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Moon+ Reader Pro $3.29 (50% off) @ Google Play


Moon+ Reader Pro is on sale again until 31/8.

Hands down the best ebook reader on Android in my opinion.

Worth every penny.

I get nothing for my endorsement 😸

Edit: forgot to mention that it has a 30 day money back guarantee as well

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    What advantages does this have over Kindle?


      kindle app or an actual kindle?

      I'm wondering why its any better then the free Cool Reader?

      I suppose the dropbox/gdrive support might be handy.

      • I've tried a bunch of others and it was just way better. Customisability, range of formats it can read, being able to connect to Dropbox/gdrive is very useful.

        I haven't used Cool Reader so can't directly connoisseur but it's pretty great.

    • Over the kindle so it reads more formats, you can adjust almost every aspect of display etc.

      I've used both and only use kindle when I have to because of DRM.

      The kindle reader itself? That comes down to preference of course.

      Oh, it has a 30 day money back guarantee as well.

  • I just use google books, it a can sync …anywhere. My surface Pro, my desktop or my phone. I manage my library with Caliber and upload to Google Books

    • Never used Google Books, purely cause I like Moon+. If it falls short in the footie up give it a look in

  • I use the free version but have never been able to make it see my ebooks stored in my sd card from the app.
    I have to go to My Files and open from there.
    Does the paid version allow this?

    • I think so, there's an import function and it looked to get all the ones when I did it just then.

      Truth be told, I just go through the files way by default just cause that's what I do.

      I know that's not that helpful.

  • Aldiko works great with Calibre.

  • Moon+ reader Pro is OK. I don't really see it as better than the free apps from Kindle, Kobo, Google etc. If you are dissatisfied with those options, give it a go, but I don't see it as a "must have".

    • That's fair.

      My own experience is that I liked it better than those others, however it was so long since I've used them that they've probably changed quite a lot

      • I tend to read a few books at once, so will have one open in Moon reader, one in Kindle, one in Kobo, rather than chopping and changing texts in one app.