What Diet Do You Follow - The Types of Foods You Eat

I'm curious to see what kind of diet people follow. By diet I mean the types of foods you eat and how you eat, not necessarily to lose weight.

I started to be more conscious of what I was eating from around 10 years ago and increasingly so recently. However, the change has been gradual for me and my diet is easy, enjoyable and my health has been pretty good. My diet is probably closest to the Mediterranean diet with hardly any processed foods or sugar and lots of veg.

PS: yep, there's probably some overlap in the options below.

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    Western - a lot of processed foods and sugar
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    Low GI
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    Paleo - proteins, fats, and veg and avoiding carbs
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    Fasting - CR, CRON, IF, 5:2, etc.
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    Yo Yo
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    Other - please explain


  • Other - OzBargain diet: whatever cheap food I can scrounge up at the Supermarket.

  • I am on an OzBargain diet.

    Haha well that's open to interpretation I guess.

    But I do have lots of Domino's Pizza and processed foods and convenience stuff and take away junk food. I seem to be much healthier than people who worry about all that "healthy" stuff. Had about 3 sick days in 5 years. Never paid $1 to a gym either.

    Check out my pantry/bunker…


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    quality whole foods. no refined crap. i consider the money i spend on quality foods an investment in my future health. veggies are dirt cheap too. prevention far outweighs treatment in medicine. once you get a chronic disease and you'll be paying for it the rest of your life.

    adequate protein but not too much, cause igf promotes cancer and accelerates aging. reduced carbs from non-starchy vegetables and a piece of fruit or two as a treat. no added sugar. the rest has to be fat. no omega-6 pufas except what i get from whole foods.

    each day i usually eat eggs, salmon/meat/poultry, nuts, berries, oat bran, linseed, berries, cheese, two big bowls of vegetables (small amounts of about 20 different ones), garlic, ginger, tumeric, pepper and vinegar. so i'd fall in the mediterranean camp. and exercise.

    my fibre intake is really high. each morning i drop a 10-12" log i guess, i haven't measured. possibly another one in the evening. last time i got my fasting glucose tested it was 4.1. my blood pressure sits around 100/60.

    • Dude tmi

    • How do you prep your big bowls of veg to get so much variety?

      Do you also have extra virgin olive oil? I love it with my wholemeal breads; but don't eat as much carbs as I used to and pretty much only whole grain.

      • ideally it would be part of a meal, but i can't cook. so i just chop them up, put them in a bowl with water and microwave them for 10 minutes, add olive oil, garlic, vinegar. or you could add some salt. you could puree them if you want to. supposedly it improves the bioavailability of the nutrients but to me it ruins the enjoyment of food.

        the only downside is i fart a lot.

    • each morning i drop a 10-12" log

      I lol'ed

    • Veggies dirt cheap? …. in what world?

      I eat a lot of vegetables and it makes me cry how freaking expensive they are.

      • compared to what? meat is $20+/kg. broccoli, cauliflowers, cabbages etc $2-$3/kg.

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  • Used to be pizza mogul

  • At 8 o’clock I’ll have fish & a rice cake
    At 10 o’clock I’ll have fish
    At 12 o’clock I’ll have fish & a rice cake
    At 2’clock I’ll have fish
    At 4 o’clock before train I’ll have fish & a rice cake
    After I train I’ll have my fish, then I’ll have some more fish with a rice cake
    Then I’ll have some fish before I go to bed

  • I swing between keto / paleo, I don't think strict paleo is good for me, I eat rice occasionally and other grains.
    Lots of fresh vegetables, fruit and meats, butter and fats.

  • I eat all the things. Then I lift heavy things up and put them back down to allow me to continue eating all the things.


    Far too much detail.

  • i am predominanetly veggie, not vegan as i like yoghurt and milk, but with all the animal stuff, i am tempted to go vegan. i just be moderate about it i guess
    cos i have ibd, i've been told to have low fodmap, which is particularly difficult for me, as im indian, and grew up on garlic, onion and spices n oils lol

  • I follow a low-carb diet. Not just for weight-loss (because genuinely nothing else has ever worked, even gastric banding) but for general wellness. I feel better, more energetic, less bloated, generally clear-headed and less "enslaved" to food when I'm low carb.

  • I play Angry Birds, the pigs makes me angry, bacon taste better.