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Headspace Meditation 3 Months for USD $0.99/~AUD $1.30 (USD $12.95/~AUD $17 after)


Got this offer in my email this morning.. The Url seems to be generic so thought I would post it here.
For those who don't know headspace is a guided meditation app. The first 10 days are free and after that it's on subscription.
Enjoy :)

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  • I got the bulk of this course for free. It's pretty good coming from someone who finds meditation hard to do. You aren't left with your own thoughts too much.

  • Headspace Meditation is fabulous, I have a year year subscription. Fabulous deal, thank you.

  • Fantastic app if you're looking for a bit of calm in your mind.

  • Mr Burns: "I'd be happier with the dollar"
    Wonder how many people are thinking this

    • Tons. But I bet an equal amount think this is a good deal, that's why OzBargain is so great

  • Never heard of this app or tried guided meditation (or any meditation) in the past. For 0.99, I might give it a shot! Any idea how long the deal will last for?

    • They have a 10 day program to start with (called Take 10), which is free, so you can try that first if you like.

      Headspace is quite good, there are two things I don't like: cannot pay through Google Play store and if you keep repeating the 10 day program his voice / accent gets annoying (which isn't really what you're supposed to do unless you want it to remain free ;)).

  • Awesome find! I tried the free courses for a time and enjoyed them, so getting full access for under a dollar is a great way to decide whether to carry on a longer term subscription

  • It's actually $12.95 US per month not for 3 months as the title might suggest.

    New subscribers only.
    *$0.99 for the first 3 months. Only $12.95 USD/month after.
    Offer expires September 8, 2016

  • But there is a 12 month contract right?

    • They have another offer where you get 3 months free on a 12 month subscription but I believe this is month by month.