage is a bit of a hit and miss. Meaning there is simply no specific type of music where this DSP is out shining standard mode, except for jazz and tracks where vocals are the main ingredient.
    It gives you a wider stage with better instrument separation at the cost of reduced base.
    For every 4 hours of listening to different types of music I find that DSP is on for about 1 hour aver all.
    I used beats, VModa, AT, Shure, and B&w all between $150 to $350 price bracket and since last year s700 are the preferred set.

  • hi JestR

    thanks for posting these - I'm intrigued but can't quite push the button given, as caprimulgus notes, a lack of reviews. Lots of good headphones posted recently - DT770s, DT880s - but I'm a fan of JBL equipment from a ways back. Would welcome any further thoughts you have on these. Also, which AT, Shure and B&W have you been able to compare these against if you don't mind me asking.

  • I have m50, P5 and SRH750DJ plus few others. I guess over 30 years one goes through few sets :)
    All have their weaknesses and strong points.
    It's pointless to highlight all as everyone has different needs, music preferences and hearing ability.
    S700 seem to be according to my taste very well balanced with plenty of base (not over the top) and clear top end that's not harsh.
    They just sound pretty complete plus the DSP which adds the extra dimension and flexibility, just don't expect unicorns and fairy dust with it on.
    Honestly there is no 1 set of perfect headphones.
    Most people use MP3 files so in my experience higher quality headphones expose weakness of poorly, highly compressed files. They can actually make decent pair of headphones sound very ordinary.
    I use nothing under 320kb as well as lots of uncompressed music
    Sometimes feeding them from a SL1200 …. Yes vinyl.
    I think I'll stick to these JBLs for now. If you keep chasing perfect cans be prepared to keep doing it for ever ;)

    • many thanks and agreed that there no perfect headphones for all uses - so 'collection' if you can, 'all rounder' if you can't. I made the mistake of getting some House of Marley's (ozbargain some time back) and really wish I hadn't; not a fan of the sound and the noise cancellation has lots of hiss :?) I mainly listen to spotify these days - high quality streaming via desktop so 320kb or so they say - so I reckon I'd benefit from a better set of cans. Cheers.