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Hey OP. You could have bought a Bose QC35 II today and Australian stock for $399.20 from Videopro. Sorry but you paid $50 too much. See,...
22/09/2017 - 12:04
No. I'm just saying don't forgot to carrier unlock it first before using.
19/09/2017 - 19:55
Yeah my Boost $20 SIM was fine. Activation expiry date 3 Oct 2017.
19/09/2017 - 19:53
You're going to need to be able to carrier unlock the phone.
19/09/2017 - 18:35
It's cheap, but you're going to need to carrier unlock it first before using.
19/09/2017 - 18:32
But even that says voltage range supported up to 220V. But the Australian power grid is running at 230V which is higher than its supported...
19/09/2017 - 10:09
Australian power grid = 230V. 10V over the maximum limit that Xiaomi device is supporting.
19/09/2017 - 09:28
OP made a bad choice. That is all. Now he has to go and buy and use a step down transformer the whole time. But some thing seems strange....
19/09/2017 - 09:16
Check your local store in the chance there may be any stock left there. It's only just sold out online. Is the same price in store.
18/09/2017 - 20:46
FTTN is VDSL2. Because it doesn't have a VDSL2 modem in it so it won't work. This is just a router.
18/09/2017 - 19:26
My order from the previous sale did that for ages well for nearly a week of nothing, and then suddenly it came up with saying "problem...
18/09/2017 - 10:17
Some one forgot to use the spell checker.
18/09/2017 - 10:13
You can also get this for $99.95 in store if the Harris Scarfe store has it in stock. One of my close relations just bought one for the...
18/09/2017 - 09:48
There's this review. http://vacuum-cleaner-advisor.com/Shark-Vacuums/shark-rocket-powerhead-review.html And then there's that video review...
18/09/2017 - 09:28
No problems. Atleast this comes with a 5 year warranty.
17/09/2017 - 20:55
Shark Rocket Powerhead Vacuum Cleaner $109.95 Shipped @ Harris Scarfe Online
Saw this while looking at the Harris Scarfe online store for $99.95 + $10 delivery = $109.95 delivered, was $399.95. It may be the same...
17/09/2017 - 20:06
This deal was posted at 10:54am this morning. Must have been a long snooze.
17/09/2017 - 14:15
Yeah it's $55.28 USD now. I suppose the price went up slightly.
17/09/2017 - 13:39
I wonder if it comes with a US power adapter only or if it's one of those power adapters which you can change with different countries...
17/09/2017 - 09:48
This is as good as my Sony Xperia XA Ultra which i paid $299 for.
16/09/2017 - 13:47
[@SargeR](/comment/5081290/redir): Me. I've currently just got 2 x Marley Destiny TTR Black over-ear, 1 x Sony MDR-1A over-ear, 1 x...
16/09/2017 - 13:33
They stopped allowing Google Play billing on Prepaid Freedom Plus some time ago. Well probably on new SIM activations.
16/09/2017 - 11:21
[@hamza23](/comment/5079919/redir): I'm assuming that's the HTC Desire 10 Pro 64GB from DWI Digital Cameras on eBay. That's a rather good...
15/09/2017 - 20:18
Get this. I enter my post code of 4701 and the shipping suddenly jumps up to this. Regional location surcharge tax, ripoff!. Insured...
15/09/2017 - 19:33
Black version if you like the colour of black instead. Same $255 price....
15/09/2017 - 19:31
Cheaper only if that $10 discount code isn't applied. Otherwise for this deal from eGlobal it should be $270 delivered if the code is...
15/09/2017 - 19:26
Yes that's right, part of the HTC Desire series. $270-280 delivered is around the usual price for this from Hong Kong.
15/09/2017 - 19:22
Pretty much usual price once you factor in shipping + $25 = $280 delivered. Can be bought every day from DWI Digital Cameras on eBay for...
15/09/2017 - 19:20
[@koakun](/comment/5079193/redir): Oh so there was no need for these people to cancel their orders for the Telstra prepaid Starter for...
15/09/2017 - 16:47