This was posted 5 years 10 months 19 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Macpac Halo Down Jacket - $80.19 (RRP $279.95) + Shipping (Limited Colours and Sizes)


The Halo down jacket is back on sale but in limited colours and sizes.



The coupon 'explore' still seems to work.

Update 24/08: Price has gone down by a further 10%

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      It gets cold in the night garden.

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        True, you wouldn't want to lose your blanket…

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    These seem to be about 2 sizer larger than normal sizing. I usually get medium sizes, but this medium fit like an XL.

    They're really nice though, warm as for how light they are :)

    • Same, I ended up getting a 2XL and had to exchange it for a Large. Really warm jacket though!

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    Thanks OP, just ordered for wifey and mother in law, as I missed out with their last offer.

  • is there a way to get it to $89? i'm only seeing $99
    oops saw coupon

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      is there a way to get it to $89? i'm only seeing $99

      explore the answer…

  • Wow even cheaper than last time.

    This jacket is awesome for this price, really warm and looks good (imo).

  • As mentioned previously about sizing. We bought these in the last deal and great jacket. But last time I bought one for myself and my wife. Even took the time to use their size charts for both of us, so measured all the dimensions and ordered. Everything was to big. For example, I am usually an XL but the L fits perfectly. I purchased a merino thermal as well and the outcome was the same.

    • So a normal women 8 would be a 6?

      • Id say you would be safe with that. My wife ended up having to go down 2 sizes. Something she was very happy about ;-)

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    so it is 99.10 in total, including handling and shipping cost?

  • The wife and I picked up our jackets during the last sale.

    Absolutely love these, so comfortable and do an incredible job at keeping you warm.

  • So if I am normally a medium in tops and jackets e.g. medium in Kathmandu jacket. Would I be a small in this?

    • Yeah mate, I wear a Medium and went with the small.

      Snug as a bug!

      • Does it fit snug? I wouldn't want it to be skin tight? does it have some room to move?

        • It's hard to say without knowing your build.

          I'm quite lean and it fits well across the shoulders and has a fair bit of room to move at the waist (I'm a 32).

          It actually feels baggy when its on because its so soft.

    • FWIW, I'm usually a S/M, but am wearing L/XL shirts at the moment (have put on a stack of weight). the S was snug on me, so should be fine for you.

      I recently bought a uniqlo jacket in M, and that is more snug than the macpac in S!

      I think you'll be safe with S…if anything, you'd want to go lower not higher! (you'd possibly even fit the XS, although maybe snug)

  • Ok well based on ameno's comment and the ones above (I missed Mister Plod's where he said a medium fit like an XL) I went the small. Free returns anyway (just pay shipping).

    Thanks OP, red was the only colour in the smaller sizes, I can now do my best Drake dance.

  • oh so at sore wont be able to use the explore code and paying $99?

    • some people in the last deal reported getting them to give the explore discount in store (from memory, the staff weren't happy about it), but YMMV.

      I had already bought black men's and women's jackets in store for the original price, but purchased again online to get the explore discount (still have to return the spare ones in store).

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    Nice jacket but a word of warning, the sleeves are really long.

    • I guess we can conclude that these are designed and sized for giant chimps

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    tried at town hall store, amazingly i can fit into XS… normally wear S or M

  • There was this one in the email too.

    Not sure the difference sorry as I got the Halo in the last sale.

    • According to this, they are different materials.

      • I don't think that's correct…skimming through that link seems to confirm they use the same down and same outer materials.

        To my knowledge, the key difference is that the baffles on the Orbit are smaller, meaning the down will bunch up less. This means it will be more compact / less bulky, and likely allows more warmth with less fill - as the link shows, the fill power is the same, but the fill weight is lower on the Orbit. I'd wager that the Orbit is equally as warm (or possibly even warmer), meaning you're getting more warmth for the weight (the Orbit is a lighter jacket).

        So basically lighter and less bulky version that is just as warm if not warmer.

        Plus, I believe there are also differences in the cuffs - elasticised vs velcro.

        (For me personally, I prefer the look of the Halo, so didn't think it was worth the extra money for the lighter/more compact Orbit,, but YMMV)

  • Thanks. Got an XS. Hope it fits. Not many choices left.

    • What size would you normally wear?

      • Medium. Now S is available, wasn't available last night. I may change it then. Thanks.

  • Damn! Received today but still too big
    Normally Large and bought Medium still big
    Think i need Small
    Haveto jump 2 sizes

    Anyone know if can swap instore? Sydney city?

    • Yes you should be able to swap instore.

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    Hey guys the jacket turned up today. The small fits perfectly, thanks for the heads up about the sizing. Cheers.

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