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Samsung Gear VR $88.20 Delivered @ Officeworks eBay


This Samsung Gear VR can be used with your Galaxy smartphone to experience a world of virtual reality. You can enjoy 2D or 3D contents, play games or explore tourist attractions thanks tot he fully immersive 360 degree panoramic view.
The Samsung Gear VR is compatible for use with Note5, s6 edge+, S6 and S6 Edge phones.
You can view scenery and contents in either 2D or 3D formats.
The 360 degree view allows you to see all around you.
You can easily download VR games from the Oculus store.
They have a stylish, modern and smart design.

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    It will be $88.20 on eBay after 10% off Here

    • Great point, even lower. I'll add it to the OP.

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    Is this basically a more costly version of Google Cardboard?

    • +2

      nah you cant compare it with those cheapies.
      still but too expensive for occasional gadgets, i will wait till sub $40-50 then buy to replace my $12 chinese knock off that will go to the bin.

      • silly moment from someone who knows nothing about VR. Try and get software to play on these cheap VR headsets. Nothing of any value is available.
        The Gear VR when connected to your Samsung phone lets you download from both the Samsung store and Oculus
        May I suggest that you go online and get info about VR BEFORE YOU GO OFF AND MAKE ILL INFORMED COMMENTS

        • Would this work with VR compatible steam games, or only with specially made for mobile apps?

        • almost thought you were referring to me jillbob :D
          agree with you.
          comparing $2 with $99 yeah

        • I'm pretty sure the guy just asked a question. I'm a bit of a VR noob as well. You could just answer him with facts and leave the shouting and insults out of it.

      • how is it different?

        • in built hardware and Samsung & Oculus software.

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          The Gear VR is not just a headset; it's a platform.

          Here are the things that plague cardboard solutions:

          1) glitchy, inaccurate and unresponsive (high latency) head tracking
          2) motion blur
          3) poorly optimized software (low framerates, horrible aliasing etc)
          4) no properly polished properly usable "Home" interface for seamless switching between experiences (Fulldive VR is promising, but it still falls well short)

          These shortcomings kill presence and diminish enjoyment in a big way.

          I have several cardboard headsets here, including more fully featured options with comfortable padding and adjustable optics that I've used with multiple high-end smartphones, but they all just sit around gathering dust. I'm not saying that the Gear VR platform is going to blow your mind because mobile VR is just getting started and we all have different expectations, but even so cardboard just doesn't compare.

        • +1

          Cardboard uses your phone for head tracking, whereas the Gear VR has a built in gyroscope and accelerometer, which is significantly more reliable.

        • @cainn:

          Let's face it. Unless you have the HTC vive or rift then it's not vr. But rather surround video

        • @Decapper:

          I can only assume that you mean that any platform that doesn't offer room-scale tracking and interactive controllers of some sort is not really a virtual reality platform.

          But we can keep playing that game. For example I could say that until I can experience the sensation of a breeze blowing against my face, or a virtual hand on my cheek, then it's not VR. Or I could say that until the display resolution improves enough that I can't see individual pixels anymore (or the artifacts of various efforts to diffuse them) then it's not VR. And so on.

          Personally I think it might more useful to use additional adjectives if you want to be specific instead of trying to exclude particular platforms or content types from existing underneath "Virtual Reality" as the umbrella term that it has always been. For example: stereoscopic VR (360° 3D video), multi-axis stereoscopic VR (360° real-time computer-generated environments), interactive VR, room-scale VR, motion-platform VR (Virtuix Omni for example — and again from this one could argue that mere room-scale is not true VR), and so on.

        • @cainn:

          How about this. If you move your head and the screen moves in the same direction then it's not vr. But if you can move your head and look around an object and see the back of it it's Vr. Quite simple. No need for games or have something blowing on your face.

        • @Decapper:

          You're still just drawing a line in the sand where you think it should be drawn. I could draw it somewhere else. Someone else could draw it elsewhere still. We stop play games the moment we simply recognize that "virtual reality" is an umbrella term with a history. You wont single-handedly change the definition, nor will you alter that history.

    • +1

      Much, much better. The GearVR has its own accelerometer and gyro (made by oculus), which improves the VR experience significantly! Google cardboard uses the phones internal gyro/accel, so it can be a little choppy and not really immersive.

      I have an oculus rift DK2 - the GearVR (with Samsung S6) is honestly just as good. Obviously the graphics are not up to scratch on the S6, but that's expected considering you need a $400 graphics card to run the rift properly.

    • +1

      Does Google Cardboard have built in sensors, including a gyroscope, accelerometer, and proximity monitor? and Software on Gear VR is much better too. It is not even comparable. I know many feel sour when Gear VR doesn't support their phones(including myself who is stuck with M8 and Iphone 5s, but let's admit it - Gear VR is far better than Google Cardboard.

      • Google cardboard works with all the handsets.

        • Which makes it the only [currently available] mobile VR option for people who don't own a flagship Samsung device. But while broad compatibility makes cardboard more accessible, it's not a redeeming feature in any qualitative sense.

          Google's soon-to-be-released Daydream platform is going to shake things up a bit by providing all the same core technologies that Samsung do (low-persistence OLED displays, low-latency IMUs, stricter content creation guidelines, a VR Home environment and purpose-built software ecosystem etc), and with the addition of a motion controller, but it's still going to require a "Daydream-ready" mobile device.

        • @cainn: And there is going to be only a handful of "Daydream-ready" phones this year since it seems like it is required to have OLED, which means basically rules out most of HTC and Sony phones.

        • @motor89:

          There is some hope for phones with IPS LCD / Super LCD displays that can't do low-persistence natively and/or don't have VR-ready IMUs.

          CmoarVR is a very interesting endeavour I think. If they can deliver on their claims it might turn out to be quite the product suite.

  • Why the huge price drop?

  • wow, great deal on this current gen Gear VR! nearly half the price listed on the Samsung store (online & in store)!!

    however, if you can wait, would consider holding off, it's been cofirmed that a newer & better version will be released with Galaxy Note 7 (backwards compatible with older phones)!

  • As mentioned in other threads, it's compatible with the Note 4 too (with a bit of hacking / filing)

    • Filing ? I knew there was a software hack, but you have to physically mod the VR too ?

  • Anyone has one of these?
    does it have an audio port?

    • +1


    • +1

      It has a space to allow your headphones to connect for your phone. You don't actually connect your cable to the unit itself though.
      It DOES has a small usb port though, for charging the phone while connected to the unit.

      Got mine free with my 7 Edge and I'm pretty impressed. I mean, this stuff is running from a phone. So much fun!

  • I feel stupid asking but - Only compatible with Samsung phones?

    • Yeah mate. Only some Samsungs though.

      • S7?

        • Absolutely.

        • Samsung Galaxy S7 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Samsung Galaxy S6 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

    • You can put other phones in there, but there's a chance it will not fit right, and it might scratch your phone due to the positioning of the USB plug.

      Besides, you won't get all that fancy Samsung-only software. For any other phone, this would just be a more expensive Google Cardboard. For that, you're better off getting a $40 headset or something off eBay.

  • Have an iPhone and got a PSVR on order and not expecting much, but played around with a bro in law that had this, and if I had my choice again, would have gone a Samsung, was much better than I thought it would be.

    I would jump at this if you had a compatible phone.

  • -2

    This is the older version which tends to bend down.

    Not worth it imho. It's a defective model.

  • I have a Gear VR I got with my S7 handset. The Gear VR alone is basically just a pair of oversized glasses. There is no screen or electronics in it. What you are actually looking at is you phone screen. I have been able to look at my phone screen while it is connected to the VR, by tilting the phone out of the cradle and it appears on the screen like a split screen and the image is very small. I have read alot of comments about the Gear VR and seems people think the VR has its own screen and headphone connection. To get audio you have your headphones plugged into the phone as you would normally.

    • It does have its own accelerometer and gyro (made by oculus) and eletronic control buttons on the side.

  • +1

    Just FYI, this is the old ~2015 model. The new model (2016) is dark blue and has improvements http://www.stuff.tv/samsung/gear-vr-2016/review

    • +1

      Not much difference though, for half the price of the new one I think I'd go for the old model.

  • Was very unimpressed with the Gear VR to be honest - I feel like I actually had a better experience with cardboard.. It's really uncomfortable and heavy, fogs up super easily, and not very crisp even after adjusting the slider. There was some light bleeding in on one side which has a weird effect on one eye. Moving my head rapidly de-synced the left and right viewports which was nauseating. The controls are a wild scrabble, and there's not really much content available without forking out a bunch of money

  • +1

    Wait for daydream VR from Google when they release it later this year. Seems to have a lot of potential. Although you do need a very new phone that's compatible so this would be the best option for any Samsung phone right now. I think the new Note 7 is daydream VR compatible

  • This VR headset is a pretty good deal too: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/260026

    I know it's not gear VR, but it's also only $22.

  • I do want one but I'm not sure if it will just sit in a drawer, unused.

  • Can anyone confirm if this will work with PC/Steam games or mobile applications only.
    Thank you.

  • I have a GearVR and an S7 and while it is impressive I find that at this stage I am not willing to fork out the money for apps in the Oculus store(The free Marvel app starts off impressive but then just force crashes constantly in the same place). Downloaded VR videos through the Moon Player do look impressive though as do the virtual cinema's but I have a 55 inch 4K tv so I am not going to be using it to watch movies.

    I haven't spent that much time playing with it yet though to be honest and maybe I just need to give it another go.

  • If I had recorded a video using a 360 camera like 'kodak pixpro sp360 4k' - the one I am thinking of buying in Japan when I go there later this year- and used this Samsung GearVR to watch the video on my phone once I get back to Australia, then would I feel like I am back in Japan?

    I may be completely misguided but any feedbacks would be much appreciated! Thanks!

  • What does a person do who intends to keep their note 4 for another 3 years minimum :/

    I'm finished with this constant materialist fetish of updating phone every 1 or 2 models. Samsung picked a bad time to take out the sd card compatibility. Would have held out on a note 4 and got a note 5 if it wasn't for that issue.

    • Note 7 = SD card and pre orders get a 256GB bundled in for free.

    • +1

      Yeah, I'm also pretty happy with my Note 4 and will be keeping it for another few years.

      It's a shame the original Gear VR was so expensive, and hard to find for sale anywhere.

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