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Whoosh, goes the air, and the joke, over your head
21/02/2024 - 12:35
How much are the replacement filters though? Xiaomi 2H still the champ
21/02/2024 - 12:33
They forgot to update the page with this month's soup du jour, "AI"
20/02/2024 - 09:25
And here's an even better video explaining why creality needs to grow up and stop flogging a dead horse…
14/02/2024 - 12:57
You're right, Cadbury is utter dogshit these days. Haven't bought a bar in forever. The Aldi chocolate however is excellent
13/02/2024 - 10:14
For a few dollars more each I'd rather buy CCT, dimmable LED downlights from Bunnings that actually have clear and important information,…
06/02/2024 - 13:12
The condensate drips onto the hot side of the condenser, where it will evaporate into the exhaust air
30/01/2024 - 10:35
Direct flights* *As long as it's not cancelled last minute
29/01/2024 - 13:06
Definitely not a "pressure washer", more a "portable tap". I could definitely see this being useful for some people/scenarios
22/01/2024 - 16:09
Probably won't get updated past 12. Doesn't bother me
20/01/2024 - 20:15
Good specs but I chose the TCL 20 Pro 5G for around the same price since it has a decent camera and Qi charging
20/01/2024 - 16:17
That's how you know this manufactured outrage is targeted at the double digit IQ's occupying this site
11/01/2024 - 17:15
Damn this is the easiest self own slam dunk I've ever had on this website. Googling the name is apparently above your pay grade and yet you…
11/01/2024 - 11:42
First time you've heard of it? I thought you "DiD yOuR OwN ReSeArCh" because you doctors don't know medicine like salespeople Surely nobody…
11/01/2024 - 11:31
In 1994, Kent and Faloon opened the FDA Holocaust Museum to highlight millions of deaths they felt were caused by the FDA withholding or…
11/01/2024 - 11:15
Some people become so "open minded" that their brain falls out entirely 😘😘
11/01/2024 - 09:54
"ThE dOcToRs HaVe No ClUe AbOuT" Righto, back to Telegram you go You keep pissing your money away then 🤡
11/01/2024 - 09:42
Your annual reminder that unless your doctor has tested you for vitamin deficiencies, buying vitamins is just making expensive piss
11/01/2024 - 08:43
Source: "trust me bro" There is absolutely nothing about this product that makes it worth hundreds of dollars I take it you have zero…
08/01/2024 - 09:06
My $80 Aldi headset works great with these 😂
07/01/2024 - 16:15
$400,000 price cap eliminates a mere 94% of properties for sale on REIWA right now. You can chose from any suburban off-the-plan shoeboxes…
03/01/2024 - 17:50
Yep. Was a happy Superloop customer for 2 years but churned to Leaptel after Superloop messed up my account and their staff were beyond…
03/01/2024 - 13:56
No 12v PD. The only one I use :(
25/12/2023 - 13:06
Mmmmm "Frozen Dessert". Air bubbles suspended in oil, just like nana used to make
21/12/2023 - 10:59
Watch out everyone, we got a real badass edgelord over here. So impressive 🙄
03/12/2023 - 17:39
And pollution pollution. Small engine tools are absolutely shocking for the environment
03/12/2023 - 13:31
What are the specs of the pps function? 3.3-21v? What current? Does it support the current limiting function of pps?
03/12/2023 - 13:27
Shows up as $25 on that site, seems like that's the shelf price and op just git lucky on a heavy markdown?
03/12/2023 - 11:39