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Dyson V6 Motorhead $423 @ The Good Guys eBay


already discounted to $498. Further 15% off bringing it down to ~$423.

Original Post 15% off Selected Appliances at The Good Guys eBay

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  • Similarly the V6 Absolute is $549.95 after %15 discount because it's already "discounted" to $647 - note that ~$650 is the normal price these days.

  • Don't for get the Cashreward! Probably the cheapest I've ever seen.

  • bought one, thanks OP!

  • Whats major advantage of V6 Absolute over motorhead

    • Different accessories/heads. Have you looked at the Dyson website? They are all listed.

      The Absolute has the fluffy head for hard floors and the motorhead


      From what i can see, the absolute is the exact same as the motorhead, with the exception that you get an additional hardwood floor attachment with the absolute.

      Effectively the price difference between the two is paying for the hardwood floor attachment.

  • any feedbacks on the motorhead>????

  • Bought with cashback. Thanks OP.

  • it annoys me so much i cant buy a long stick for my dc58 -.-

    • But you can.


      "Compatible" but local:

      I was looking for one for a DC34. I did find a HK sourced one for $30 so you might get cheaper if you hunt around.

      Note you need the animal versions generally to supply power to motorheads (e.g. DC34 vs DC34 animal)

    • Why? They (DC58) were advertised as a Handheld, not a cordless vacuum. Buying a long stick wouldn't help either as those particular models weren't designed to have a stick and putting one in even if it fits, the suction would be as good.

      • The body, suction etc is the same so there is no reason not to. e.g. the DC34 Animal and the DC35 are the same except for the attachments (and colour). Add the power head and the wand and you have a full stick the same as the DC35.

        Note that the DC34 (non Animal) does not supply power to the head so a DC34 probably won't work as well but adding the wanding is still useful for high up places. The full stick to vacuum a floor I expect needs a motorised head to lift up the debris so it can be sucked up more easily.

        • It is not as obvious as that but the V6 motor on the DC58 is a slightly older generation from the V6 range. Unless you hooked it up on a testing computer, you won't noticed a huge difference but there is a difference.
          Sure it might work fine like normal for a bit, but in the long run, it might not last because it is being used not in the way it was intended to.

          Plus using a non-official attachment on the handheld can void the warranty even if it was newly bought, as it could be the source of any future problems.

          As a fellow consumer, I completely understand the needing of buying the cheaper model and trying to get the wand else well, but as someone who works for Dyson, I am just warning you the potential situations you may come face if the product has problems in the future.

        • @cortex21:
          Ah so you're a Dyson employee then. Yes the DC58/59 are a slighty older versions of the V6.

          As an employee then I'm sure you will know they are the same body (apart from the printing), same battery, same specs etc.

          A wand being a metal tube with two wires running end to end is very unlikely to cause any issues.

          And how would Dyson ever know you used a wand? The DC58 and DC59 are identical.

          "It might not last" sounds like marketing to try "scare" people into not doing it when it will work fine. To buy the genuine parts is probably more expensive than just buying the more expensive unit in the first place. There are plenty of people who've done it with no issues. In fact I've not read of anyone having any problems aside from trying to upgrade a handheld unit without the power to head which definitely won't work 100%.

        • @Shonky: I am not denying they use the same body, etc but that's like saying the same thing with iPhone 6 and 6s body. Similar shape but we know there are slight spec differences that make them 'different'.

          You say that but the littlest things can cause any problems.

          They run tests, they can see if the battery is being overused for some reason as an example as batteries are not perfect but despite that batteries are not covered by Australian warranty on any electrical product. Dyson, however, will look at case by case to see whether it is a random fault or a misuse of the customer.

          You can read it however you like.
          Of course, it will be more expensive, that comes with the territory of any product.
          I am not trying to scare you into not doing it, I am just warning you on the potential situations that can occur.
          Not saying you are one of those but I have had angry customers say they won't buy a Dyson again because their one blew up because they were misusing it (picking up the wrong things i.e liquids, ash, etc). Using a wand, genuine or not on a product that was not originally sold/advertised with would be considered misuse and that would apply to any brand not just Dyson if they had exclusive connections.

        • @cortex21:
          You'll struggle to deny a warranty claim from merely using a wand and head.

          So what are the differences then? Company secrets no doubt?

          How can a battery be "overused" as you claim? It's the same battery. The body cuts off to prevent the battery fully discharging anyway.

          Sucking up liquids is a lot different to using an accessory. First I've heard of ash being an issue. Shouldn't the great filter stop that?

        • @Shonky:

          Not saying it's exactly 100% accurate explanation but it's basically like DC58 uses V6 version 1.0 and V6 models use version 1.2.

          Well, it's like a Toyota Yaris engine trying to run one of the bigger Toyota cars. It can do it, but not as well and efficiently as the one actually designed for it.
          On an explanation using physics circuits, a battery can turn on a lightbulb at the end of the circuit. Now same battery power but make the circuit longer, the lightbulb still turns on but not as bright as in the original circuit yes?

          That process is essentially the same with attaching the wand onto a DC58, YES it fits and works on one initially but in the long run, it would not last as long as without it.

          Well yes but its like with having an Apple iPhone, using a 3rd party non-authorised cable can screw up the phone, hence why they released the MFI chips and message when the phone detects a fake cable a few years back.

          Ash is an issue Dyson have found, and this applies to all vacuums. Yes it can be picked up by vacuums but because of the nature of ash in which depending on how old the ash is, the minute it can come contact with heat (which can be found when it passes through the filter and cylinders of a vacuum) it starts to solidify and possibly reignite the heat again ( hence the note of depending on how old the ash is),

          That warning is on the big Dyson Vacuums now when removing the canister from the body.

          Like I said I am just warning you, I am a consumer myself at the end of the day, I am not biased for Dyson, I know every product has their pros and cons, I also do not like to spend money on a product only for it to malfunction on me because I did something that as trivial it may be, cause the warranty to be voided and leaving me with a dead product.

        • @cortex21:
          We're not talking about V6 v1.0 and v1.2 as you call it. We're talking about a DC59 wand/head on a DC58. The DC58 and DC59 are the same body are they not? YEs they are earlier versions of the V6 motor. Even then I suspect the differences are unlikely to be of concern.

          Your motor analogy works if the motor in the DC58 and DC59 are different. They do not appear to be and are certainly not even close to the magnitude of comparing a Yaris engine to a larger Toyota engine.

          Your electrical analogy doesn't work either. A circuit being longer will make a very slight increase in resistive losses in the wiring but hardly noticeable. The DC59 will have the same losses so why can it handle it? Even then it will not damage the battery. Burning less brightly is not the issue either.

          To be frank, the weak arguments you are putting forward only strengthen my opinion that they are the identical inside and adding the wand will be fine.

        • @Shonky: I admit I am not the best explainer, hence why I use analogies even if they are not perfect.
          Yes, there won't be a huge difference noticed by sight or hearing but a DC58 with a wand will not pick up as well as a DC59 with a wand, it will also won't last as long life span wise given the same constant use.

          They don't sell the wands separately for a reason. Sure they could have done so to make extra money as it would be classified as an accessory but at the end of the day, they do sell them separately simply because there is a market audience for people who just wanting a handheld only and another market for people who want one that can become both. They designed the two for each situation.
          It's also why there's multiple V6's instead of just one and buy the motorheads separately, different people = different cleaning situations. Why Dyson goes on this route I don't know.

          My bottom line is all I am is trying to warn and help you as a fellow consumer. You want to take the risk just to save a bit of money then, by all means, go for it.

        • @Putnum:
          "oh no - it won't last as long" and "won't work as well"

        • To the Dyson experts….

          I have a v6, girlfriend has V6 animal…….
          I pinched her extra animal head to use on mine…..are you saying my basic one isn't powered for the animal head?
          Does this relate also to normal floor head attachment ?

        • @albanyson:
          The V6 I think can all power heads. It was the older handholds that couldn't eg DC34 vs DC34 Animal.

          If it came with a motorised head of any type, then it will work. All the V6 units are sold as sticks so should have the power connections.

          If you have a look where the head plugs in you'll see two pins/sockets (can't remember if it's a socket or plug on the body)

  • Hmm… so the V8 dropped today, should we expect a price plummet across the board on these? The special is on for a few days, so I'll wait til Thursday.

    • I can only hope so. They're slightly cheaper RRP too which is a little weird. Why would one buy a V6 Absolute when a V8 Absolute is cheaper? Not that anyone is paying RRP for a V6 (I hope).

      Having just purchased a V6 I hope they do drop a little so I can exercise The Good Guys price guarantee as I missed out on this deal by just a couple of days :(

    • Only the V6 absolute so far will be dropping in RRP price as far as I have been told.

    • Won't the V8 be ridiculously noisy?

  • Still conflicted whether I should buy the V6 absolute now or wait for the price to drop due to the V8. But it might be a while until the next 15% or 20% off deal?

    • Well the V8 is out next month so not too long left anyways, your decision will be best for then, as for the 20% I am not sure.

      • They are on the website now and can be added to the cart. Are they not actually available?