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LG – Twin HD Recorder / BluRay Disc Combo $659

  • Blu-ray Disc Playback
  • Twin HD Tuner (Simultaneously Record)
  • 250GB Internal Hard Drive
  • USB File Playback, Copy System
  • NetCast Entertainment Access
  • DLNA, CIFS (Digital Living Network Alliance)
  • USB 2.0 Media Plus
  • Integrated WiFi Connectivity
  • Model No: HR598D


Get a bonus 250gb external hard drive via redemption from LG. Claim timeframes apply, visit the following link for full details, terms, and conditions.

* Bonus Hard Drive From LG Until 30/06/10

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    Good deal. Ext HDD worth about $60 on its own anyway. Twin HD PVR + BD for $500~ is pretty sweet.

    Could replace the following devices: VHS, DVD player, Blu-ray player, HD set-top-box.


    so….is this a factory second or refurb?


    I think PVR is still overpriced. They sell at that price because they can. Not because it is worth that much. Consider buying a PS3 and playtv.


      If the PS3 had inbuilt playtv tuner it would be an ultimate media centre


      The LG (or at least, the BD-370) could play 1080p MKV straight off a USB stick. No problem at all, fast forward and subtitles supported too.

      Of course the interface was simple and doesn't compare to a media centre but that did impress me a few years back when devices playing native MKVs were quite rare.


    Goodguy in SA have this $999 in their latest catalog…a massive $340 diff. so +1 for this.
    Not sure if they can beat this with their price guarantee!?