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[PC] Mad Max - $7.59 ($7.21 after 5% off Facebook Code) Was $52.79 @ CD Keys


I saw this on another website, thought it was a good deal.

Get 5% Off here

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  • sounds good, i'll bite :D

  • Yeah. Pretty damn cheap! Im in

  • Nice price. First time I've bought through this site, but key activated fine. Downloading now to play tonight :)

    • How big is the download?? I'm stuck with mobile broadband, so I'm guessing this will use a couple of month's quota. Might have to grab that OVO mobile deal also!

  • +2 votes

    Every aussie should have this game…the game is really good imho. Very few steam games that I spent over 100+ hours on.

    • …play it when you're waiting for a mate… and make sure you got a couple of goon bags attached to the wash line for him too. just dont be too devo if the (profanity) never makes it

    • Dunno how you could get 100+ hours out of it, i completed it 100% with around 37 hours played. Was a great game though, little bit grindy but it was good. Work it for <10 bucks definitely, even at upto 20 bucks.

      • The game has done well if it's taken 37 hours to play through it.

      • just completed it myself (which is so rare given over 1000 games and very little done to completion) - absolutely awesome - but completed it 100% in 37 hours? were you actually going to all the camps, towers, races etc? granted they're a grind - but great stress relief!

        • I played it slow and done a whole replay from scratch again as in the middle no map bug came on. Also one of the few games I can play in 4k with average 55-60fps on a single maxwell titan x with everything turned to max.

        • Yep done them all to completely upgrade the car, then did the final mission which took a few minutes, game becomes too easy with the upgraded hook and level 5 v8

          For the races you just remove everything off it bar tyre grinders

    • Well.. Max isnt very Aussie in this game anymore.. I cringle every time they refer the dog food as "Dinki-Dee" with a full 'Murican accent as opposed to "Dinki-Di"..

      • Hah…that kills me too. Especially when people with an Australian accent do it - they should have sorted it out during production

  • Been hanging out to play this. Cheers OP great price!

  • Pretty good fun…Not top shelf, but easily worth $7.59

  • Good fun game, great price for it.

    Already have it for PS4, but definitely a good deal.

  • Is this site legit? Is the key likely to be revoked at a later stage?

    • I've got all my keys off cdkeys.com most recently with fallout and overwatch. Have had no issues at all and its instant

    • yes it is legit. One of the best ways to get games without paying the Australian Tax. Love it.

  • does this key include any of the DLC?

    • There is no DLC

    • I would like to know this too. Sometimes Listings say "includes Ripper DLC". These are usually listed at a higher price than those that do not mention Ripper. Seems like Ripper is an extra car that you can work on restoring / Pimping for massive damage?

      • Ripper is just an extra car body on top of the 5 you can cycle through during normal play anyway. It is a decent body, but not too far removed from the Mustang and Interceptor like ones. Not worth paying more money for unless its only a few cents.

  • The code it provides me on facebook is "invalid"? : (

  • Dam, so cheap!

    But never heard of this site before.

  • nvm, firefox issue. works on chrome

  • This was one of the most satisfying games i remember playing recently.

  • Wow great deal, I was totally going to skip this game as I'm not a huge open world fan. But at $7 who cares?

  • It's repetitive, but the unlocks keep you going. Fun game, I played to 100%. Looks amazing and runs really well. Captured Mad Max look and feel perfectly IMHO.

    I have had CD Keys Steam Keys revoked on me before by Valve, stolen key. I got a full refund, but at $8, I reckon it's worth it. Dodgy key was Dead Island, so several years back now.

  • I actually think this is a great game, but agree it has some very grindy elements. It has a lot of Australian voice acting though, and the steering wheel is on the correct side!